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I need some more characters! · 2:30am Sep 18th, 2017

So how are all my readers doing?

I've been working on the entirety of my first book. Just to give you an idea as to why I haven't posted anything yet.

I've decided to write out the entire story and release chapters once it is done. (Although if it take much long I'll start releasing chapters)

But I still need characters. So far I have two. But I need atleast 10- 15 more. Spread evenly between guards maids and youngin's for some of my upcoming chapters.

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SotM: NoaC, 4,000/7,000 words

EoW, On hiatus.

Biography of Me

Heyo, im Spartanpony007, also known as Sparta. I play video games, love music, and write pony stories!

My favorite character is Luna, mainly because she is a great character, we know little about her but she has a great personality. She's easy to write, but one of the greatest platforms I've seen in the show besides starswirl.

I love HiE's as you can probably tell, I like some normal Pony fics aswell, but humans make everything so much more interesting. The interaction between two completely different species is so interesting to write, and everyone writes it differently making it easy to enjoy several stories with the same premise.

I'm also a huge history buff. Maybe I don't know everything but I sure do try.

I love Wub-a-Dub dubstep. But I also like classic rock, I also like euphorica style music like Candyman.

If you too are a gamer, I would love to play games with you! I play on Wargaming's games a lot recently (world of tanks, planes, and warships.) I play a majority of the hit games on steam, and I'm a very well mannered and clean person. I don't cuss, and I prefer to have fun.

I also draw! I'm not the greatest, but I enjoy drawing stuff for people. Want a sketch? I'll do it for free.

I can do 3D animation, and I know roughly three different coding languages, yes I do develop video games. No I don't work for free on this.

Thanks for stopping by, this thing will get updated whenever I have stuff to add, so you should totally follow me. Check out my stories and leave comments. I love comments.

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Sure! I can't promise I will be Uber fast, with the end of the semester and all but I'm totally down.

Thank you for the compliment.

Would you ever be willing to critique some of my stories?

Well thank you :twilightblush: I appreciate the kind sentiments.

I do enjoy a lot of your stories myself. They are very different while still being very enjoyable

Cuz u seemed interesting

Just wondering what made you pick me to ask the question to?

Kek. Good answer.

Tea of course. Coffee is Satan's drink :rainbowlaugh:

Tea or coffee?

I wouldn’t mind. I’ll certainly look over your works at some point, but, it’s likely going to be a long time before I get started due to other commitments.

If your offering to edit my stories I would love to accept your offer! I could use the help I'm sure, no writer can ever fully proof read their own work.

I thought I’d let you know that The Little Things was edited by me a while back, in case you’re interested.

Congratulations [SUBJECT NAME HERE], you have earned the...

You must be the pride of [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]!

So I heard that you're doing commissions. Question, what are you willing to write?

Bit of friendly advice. Don't ever try to explain energy conservation to obsessive Superman fans. The resulting argument will be even more bull headed and endless than what we had going yesterday.

Thanks for the favorite on The Right Man in the Wrong Place :twilightsmile:
I hope you continue to enjoy it as I release new chapters.

This is me retaliating by invading your page in kind, now behold my glory as I conquer your page!

Thank you for taking an interest in my story, and if you liked it plz slap that like button and leave a comment.

Thanks for the favorite on Blackest Knight!

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