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Hello. I enjoy writing a story sometimes and sometimes colorful equines.


Friendship School needs more than five students to really get off the ground. Twilight has an elegant solution for some definition of "elegant."

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Please don't use the Cozy Glow is an Orphan theory... -_-

I mean seriously: That's a rehash of an old theory for Scootaloo prior to the final season of the show though :/

I appreciate your concern, but let them do what they want. After all, there's nothing in the show to say Cozy isn't an orphan.

As long as IDW doesn't go that way for her in the Season 10 format :/

Comic canon can go fuck itself. Hasbro made it pretty clear that, except for a VERY FEW examples, the comics were a seperate universe from the show itself.

"Exactly! Nobody wants to just get rid of money!"

Oh my Hasbro, I love this line.

Twilight jinxed it.

Is it wrong that my thought upon reading about organ colt was wondering how an orphanage could manage to keep up a clean room on their likely budget?

  1. I love you.
  2. Who hurt you?

Well, in the absence of parents it's as good an idea as any.

And this certainly helps explain her enrolment, in a fashion.

Says the guy (aka me :3) who has favorite characters from the MLP IDW Comics :ajsmug:

I just don't buy the orphan theory at all. :/


That clean room is expensive to maintain. It was built for Hillside Place Orphanage (In Canterlot) on a grant from the Crown, but they still have to keep it up. And constantly worry about somebody fucking up and getting the colt sick.

Ara #13 · Dec 11th, 2019 · · ·

So, the entire reason I wrote this story is because I don't believe in the orphan theory. Cozy is cute and maintains her composure for the entire season, so it's not like she flies off the handle at the drop of a hat. I work in a field that strongly intersects adoptive placements for kids, and I can say with some authority that she'd be snatched up in a second. Absent some sort of extremely unlikely scenario like the one in this story, there's no way she'd end up at Friendship School as an orphan. Especially without an adoptive family, and if there's no adoptive family it's so suspicious that surely Twilight or Starlight would have been aware or at least cautious of her behavior from the start.

I think it's much more likely that her parents figured out she was kind of a sociopath and sent her to Friendship School in the hopes that she'd get better. The absence of parents is much more likely in that scenario because having raised her, they know she's fucked up and have more or less written her off at this point ("We've tried everything and just don't know what to do" is something I hear a lot.) That would also explain why Twilight or Starlight aren't remotely suspicious of her at all. Because the parents didn't tell them. Because they want Twilight to take her.

Thanks for coming to my Tedd Talk.

I'm just stating the obvious for me: Hasbro could of at least done a better job explaining why Cozy Glow is like this in the first place. Yet Hasbro just chose the lazy route and forgot that for her and just chose to be Abusive to her :/

So 136 puncture wounds. Does that mean she stabbed them 68 times with the scissors open, or 136 times with the scissors closed? Or some variant in between? We need answers.


The file doesn't say. After Twilight brings that one up with Celestia they can go get the original forensic report and see what the coroner thought. I'm sure the coroner could tell if it was open or closed scissors or even open scissors but she only used one side to stab. Or even if it was just one scissor and the orphanage's file is wrong. Then Twilight can make sure the orphanage fixes their file so it says the right thing.

This story made me giggle.:twilightblush:

I'm a bad person.:facehoof:


No I'm a bad person for writing it. You're perfectly normal for giggling. :twilightsmile:

:twilightoops: Those orphans ...
This was a fun story, and I like how Starlight's just kind of calm about the whole thing.
The pegasus with no legs wouldn't be a bad student to bring in. She'd probably be a great flier. Even better PR.

"Besides, the School of Friendship is made out of crystal. It can't burn down."

Three months later, by the light of a blazing crystal school.

"Don't say it."


Twilight and Starlight were a lot pickier in the beginning. Even with wings, horseloaf does have a ton of issues getting around though.

I mean, you just gotta find the right accellerant.

Unless her becoming a orphan was a recent event, or if she went through foster families the same way you suggested she went through her birth one. If she was forced to compete with older or younger siblings, I could how a placement would fail.

It wouldn't even have to have been physical. For someone like Cozy being abusive would likely manifested itself as emotional and psychological abuse. And that isn't something I can see a family in Equestria tolerating if they found out about it.

Even in What Lies Beneath she talks about getting "kicked out" for doing something very similar to that kind of thing to the Student Six, like her worries are from experience, so it's really not all that far fetched that she's done that type of thing before.

I should have specified that I meant closer to the end that she's calm about the whole thing while Twilight's stressed out.
Horse loaf ... Haven't heard that before. (I feel I'm missing something here.) If she can fly, make sure she's got somewhere soft to land. Not saying she would have no trouble, but as long as she can still fly, hopefully she can get around to most places anyone else can.

I got to say...honestly? This makes a LOT of sense...


So, I don't think it's far fetched that she would do something like that. I think it's far fetched that Twilight or Starlight wouldn't already know about it if she'd been through the foster system before. Because having multiple placements where the foster parents don't want to keep a kid is a big red flag about a possible mental or emotional disorder or serious condition. Nopony was the wiser until she revealed her devilish plan, so the idea that she'd been sent to friendship school in lieu of some kind of foster placement seems a lot less likely than her parents realizing she's a sociopath and not really wanting to visit her there, hoping against hope that Twilight's school will fix what's broken in her.

When a pony loses all her legs, she has become a horse loaf. It's not as bad for a pegasus as it is for any other kind of pony. But yeah, horse loaf can probably live close-ish to a normal-ish life with minor accommodations.

So, when I was having Starlight explain why she wasn't bothered, I almost put that she found out that messing with cutie marks causes horrible birth defects but decided that was too ... both ridiculous and overly dark. :raritywink:

I love how from just by saying "the incident", then twilight asking where spike sent stuff, that you can literally see what happened haha

Depends a lot on how competent the orphanages in Equestria are though. Given that they sent her to Tartarus instead of anywhere else, they either thought she could break out of any more humane facility, or Equestria just doesn't have much in the way of a justice system.

Given what happens to Trouble Shoes in "Appleoosa's Most Wanted" there's a question of much weight "guilty until proven innocent" holds in parts of Equestria (assuming it exists at all). Given the lack of structure and guidance of basic morality for much of the show, we have no reason to assume their foster care system is any better.

It makes sense why a overworked, underappreciated, and disillusioned social worker might leave certain problems out of Cozy's file in the hopes that Twilight could "fix her somehow" (she is the Princess of Friendship after all, so she ought to be able to if anyone can) especially if Cozy Glow was the type to cause trouble, which in the right environment, with her talent for manipulation, would be pretty easy for her to do.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clearing up what should have been obvious to me with horseloaf. (Actually I was making a sandwich when I got it.) And yeah, that is darker, but still pretty funny given the context.


As for the story: ha!


Fair enough. I mean, that would essentially just be the orphanage worker doing the same thing I posited the parents would be doing, so I can't really disagree with that being reasonable.

And then the School of friendship was burned and Starlight look at Twilight

"I told you so..."


That would just be rude.

That would be friendship and honesty

Author Interviewer

Thanks, I love it. :D



Happy to hear that!

I'm trying to get my sea legs back.

1. I doubt that they would release the villains since what would be the point? (By the way, since i didn't get to see that last episode, was the villain statue still there?)
2. While it's not fully confirmed, when asked what/where cosy's parents are, Jim Miller said "who said that cosy had parents?" So there's that.
3. What's so bad about her being a orphan?

Nothing is wrong with Cozy being an orphan. Just that some in the fandom can't take that Hasbro doesn't pander to what they want, and think should be a thing.

That's what I get from a lot of the complaining about a lot of things the show did.

Ah, ok then. (Also, that happens with a lot of fandoms.)

Ah, Twilight...

Your naivete is sooo adorable!


She's a good egg(head.)

"It's almost like they just sent us all the ones they wanted to get rid of," Twilight said, sniffling a little and dabbing her eyes with a handkercheif. The picture of the legless pegasus filly inside the folder had such a hopeful smile on her little face.

:pinkiesad2: (since Twilight doesn't have a sad face). I just want to give her a home and a family so much!

That's what I got from this little bit anyway.

In your estimation, what percentage of super fucked up people are mostly super fucked up from super fucked up childhoods, and what percentage are super fucked up for other reasons?


Unless you're talking specifically about populations like soldiers, who are obviously at risk for serious PTSD and stuff, I'd say super fucked up people probably have serious mental illness and a fucked up childhood where it wasn't diagnosed or treated. So like, both.

But if you're just looking at fucked-up-ness and attributing it to something that happened during a person's life, I'd say probably 92.86% of super fucked up people probably had a super fucked up childhood.

Plenty of non-super-fucked-up people also had fucked up childhoods, so it's not like one necessitates the other one. Keeping in mind that I work with both fucked up children and adults professionally, almost all of them had a fucked up childhood tho.

Thank you for that answer. I suppose that one-two bunches were things really go south

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