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Hello. I enjoy writing a story sometimes and sometimes colorful equines.


My Art Tumblr · 5:37pm Apr 7th, 2014

I made a tumblr to put the horse stuff I've drawn for the internet on.

It has some NSFW pictures on it, so I won't directly link, but it is smallhorsefan dot tumblr dot com.

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Rainbow Falls: Almost Everypony was Drunk. · 8:43pm Jan 20th, 2014

That has to be what was going on. It's pretty much the only time AJ has missed anything. Those are the most hideous dresses Rarity's ever made (and they were never used and she didn't care.) Nopony, excepting Twilight and Rainbow Dash, gave a single crap about what was going on. We'd seen Fluttershy try to fly fast before. She didn't. And she kept fumbling the horseshoe, like, constantly.

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CMC: First Lesbian Flag Waving Children! · 3:31pm Dec 17th, 2013

So in the "Hearts as Strong as Horses" song, one of the lines is that they're going to be the first ponies out on the flag waving scene.

Pretty sure that the only reasonable interpretation of this line is that they're the first openly lesbian flag-wavers. No other interpretation makes any sense.

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Naming Conventions in MLP · 4:27pm Dec 11th, 2013

There was a thread posted in the writer's workshop about choosing a name for a horse. It seems that a lot of either fan-named characters or original characters have both names and cutie marks that directly describe exactly the one thing they're good at. The show rarely does this, though. The other thing that really bugs me is when authors try to put last names to characters that don't have them as if Equestrian naming conventions mirror those of US/Canada, UK, Europe or Austrailia, even though

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