• Published 8th Nov 2013
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Fluttershy's Secret Kissing Story - Ara

Fluttershy experiences small horse kisses like nopony else

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Chapter 2

Fluttershy's first kiss in ponyville had been on the tip of an old pony's cheek. The loose skin had formed a confusing series of wrinkled valleys under her lips as he'd rapidly backed away, breaking contact.

"Oh it's just lovely!" she'd said after he'd opened the door to what would be her new home. He'd muttered something incomprehensible and quickly backed away.

The shack on the edge of town had been dark and badly-maintained. It had smelled overwhelmingly of mold and damp rot. Termites and big black ants crawled through and under and over the walls. The ceiling beams were thick with shiny legs, fat abdomens and glittering eyes, full of living spiders waiting dutifully for the flies and beetles and grasshoppers to stumble into their webs.

Mice, rats and lizards scurried along and behind the baseboards. To Fluttershy, it only made the place more primal. It was a place for kissing animals. It was a living place.

As Fluttershy hurried inside, she felt something hot and slick and wet uncoiling in her own body. She stood among the mold and mildew and mushrooms sprouting from the black, rotten wood as the former keeper turned and left. She stood among the plants pushing up through the floorboards themselves. The place was dimly lit, shutters swollen shut, concealing windows that had become completely opaque with grime.

There were no other ponies there, in a place redolent with life and decay. Only the sounds of a vast multitude of organisms swarming in the earth, in the rafters, in the walls and hidden spaces.

She did not feel alone.

For the first time, she felt truly at home, surrounded by animals that could not speak.

Days passed by her lips as she learned the character of every animal under her stewardship. The foxes and raccoons had earnest tongues that explored the interior of her mouth with the intense ridiculousness that only animals are capable of. A variety of tongues of different shapes and sizes slid past her incisors, bounded by her lips and cheeks. She knew that they were exploring for bits of food, pressing tonguetips against her molars and under her own tongue, but that was their understanding of mouth contact. She understood that they appreciated the opportunity.

She also learned the kisses that the animals used among themselves. She would rub her cheek or forehead against the cheeks and foreheads of the little birds, sometimes dipping her soft lips under and along their wings to help them preen. She used her lips on the soft fur of the little rabbits, nibbling at the fur on their foreheads, the base of their ears, and the sides of their jaws. They'd line up, resting against her folded forehooves, while she gently kissed away loose fur, as they did among themselves. She would press her cheek against the bodies of the little mice, letting them lean forcefully against her.

The social insects shared their food with her, taking a drop of saliva from her tongue, and giving her a drop of nectar from theirs. Even the beetles and spiders enjoyed the warm touch of her mouth and tongue on their bodies.

The reptiles would snuggle against her for warmth when it was cold, and taste the air of her open mouth.

Bears and wolves could fill her mouth with their tongues. Ferrets and lizards could fit their heads inside her mouth, licking at the groove of her tongue with their own tiny tongues.

Cheeks, muzzles, wings.

Carapace, fur, skin.

Hooves, paws, claws.

Time became a blur of blissful kissing before, after and during the routine feedings and groomings of all of her animal wards. Day and night seemed to drift together, time slipping into a fuzzy eternal crepuscular moment of lips pressing softly against some pleasant beast.

It was a kiss that woke her up, the skin of a mare pressed up tight against hers.

She still remembered the tight, slightly sweaty hug and cool lips pressed against her cheek. The room was white, bright lights cutting out a silhouette of the pony in bed with her, pressed up against her, kissing her cheek with loud "muah!" vocalizations. Her cheek felt hot under the cool little kisses, and it took a moment for Fluttershy to recognize the blurry shape of one of very few ponies she'd spoken to since coming to Ponyville. She had vaguely remembered the party Pinkie Pie had thrown when she'd arrived, but after she'd moved in to the cottage, it had been weeks since she'd spoke a word to anypony. She had slipped out of the party as quickly as possible anyway. All of the ponies trying to talk to her and ask her questions had made her very uncomfortable.

But Pinkie was with her there, in the hospital, babbling rapid-fire questions and statements into her ear after the kissing stopped, until the nurse pried Pinkie off of Fluttershy and then sent Pinkie out the door. Fluttershy remembered slipping in and out of consciousness as the nurse explained that at least part of the dreamy bliss of the last few days had been due to severe fever, dehydration, and malnourishment-induced delirium. Fluttershy couldn't focus on the list of diseases (bacterial, viral and fungal) that had been swarming through her bloodstream. (So alive! Such intimate, internal kisses as they reproduced and died inside of her!) Pinkie had found her. Apparently, Pinkie had come to the cottage to see her. Fluttershy had stopped listening.

Pinkie was there again when Fluttershy had been released after a few dreary, kissless days. Fluttershy had tried to quickly return to her den and the waiting lips and tongues of her animals, but Pinkie stayed right beside her.

Fluttershy had been happy with her animals.

Walking through the streets with townsfolk all around, among bright flowers, trimmed bushes, clean houses and clean ponies, a horrible sense of shame and guilt coated Fluttershy like slime. The magic of her secret, rotting, living animal den was turned into some dark, greasy filth, and she could feel it dripping from her untrimmed mane and tail. Although she could tell that nopony was really paying any attention to her at all, she felt that they should be. That their eyes and hooves should be turned to her. Should be taunting her. She just wanted to get away.

That is why she told Pinkie that she'd gotten sick from kissing animals. She thought it would make Pinkie leave her alone. She could wallow in the shame and guilt she deserved, soak up the filth she rightfully acquired...

It was a small kiss on the corner of her mouth, and it left a sprinkle behind on her cheek. Pinkie's mouth was bigger than hers, Pinkie's lips slightly fuller. Fluttershy remembered her skin flushing under those full lips, like a rash. Heat, like fever, spreading through her chest.

She hadn't said anything on the way back to the cottage.

Pinkie's simple kiss had reminded her of the feeling of kissing another pony. Of the shared quiet emotion that came from the lips of another sapient creature. The shared understanding. Animals were incapable of intimacy. Their world was always the moment they lived in, no string of meaning running laterally into the past and future tied them so firmly to their actions, and no well of layered meanings drifted underneath them as they lived their lives. Not that they couldn't communicate. Not that they couldn't have thoughts or ideas or learn from their mistakes, but the ideas, the meanings were all tied to the now. To that moment.

Pinkie's simple kiss conveyed things other than "is there food in your mouth?" or "grooming feels nice." The corner of Fluttershy's tongue touched the sprinkle, and she felt the sugar dissolve with her saliva.

An attempt had been made, in her absence, to impose the ordered, civilized world on the primal corruption of the cottage. The windows had been cleaned, the shutters replaced, and the obvious mold, mildew and fungus scraped from the floor and walls. Vines still dangled from the rafters and animals scurried everywhere, hiding from the light and smell of bleach, but Fluttershy couldn't really be mad at Pinkie for despoiling her primal den.

She gave Pinkie a kiss too, her lips pressing slightly into Pinkie's plump cheek. Even Pinkie's skin tasted just a little like sugar.

Pinkie promised she'd come by and help Fluttershy fix up her cottage, at least once a week. Fluttershy couldn't say no, even though some part of her was deeply saddened that her first friend had destroyed forever her secret life as an animal.

She hadn't given up kissing animals. Not entirely, anyway. But with Pinkie showing up every week, she'd made adjustments. Now, she tasted sugar on her lips as she traded kisses with her new friend. Laying on the grass after they'd put together some chicken coops, Pinkie had attacked her neck with a sudden series of little kisses. She'd explained that if Fluttershy wanted to practice kissing, she could do it with Pinkie instead of the animals.

It wasn't that she neglected them now, although she was much safer and cleaner about which ones she kissed and where, it was that Pinkie seemed to really enjoy her friendly kisses, and Fluttershy enjoyed Pinkie's kisses too, and it just felt very nice to have a pony who didn't seem to mind, or expect anything, or pass judgment on her for wanting kisses. With Pinkie, she felt almost like she had as a small child, where the act of pressing her small yellow lips had only transferred in the pressing a sense of affection, compassion, and friendship.

Pinkie was not one for cautious, timid kisses. Pinkie was impulsive and her lips were never barely brushed against anything. She'd press her full mouth against Fluttershy's cheek or neck or her own lips, and the muscles in her lips would push or pull at Fluttershy's skin, and then the pressure would be gone. Fluttershy responded in kind, giving Pinkie little pecks when she thought the other pony least expected it, although she was almost always wrong, and Pinkie would just as often turn into Fluttershy's kisses so that their lips would meet, their teeth compressing them together. They were forceful kisses, but still friendly. Light, in their own way. Sometimes, Fluttershy's tongue would chase Pinkie's quick kisses and return to her mouth with a crumb or a sprinkle or the taste of sugar. Pinkie's kisses almost always had a sweet little ghost that dissolved on Fluttershy's tongue.

At the same time, Pinkie had recognized Fluttershy's talent with the animals, and suggested that she train animals for other ponies, or bring trained songbirds to parties or formal events as a musical ensemble. Fluttershy equivocated at first, but she had decided for herself that she'd pay Pinkie back for all the work she'd done around Fluttershy's cottage, and so eventually some of Pinkie's "less terrifying" parties had little birds singing songs, and Fluttershy became known, at least in some circles, for her extraordinary talent with animals.

In time, her fear of the ponies in Ponyville faded, once she'd gotten used to them anyway. She found more frequently that questions or greetings did not close her throat or make her sweat or cause her grasp of language to vanish in the ether. Her cautious, stuttered responses became smooth like tumbled stones, until she barely paused with her "good mornings" or "how do you do"s or "Thank you very much"es. She was still very clearly a timid mare, but the ponies around her became part of the scenery, part of a world that, on a baseline anyway, she was perfectly comfortable navigating through.

When a new pony moved in, she would be a little nervous. She'd be uncomfortable and shy before she got used to the fresh face. When a full grown Rainbow Dash became the new weather pony in Ponyville, Fluttershy hadn't actively avoided her, but didn't really know if Rainbow Dash even remembered her. Fluttershy had attended the "Welcome to Ponyville" party. Pinkie had absolutely insisted, and Fluttershy didn't have a very good excuse not to go anyway. The party had been a loud, rambunctious romp: the sort of horrifying affair that Fluttershy normally absolutely avoided. She'd maintained a post in the corner near the punch table waiting for an opportunity for the crowd to thin so she could slip out the door, but the free-flowing booze turned the venue into a dangerous minefield of staggering drunks. She watched them tumble over, transitioning into inert obstacles that would be a lot easier to navigate around. Only a few more and she should have a fairly open path.

And then Rainbow Dash had pressed hot, wine soaked lips against the corner of Fluttershy's mouth. Her tongue pushed into Fluttershy's cheek, and when she's yelped in surprise, Rainbow Dash had swallowed the small sound with a moan and a step forward. Fluttershys' rump pressed into the corner, her neck a tense curve as Rainbow pressed her chest against Fluttershy's. She tasted wine, wine and hot, panting breath as her own exhalation escaped in a whistle through one of her nostrils, pressed askew as Rainbow Dash twisted her face sideways, her lips forming a seal with Fluttershy's. Rainbow's tongue was inside her mouth, pressing her own tongue against her molars, licking the ridges of the roof of her mouth and running along the backs of her teeth. Rainbow's lips flexed and sucked as she moaned into Fluttershy's mouth, her lips, tongue and face all disharmoniously struggling to press themselves against whatever part of Fluttershy's face was closest. The kiss drifted across her incisors, pushing up her lip as Rainbow Dash's tongue wriggled partway into her nostril. Rainbow staggered sideways, a little bridge of spit breaking as she stumbled into the wall. Fluttershy was petrified, a string of Rainbow's cooling saliva hanging from the front of her muzzle and the bitter taste of sour wine in her mouth.

Rainbow's pink eyes had been glazed and unfocused as she'd used a wing to push herself back fully onto her hooves. She'd said that she remembered Fluttershy from flight camp, then called her a "fag" and wandered drunkenly back into the diminishing crowd. Fluttershy had made her escape shortly thereafter. From then on, she tried her best to stay away from Rainbow Dash.

It was really why Fluttershy stopped going to quite so many parties. Almost no parties, in fact, because whenever she did show up, Rainbow Dash was always in attendance, and at some point, boozed up and listing dangerously, Rainbow would slobber all over Fluttershy's face, call her a fag, and then stagger off. Sometimes the kisses tasted like wine, or beer, or liquor, and sometimes Rainbow's tongue would end up in her nostril or her ear instead of her mouth. (She could remember the wet, irregular squishing noises as the other pony's muzzle had filled up the cup of her ear.) Always, afterward, the slurred insult, and then she was left alone to quickly flee. It became really embarrassing, especially when it was a little foal's birthday party or a get well party for a senior at the hospital or a baby shower.

Rainbow Dash would act perfectly normal when she was sober. Fluttershy spoke to her about as much as she did any other casual acquaintance (which is to say, not very much at all), and chose not to talk about the inappropriate kissing with Pinkie. It made Fluttershy even more nervous when a new pony moved in, though. Whenever she got news that somepony else would be taking up residence in Ponyville, she'd almost panic. She'd remembered the kissing closet. She'd remembered how her reputation had kept her socially crippled and isolated. She didn't want to lose the little bit of society she'd managed to actually navigate successfully and so she'd been downright horrified when some super important student of Princess Celestia herself was permanently moving to Ponyville. What made it even worse was that the new pony was in charge of overseeing the Summer Sun Celebration. And Fluttershy, for the first time ever, had been enlisted by the mayor to provide an avian choir for the Summer Sun Celebration, and this new super important pony was going to make sure everything was perfect, and everything wasn't perfect and by the time Fluttershy had actually met the new pony, Fluttershy could barely manage to squeak out her name.

It had been utterly horrifying until Fluttershy had seen the new pony's baby dragon, and her panic had been replaced by curiosity, and Fluttershy's life took a dramatic turn as she became the Element of Kindness, and friend to Twilight Sparkle.

Being one of the Princess's go-to girls and savior of the country had had a surprisingly small impact on her kissing opportunities.

At first, when she was on her way with the others to confront Nightmare Moon, she'd gotten to make out with a manticore (and he'd used a lot of tongue), and her circle of friends had expanded fivefold, and the world became a slightly less horrifying place in general, but honestly, her new position only really increased her kissing opportunities by more than a handfull of new ponies.

At the party in honor of their victory over Nightmare Moon, Fluttershy had gotten her very last drunken kiss from Rainbow Dash. Most of the other partygoers had gone to sleep, and Fluttershy saw Rainbow Dash swaying only slightly in the corner. Rainbow Dash had made the most of her new position as one of the most important ponies in Equestria, and all of her storytelling had strictly limited the amount of alcohol she could manage to drink.

Fluttershy had walked right up to her, and before Rainbow Dash really knew exactly what was going on, Fluttershy had wrapped her foreleg around Rainbow Dash's shoulders, and pressed her lips forcefully against Rainbow Dash's surprised lips, and used her own demure tongue to invade Rainbow Dash's gasping mouth. Rainbow had tired to break the kiss, leaning backward until she'd fallen into a sitting position on her rump, but Fluttershy moved forward as she'd retreated, her hoof in Rainbow Dash's mane, her tongue in Rainbow Dash's mouth, leaning over the other pony, her yellow wings spread out to the side. Fluttershy had looked down at Rainbow Dash, her mane and wings making a private kissing bower that they occupied, and when Rainbow's surprised struggles turned into a press upward against Fluttershy's lips, she'd broken the kiss and stepped back.

Rainbow Dash was shocked. Scandalized. But when she started to speak, Fluttershy pressed the rigid blade of her hoof against Rainbow Dash's mouth.

Fluttershy explained that if Dash wanted to kiss her, that was perfectly all right, but she would not have Dash assaulting her at parties and calling her horrible names, especially when Dash was the one who came up to her for kisses. She explained that she didn't have any problems with kissing her friends, if her friends really wanted kisses, but that she wasn't going to be set upon by drunken mares whenever she was out in public. She'd registered surprise in Dash's Eyes, and held her hoof to Rainbow's mouth for a few seconds longer than strictly neccessary. She could feel Dash's soft lips press against her hoof, and there was a little sheen of spit when she'd pulled her hoof away to let Rainbow Dash explain.

Rainbow told her that as soon as she'd come to Ponyville, she'd recognized Fluttershy, and that kiss that Fluttershy had given her as a filly had left an impression on her, but not a very good one. She'd always resented Fluttershy for stealing her first kiss, a kiss she'd wanted to give to the most amazing stallion in the world (because, obviously, that's the only stallion who deserved Rainbow Dash's first kiss), but now, her lips were forever tainted by the lips of some lesbo mare who had totally ruined her perfect first romantic kiss. So whenever she got too drunk, she'd tried to steal kisses from Fluttershy, to let her know what it felt like to have somepony snatch your kisses away. She shamefully admitted that it wasn't exactly the greatest drunken plan.

Fluttershy looked into Rainbow Dash's pink eyes and attempted to commiserate. She'd opened her mouth, raised one hoof, put the hoof down, started to speak, closed her mouth, opened it again, and then had told Rainbow Dash that that was the gayest thing she'd ever heard.

They'd gotten along much better after that.

Author's Note:

There will be one last chapter to wrap up this whole unnecessary kissing saga.