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Hello! My name is Logan, I am 14 years old, I am a gamer and Computer Enthusiast, And i am also a Whovian. Vinyl scratch is my favorite pony, And my steam Name is "Frostfyre (DJ-PON3)"

I am Logan! (AKA

I don't really have any talent when it comes to writing, but i sure as heck love to read. What i enjoy reading doesn't matter much though.

I am a Gamer and a huge Computer Enthusiast. If you want to play Games or just chill and discuss the finer aspects of being a intellectually superior individual mentally above the pandemonium of unintelligible imbecilic bigot's, Then by all means hit me up, My steam Name: Frostfyre (DJ-PON3).

I usually pop up here and there on forums or in the comment section, So This probably wont be the last time you see me.

If you wan't to chat about anything don't be shy, fo realz here homie i am cool with just about everything, seriously, Come to me if you want to talk about anything really. I'm Very Very Lonely

Oh and PS, You're awesome!

My gaming rig

Score of 1924 And Average FPS of 46 In Unigine Valley Benchmark
Extreme HD Preset

Current OC: CPU: 4.5 Ghz. GPU: 1111Mhz On the core.

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What's with that beautiful follow?

Thanks for the watch! But what compelled you to follow this madman in a box?

:twilightsmile:Thanks for the watch...what'd I do this time...:rainbowderp:

1533276 Good. You bring the condoms, meet me at the local bar.

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