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This story is a sequel to This Nose Knows

It is recommended you read No Nose Knows and This Nose Knows first, so you know what's going on.

Baked Bean - the slightly broken husband to Princess Celestia - finds he must answer the call to assist Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms when an ancient foe resurfaces at Canterlot High.

Once there, however, he finds another Bean who needs help courting a Principal who is very similar to his own Princess ...

Edited by Spartanpony007, Sipioc, Georg, and Zen and Ponies.

Cover art provided by Sipioc.

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Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!

Glorious! I can't wait to see where this goes! Hm... The meeting of the Beans and the romance of a principal is sure to follow.

And I wonder if Sunset will like meeting her new dad. She is Tia's adopted daughter in some Canon...

A wise princess once said, "A watched Bean never wanders."

Ooooo I LOVE the cover!!! Gaaaaah but I'm still behind on This Nose Knows! :raritycry: Welp now I know what I shall be doing with the rest of my day, catching up of TNK and then starting this! As that premise...... I HAVE TO KNOOOOOOOOW! :raritystarry:

*cover art*

Oh I see, so Bean isn't satisfied with just ONE Celestia, huh?

Hmm, Luna vs. the Dazzlings and Discord vs. Starlight. You do know that Christmas is over now, right? :pinkiehappy:




So Baked Bean actually entered the portal when no one else was looking? That's a pretty scary way to start of a new story, isn't it? Also I really hope having Discord accompanying Twilight and her friends will prove beneficial to them.

Aaaaand liked, favorited and followed...oh and I should probably read the first chapter too while I'm at it :raritywink:

“A Principal of Vice, how peculiar this world is,” mused Luna.

Goddamn you Woken Matt Hardy...

That was a really stupid decision that Bean made there; he's still badly injured, his leg is going to require extensive physical therapy, and he doesn't know just how dangerous the sirens might be. I hope nothing terrible happens to him, but frankly I don't see things going well.

Finally. More adventures of Baked Bean. :yay:

I'm free from haunting (for now)

I'm rather confused at Bean just jumping through like that. You spent a bit of narrative to establish that he's feeling a bit in over his head and stretched his luck out, but he just jumps in like that? It's not like there was a threat to Celestia or anyone else that would impel him to rush in where brave ponies fear to tread. It's not entirely out of character, but it is out of character given the lack of motivation offered in the text so far, save some vague and minor bit about him feeling a bit useless. But then immediately follow up with two lines about said luck pushing and it's disingenuous at best.

Otherwise nice story. I'm looking forward to more.

literally five seconds. that’s a record.


Bean's departure does seem a bit odd at the moment, but I double pinkie promise it'll be covered. Trust me. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh good! Much as I love a good haunting, I'm sure you have better things to do. :twilightsmile:


Well, eventually. :yay:

...Discord pushed him in, didn't he?

I bet Discord will have a few words for Starlight. :yay:

Huzzah! :twilightsmile:

Hey, Christmas can be at anytime, I say. :)

Yay Baked Bean!


I think Bean would debate that statement. :yay:

Eh, gotta admit I'm not going to go that way. Student yes, daughter ... not so much.
But it'll still be a good story. Promise. :)

At it again, I see :3c

I must stop jumping in on things I know nothing about. I must stop jumping in on things I know nothing about. Oh, look. A portal. (snerk)

Does my comment warrant your attention? Please say yes it helps my ego

Seeing Bean in the state that he's in reminded me how fucking pissed I am that Chrysalis DIDN'T get any justice for what she put him and Celestia through. I know Chrysalis probably isn't gonna show in this story but I still hope she gets what's coming to her in another.

Though this time if Bean gets hurt again this is definitely on him. The Little dumbass. :facehoof:
Seriously, why Bean?

Onward :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by HolyCross9 deleted Jan 13th, 2019

fuck yeah! we him returned in time for the story as well

DAMN MAN!!! I just wanted to read the description for this story and I'm already SPOILED! I must say it is important that you put a sensor on the kid part AND put a warning for spoilers. PLEASE DO THIS! I pretty much got the biggest surprise ruined thanks to the description... so please... FIX IT!!!! I DON'T WANT OTHERS TO BE SPOILED THE SAME WAY I WAS!!!!!

I can't help myself. Neither can Bean. :yay:

Squirrel! :rainbowlaugh:

I love comments! I can't improve my writing unless I get constructive criticism after all. :)

All shall be revealed in time. Trust me. :rainbowdetermined2:

My apologies. The error has been corrected. :fluttercry:

Does bean want to be leashed to celestia when he comes back. As that seems like the likely out come.

9400376 "Look, I appreciate you always doing what you think is the right thing. NOW STOP IT!!"
9400033 (Raises hand) Sometimes us editors just get behind Irr and *push* :)

Horray! A new Nose story! There is much happiness in the world now.


I’m dyin’

Okay, now you're just spoiling us. I had pretty much thought this series to be storied out, but apparently I was mistaken.

Anyway, can't wait for more!

Goddamn it, Bean! Why do you have to keep worrying your wife like that? It’s not healthy.

I know the feeling. :3 You know what lurks in mah head.

...Discord punted him through the mirror while nobody was looking, didn't he?

If he did I would die laughing! This looks like it will be fun to read!


OMFG I CANNOT WAIT!... to finish the previous story first. XD

“Oh, he tootled through the mirror while you were all busy discussing what to do,” Discord casually replied.

I swear you can't trust this pony to use the bathroom by himself, he'd take a detour into an interesting looking broom closet and end up in tartarus.

On one hand, I dont like Equestria girls...
On the other hand, I must know how one of my all time favorite series continues....
Send help.

I don't even care that its equestria girls! That's how happy I am!!!:pinkiehappy:

I just got finished rewatching the .mov series, and I had to take a short break when starting to read this once I started picturing Bean and Celestia in hotdiggedydemon's animation style.

*Starts thinking about that*

Hooray! More Bean!

“I believe it may be possible to open the portal,” Celestia said. “Since the magic that connects the two journals provides a connection between dimensions, we should be able to amplify and and expand it.”

Unfortunately, you have a superfluous 'and' there.

“A Principal of Vice, how peculiar this world is,” mused Luna. “Perhaps I can use this to my advantage..."

Oh no! I can just imagine her reinterpreting it as a Vice Squad thing and going to town on the pupils.

"Freeze scumbag!" shouted Luna, as she pinned the student to the floor.

Celestia nodded. “Bean, we should… where did he go?”

“Oh, he tootled through the mirror while you were all busy discussing what to do,” Discord casually replied.

This is how you describe bean in all three stories, right here in these two sentences

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