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I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.


Anon, somehow, was able to romantically court the princess of the sun herself, Celestia. During one quiet night at Canterlot castle, they decide for the first time to sleep together in the same bed, cuddling up to one another and saying sweet nothings into each other's ears.

There is also talk about themselves, the world around them, and the time they have spent with one another. It was a good night.

An RGRE story inspired by the thoughts I've been having lately, and a cute idea I had for this trending, alternative take on Equestria.

Pre-read by B_25.

Now edited by A Man Undercover.

Cover art by Cocoanon and Stradivarius. (Both of which can't be linked, cause of their explicit art).

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 17 )

Why even put rgre? Equestria is already like that...


Stallions love a good smile, and strong upward appearance.

“Then go right in. Stallions first.” She opened the large double door entrance for him, letting him see for the first time his marefriend’s living quarters. “So, what do you think?”

Their was the occasional guard however, she gave Celestia a salute, with a wink thrown in for good measure.

Actions and phrases like this. These are usual actions or thoughts of guys, but instead done by mares, plus Celestia is a slightly more assertive than the show counterpart. I wasn't aiming to be in your face about the reversed gender roles, and instead wanted to make it more subtle. I may have succeeded, but there's a large chance I didn't. I'll try harder in the next one.

Good story! But...

Patting a wing down on top of it as a gesture for him to take a sit, one he took with gusto.

Take a SEAT

Short and sweet. Personally I'd like to see something more meaty, but it's cool to see you getting your feet wet with RGRE.

It was a nice distraction from my more personal, and heavy blogs. I wanted to write something sweet, and if you're looking for meaty, I've just started outlining this story that I've had on the back burner for ages. Outline for the prologue is over a thousand words alone, and I'm moving onto the next right now. I can hopefully capture my vision, but it ain't RGRE related, so it's different.

I do have this other idea in this universe, which would actually be of decent length. I'll get to that when I do.

What the heck does RGRE mean anyhow?

Reverse Gender Roles Equestria, and as my friend An Intricate Disguise said to me on Discord, "It is CRACK!"


Thank you. I could not figure it out and I was a little afraid to ask.

holy sass am i grateful RGRE is taking off lately. i dig this a lot.

That was most definitely a very cute short story. There were a few errors here and there, mostly extra quotations or spelling mistakes and typos.

I look forward to reading more from you.

Comment posted by Cylindryk deleted January 20th

“In the back corner of the room lied the largest bed Anon ever seen, adorned with overly comfortable looking pillows and blankets. If his body could drool, it would. Off to the sides were a furnace to keep warm during the cold nights of the year, a dresser full of whatever Celestia might need to store, and on the real far side of the room was a personal restroom.

I see you random “. You thought you could hide.

This is a really sweet story. It’s actually not everyday one can find a well-played Human X Celestia story, particularly because there aren’t very many like this. There are a lot of grammatical corrections that need to be made, but, at the moment, it would take a large list to point them out.

I’m so glad to have found and read it. I think Celestia definitely deserves to have her own romance stories with a human.

By the way, what is a “janefilly”?

A Janefilly is basically a tomboy equivalent in RGRE Equestria. As for the edits, if you want, you can point them out, I'm more than willing to see to them all. Thing is, I didn't really edit this, along with my pre-reader, who more so read over it to give an opinion on the piece as a whole. As such, it is weaker than my other stories in terms of grammar. I hadn't written anything in such a long time, so getting this one-shot out in a day was a priority, alongside moving on to the next project. I always got to keep moving on to the next.

Ravvij #16 · 3 weeks ago · · 2 ·

It started off somewhat interesting. The pillow talk killed it though.

That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for creating and sharing. :heart:

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