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Pinkie Pie, party planner extraordinaire. Any pony who spends more than five minutes in Ponyville will be introduced to Pinkie with an explosion of confetti and a party. 

So how is it possible for a pony to live in her town and have no idea who she is?

As Seen on Equestria Daily!

Zen and Ponies

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This fic would be more interesting if you didn't put your oc's name in the title, really Pinkie Pie what sort of name is that ha.

I know, right? I'll have to avoid that mistake in the future. :pinkiehappy:

Nice The Court Jester reference! Casanova should only have one "s" though.

great story as usual buuuuuut needs more bean:scootangel:

I guess my namesake doesn't exist... ☹️

I shrugged. “I dunno. Applejack?”

Eh? "I" who?

This is odd and shall be followed for a bit, at least.

Oh this is going to be hilarious. Have a like, good sir!

“Yeah? How’s that working?”

How do you think :moustache:

“I’m not mad. Something weird is going on here, and I gotta figure it out,” she said as she trotted over to the door. “I’ll see you later, Long.”

I agree with Rainbow, six years in Ponyville and he has no idea who Pinkie Pie is, that is very weird :trixieshiftleft:

You have my attention dear author. Can't wait to see what Pinkie has to say about this.

I smell...Potential! And a good chapter!
We are watching, fair author!

Indeed, what an odd name. And such a blatant and foul riff on one of Rainbow's canonical best friends. I'm sure everyone here can agree how much of a delight it is to watch the antics of that top hat-wearing, polka-dot bow tie-bearing, mustache-twirling, Looney Toons inspired mischief-making pink pony Pinky N'tha Brain. Such a great creation of the show staff.

So, it sounds like Rainbow Dash and Long Run both really like each other but aren't romantically involved. Why would a stallion would move to a town specifically to be closer to a mare, whom he has obvious feelings for, and not try to date her in the six years he spends living there afterwards?:rainbowhuh:

That's the real mystery here. Not so much how he could not know Pinkie.

Okay, now I’m curious. And no, it has nothing to do with seeing Rainbow Dash in a maid outfit.

I don't know why, but when I read the synopsis and looked at the picture, for some reason I thought it was saying that Pinkie was the one who didn't know who Pinkie was.

I'm not sure what I expected. :rainbowderp:

can't wait to see what happens next

Hmmm seems like we had a mystery on our hands, I have 3 hipotesis.

1) Long Face is actually a master in the art of ninjutsu and has practice so long that unless he activaly want others to see him. He unconciously became invisible to everyone.

2) Pinkie Pie, just can't meet everyone and unconciously made a circle of friends she greets on every party, and Long Face just never gets his turn, same with him.

3) Long Face actually don't exist and he is an imaginary friend created by Rainbow Dash…or one last prank from Discord that he forgot to end.

also kind of 4) Does that mean that Pinkie Pie never ever had throw Long Face a birthday party? Something tells me, that in his party Pinkie Pie stare at her window in sorrow and anguish feeling like she did something horrible, and doesn't know why…only to forget about it the very next day.

Whoops. I shall fix that. :facehoof:
I decided to give Bean a break on this one. He's got enough going on already. :yay:
Oh, she exists. Long just hasn't met her, somehow. That's the mystery right there. :)
When I first wrote this story, the bit between Long Run and Rainbow was in first person from Long's POV. I changed it to third person later, but that I got past me somehow. :facehoof:
And I think you'll like where it goes. :pinkiehappy:
Why thank you! :yay:
Oh, just you wait. It'll be great. :twilightsmile:
Mysteries on top of mysteries. :yay:
Oh, c'mon. Everyone wants to see Rainbow in a maid outfit. :pinkiehappy:
Well, not #4 for sure. That's not fun. :fluttercry:

Then I imagine Applejack had, heard a lot of weird 'thank you's' from Long Face for each and every party he though she throw on his honor.

End of the night, he is calling it a day, approach Applejack pat her back and just said "Awesome party! Applejack you are the best, I don't know how do you keep remember when my birthday is but I'm not going to complain! Thanks a lot!" And then leave with a happy grin leaving a confused Applejac behind…who probably thought she just heard the weirdest form of flirting EVER

love how the bean comment has so many down votes lol

Now that would be an interesting story. Pinkie with Amnesia. :pinkiehappy:

Cute story, I like :derpytongue2:

Have an upvote! :pinkiesmile:

Honestly, that was where my mind went at first as well! Somebody needs to write that.

As for this actual story, good start! Looking forward to see where this goes. And especially whether Rainbow ends up in the maid outfit!

Oh boy... I can expect all sorts of shenanigans from this one. Can't wait to see more

and his slightly overworked chicken wings were beginning to cluck something fierce.

Well, there's a novel turn of phrase.

This is certainly an intriguing curiosity, especially given all of the events Pinkie's been a major part of. That cupcake shows that she's definitely aware of Long. I suppose we'll see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

I'm not entirely sure if I ship Dash and Long Run or just think they're really closes friends, but I definitely want to see their relationship evolve in some way.

Also, everything about Long Run not knowing Pinkie Pie. Her reaction to him not knowing. His reaction to her Pinkie Pie. Some other third thing. All that good stuff.


Theory: Pinkie has the hots for him and in a somewhat surprising turn doesn't know how to deal with it, because she understands going in like normal is what you do for friends, not "special someponies"...

Not gonna lie, first impression I though in her rush Dash, pull either Fluttershy or a changeling, for how shy the poor mare was. Poor Pinkie Pie, having a case of the hiccups at a times like this.

Or maybe she is allergic to that word, either way. Hurray first meeting…and I think Rainbow Dash accidentally play match maker, soon Cadence is going to show at her door with a muffin basket and a note that says 'welcome to the cupid club!'

“A date, eh?” Rainbow elbowed Long in the ribs and gave him a leering grin. “Careful. Pinkie might just crush on you.”

No really, what are you gonna tell me next, that water is wet ? :trixieshiftrigh

My first idea was, that there was some mystery. Something that prevented the two from meeting. Some magical mishap or a higher being interfering. A force, if you will.

But there was a second idea to this, considering how this sounded:

“Oh!” Pinkie stuck out a hoof, and her grin went from ear to ear as Long shook it. “It’s super nice to meet you, too!” She glanced around, then offered an awkward smile as she pointed his slice of cake. “How do you like the cake Pin—er, that I made?”

It sounded to me like Pinkie and Long were the same pony. Another interesting theory, which was why they tried not to be in the same place.

Of course that it turns out the most boring explanation is true, was quite the surprise. It was only by mere chance that they didn't meet. Despite that, it actually makes me curious to see how things develop, now that they did meet. To see what repercussions this meeting truly has. :rainbowkiss:

Well that was... confusing. I honestly don't know if Pinkie there was supposed to be Pinkie or a changeling or some other pony in disguise or simply that Long Run knew Pinkie by another name, or... what.

Okay, I have a COUPLE of theories.

1. Pinkie and Long already know each other, and POSSIBLY are in a relationship that they don't want to flaunt, so they just pretend they never met in public.

2. Pinkie and LOng have a pre-existing relationship that isn't romantic that they want to keep under wraps for some reason so they pretend not to know each other while in public.

3. Considering Pinkie's almost verbal slip up, there's an outside chance that Long Run is EQG Pinkie in Disguise and they both want to keep that fact hidden.

4. Some combination of both.

I honestly have no idea which.

A word allergy would be quite annoying. Is that why the Knights of Ni can't say the word it? upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/eb/Knightni.jpg
Indeed not, unless you're Long Run. The poor fool needs help.
Oh, it's gonna get interesting. You'll like it. :pinkiehappy:
I promise I unconfuse it ... eventually. :meh heh heh:
I like your thinking. We shall have to see which of those, if any, turn out to be true. :trixieshiftright:

The name Long Run, and the various theories of him, gave me a long con/trick/surprise vibe that's happening in the long run. Heh.

And making him a sort of flying marathon athlete pegasus is clever. Hehe.

maybe, and hey this story has great potential. I can't wait to see how things develop later on

I have to admit, I'm not quite sure what finally tipped Rainbow off to the fact that Long Run had never met Pinkie Pie before. Maybe it's just me being an idiot, but I keep reading their conversation and I'm not getting it.

I'm glad this fic is still marked as incomplete. It could have ended on this chapter but I wanted more. :V

I like. Wonder how this will go. But the meeting between them was a little confusing. After awhile I thought it was Fluttershy. But still I'm confused. I just woke up so that may be a factor.

Dash's dynamic with Long Run and Pinkie is interesting. IN particular how Dash is thinking about Pinkie. Makes you wonder if there is more of a history between Pinkie and Dash from before and that is causing Dash's extra cause of concern and possibly here even more disbelief on how things are going currently.

Aaaaw, who's in denial of her feelings? You are!:rainbowderp:
Thanks for the update!

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