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Hello. I enjoy writing a story sometimes and sometimes colorful equines.


Fluttershy remembers the kisses she'd shared over her lifetime, reflecting on the different circumstances and how she'd grown as a pony.

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Ohki-Doki-Lokie then. :pinkiegasp:

I'm not sure what to think of this, it was really, kind of creepy...

Really creepy, especially with all the creeps at her school, her unnatural submissive kissing sessions, and the way the age difference between her and Rainbow Dash was portrayed.

Almost the entire thing was a creepy montage, but it was well written; it struck me as tragic, more than anything. And I feel like I've been left hanging without Fluttershy's social disorders having some kind of resolution. (She's still into the kissing, so her Pony problems haven't really dissolved, despite being happy on the ground; and I wonder what impact this would have on their friendship in the future.)



Hopefully your doubts will be slowly kissed away as the story progresses until it's either totally not creepy or really super creepy, whichever result eventually happens.


Oh, that's right? Isn't it!

This is marked as Incomplete, how did I miss that?

Alright then: This story is now Creepy but Awesome. :twilightsmile: And favorited, too.



You actually, uh, didn't miss it. I had somehow accidentally marked it as complete. When I read your comment I realized that I had probably done that, and went ahead and fixed it.

You are ahead of the game, good pony.


Ah! Well, we all make mistakes. Looking forward to the next chapter, while I check out some of the things you've written and possibly not check back on this comments section until tomorrow.

I do enjoy being ahead of the game though. P:

Obligatory Rainbow Dash: :rainbowhuh:


That's a lot of small horse faces!:duck::ajsmug::pinkiegasp::applecry::unsuresweetie::rainbowwild:


I should have warned you not to check out the other things I've written :rainbowderp:


Well... I've seen worse things here.

I'm not going to pretend that most everything in your other stories that didn't involve Fluttershy wasn't horribly creepy though. But I'm trying not to explode and commit arson against it either.

On the plus side, I enjoyed your rendition of Flutters and you actually write rather good stories when not trying to shock people. :pinkiesmile:



It's Pony Pachinko! Watch as your favorite characters are piled on top of each other through an automated dispenser and shot through paths of harrowing nails in your vain attempts to hit the jackpot!

What? Pfft. (ahaha!) Those last two lines.

...As someone with a variety of insect-phobias, let me express how absolutely horrible this chapter started; Ew ew ew ew ew ew, #gag, #freakout, #panic. It was still written well, and I give you *applause* for the chapter as a whole; most notably, from the point after which she got kissed by Pinkie Pie.


Look I mean it can't be super cereal the whole time ok.

Also I appreciate you sticking with the story despite the themes that might not appeal to you :2

I actually looked up a bunch of diseased you can get from kissing animals. There are a lot of horrible incurable things you can get from kissing wild beasts. So like, this chapter has a lesson for the kids in it ok. A lesson about kissing wild animals.

Thanks again for the praise! I'm glad the story's got one fan at least!

I think all the pinkie and fluttershy kissing parts are cute


Those were maybe my fav parts too

This is well written, creepy, and disturbingly fetishistic. So, I guess what I'm saying is... favorited?



I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! Thanks for the fav and all!
Who would have thought a story about kissing would be described as creepy and fetishistic?

Love the new cover pic!



Oh thank you! I drew it myself with my own two hooves. :ajsmug:

I already knew there was something amazing about your writing from that other mad genius tale you wrote. I'm really glad you've written something more sober as well. The writing is fantastically immersive. (Google thinks that's not the right word but oh well.) I'm only at the end of chapter 1 and don't have time to continue right now, but this is writing to be savored in any case.

So far, what's drawn me in most has been the description of Fluttershy's social anxiety and habits. Imagining her as somepony who kisses to communicate is a unique approach I haven't seen before and to which I can only relate as far as I used to kiss my little girl playmates when I too was little. I love this approach in any case, and it makes me nostalgic.

There's too much yay to cover at the moment, but I'll definitely blather on some more later.


4010638 Thank you so much for your comment. It is really encouraging when somepony seems to connect with something I've written, and the fact that anybody else thinks my bizarre ideas are remotely cool gives me a warm feeling all deep down inside. (Not, you know, down there, ok? :trollestia:)

I am trying to hammer out the last chapter of this whatever-it-is, and in the future want to balance the totally silly content with stories that are less totally silly, like this one. I'm interested to see if the next chapter changes your opinion of the story.

Thanks a bunch for commenting :yay:

3477563 Of course you are not going to judge. You are an observer.

But seriously,i had to read that comment in Nagatos voice.

I May be a little bit late but, this story is nicely written and quite refreshing in my opinion, I liked it. Is there going to be a new chapter anytime soon? (Its been 4 months!)


4299090 You are not late! I am working on the last chapter, but it's been slow going so far. I hope to actually finish the story, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment!


4561685 That's pretty much the whole story told better than I did it.


4299090 I actually fucking finished it. It only took seven months to do the last chapter.

All I have to say is that last sentence makes me think she is now a sentai hero of kissing/kindness. Kissing is her henshin ? ? ? Unhappy lips never sleep, and neither does Fluttershy's sense of kindness!!!


4562362 I think that's exactly the right way to read that sentence.

also congratulations on finishing it! It's been a really great read from start to finish :heart:

I'm sorely tempted to downvote this just for the cover image alone.

As it stands, I'm not going to downvote it...or read it...or allow it within a thousand miles of me.


4565111 Well, I'm not really sure how to respond to this. I guess thanks for not downvoting it without reading it, at least. The picture is intentionally somewhat creepy, because the story is also somewhat creepy. I am not sure exactly what about the picture is so upsetting to you.


4562757 Thanks a bunch!

4565111 It's not a story for Philistines poopy-heads anyway. You probably did yourself a favor.

So let's see. Re-read things from start to finish (as a faithful student should).

Chapter 1 - I've already commented on. I'm still impressed by the quiet feel, rich descriptions, and intimate portrayal of Fluttershy and her youth.

Chapter 2 - Oh man that's some deliciously creepy stuff. The shiny legs still got to me, even my fourth time reading. Still, the anima of the chapter, for me, lies in how desperately Fluttershy wants to kiss and be kissed, how she believes that even her infections are the intimate touch of nature inside of her, and then, how shame grabs at her but Pinkie pulls her back. Delightful! Touching! Moving how she recalls intimacy with another pony but mourns the loss of her secret living den.

I chuckled at making out with the manticore and ~pfft!-ed and wheezed at how horribly gay Rainbow Dash was all along, especially at the end.

Chapter 3 - Was stirring for Celestia's vulnerability. She's my favorite pony, so you got me there. I've always thought Shylestia would mean the end of all pain and suffering in Equestria, but Friendshipping them is also good.

Twilight's awkwardness was giggle-worthy. Seeing how each and every mane pony developed her kissing relationship with our sweet Flutters over time was a treat.
:ajbemused: (I can respect that a certain background pony was excluded though, really.)

Between chapters 2 and 3, seeing how Fluttershy's kissing matured and she finally grew into a social life brought the story back to reality from fantastically buggy parts unknown that made it much easier to relate to her in the end.

Finishing with her reconciliation of the expectations she'd come to accept (and fear) from her pony friends with the kindness and love that she never could refuse to any living creature left this kissing tale with a wonderfully sappy ending. It will be a couple of days at least before my heart re-congeals into anything solid, (or maybe I'll just think about the way nightmare-Dash's tongue ripped out Fluttershy's heart.. but I'd rather not, man. That was trippy. Yeah. Gotta think happy thoughts.)

I hope you decide to trouble yourself by writing more in the future and look forward to it with eager anticipation.


4574554 Thank you so much for the long and thoughtful analysis for my kissing story! I honestly, really appreciate the time you spent not only enjoying my story (aside from certain creepy parts) but also in taking the time to tell me how much you enjoyed it!

AJ, so conspicuous by her absence.... :ajbemused: I honestly wasn't trying to keep making that same joke, but for whatever reason, I just don't see her as a pony that would really have some kind of kissing moment with Flutters. I swear! :ajsleepy:

Also, did Dash steal Fluttershy's heart, or steal her own heart back from Fluttershy? Huh? Huh? Answer me that one. :rainbowwild:

I maybe went over the top with the sappy ending, but the whole story is so steeped in FEELINGS and EMOTIONS it just seemed like at least an OK conclusion. FEELINGS. :yay:

As for continued endeavors:
I have like, 75% of the next chapter of Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle done. It is called Four Way Princest. I got to the actual Princest part and then kinda just stalled.

I am also doing an interactive comic on tumblr that I just started. My desire will be to do bi-weekly updates. It's more pictures than writing (although there are words too) so you can check it out if that sounds like something you might like.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply and I'm really glad you liked my story!

4574782 Ooh. Now we're getting deep about the deep throating.

It's my pleasure to leave comments and the least I can do in return for the pleasure of reading.

FEELINGS indeed! In the best way. :yay:

And I didn't mind the bugginess really. I feel like it had its purpose and was well handled.

The kissing of animals I found actually cute. Then I found it a Nurgle-esque kind of cute when Flutters became a disease vector. The bee having a tongue? That, I found delightfully creepy.

Personally, I've been kind of bad with some kisses. Like, I've misinterpreted one as being that someone liked me. One, I've actually not reciprocated because I was too glued to a monitor at work, trying to make non scanning items scan again (that was a really, really dumb moment). Other kisses... I guess I'm kinda good with? I dunno. I like doing far more forward things with my mouth than kissing XP So I guess this story rather resonated with me a bit. Because kissing.


Oh, and I pretty much ended up really liking the story. It's rather unconventional.



Kisses can be a lot more serious than people give them credit for. People misinterpreting her kisses was like, probably more than half of this story (and her being worried about people misinterpreting her kisses.)

As far as not reciprocating, I think we all have those derp moments sometimes where we only realize after the fact that somebody was trying to tell us something.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it and took the time to leave me a comment or two. :yay:

You have my thumbs up but yeah that pic is gross not creepy to me but gross.



Glad you liked the story anyway!

Author Interviewer

There's actually a lot more to this than simple 'horse kissing' would suggest.

Author Interviewer

She can even attack with kisses. This is fascinating.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I came into this expecting something along the lines of Argembarger's dumb pinkie what have a statue romance. But for all the title is goofy and you proclaim the events to just be 'horse kissing', this has so much more going for it.

Fluttershy looked into Rainbow Dash's pink eyes and attempted to commiserate. She'd opened her mouth, raised one hoof, put the hoof down, started to speak, closed her mouth, opened it again, and then had told Rainbow Dash that that was the gayest thing she'd ever heard.

This absolutely made the story. I don't care that I still have one chapter left to read, I just have to take a quick pause here to say that this is wonderful.

No kidding, yeah. This is …

Man I don't even know, I just know I couldn't put it down.

This is visceral.



Thanks for the kind words! I'd like to think it's an actual story wrapped in a veneer of stupid, and I appreciate the positive review you did of it.



Good. Good, yes.



That was one of my words! in my notes it says "must be visceral!"

I...get it. Don't know how I get it, don't know exactly what I'm getting, but I get it.


non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomine tuo da gloriam, my good man.

See, if you go changing your name and all, it makes my comment not make any sense. Why would you do that?

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