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Not Enough Coffee

I like my coffee as black as midnight on a moonless night.


Anon, somehow, was able to romantically court the princess of the sun herself, Celestia. During one quiet night at Canterlot castle, they decide for the first time to sleep together in the same bed, cuddling up to one another and saying sweet nothings into each other's ears.

There is also talk about themselves, the world around them, and the time they have spent with one another. It was a good night.

An RGRE story inspired by the thoughts I've been having lately, and a cute idea I had for this trending, alternative take on Equestria.

Pre-read by B_25.

Now edited by A Man Undercover.

Cover art by Cocoanon and Stradivarius. (Both of which can't be linked, cause of their explicit art).

Chapters (1)

There's nothing Lyra loves more than playing her lyre in Ponyville Park. The welcoming atmosphere, and sounds of nature adding to her already wonderful music. Though, during the cold winter nights, it does get awful lonely, and incredibly cold.

Perhaps Lyra is in need of some company this time around?

Edited by Alex.

Art by LateCustomer.

This story features Time Turner, not Doctor Whooves. The character only goes under the latter tag, unfortunately.

Chapters (1)

With Rainbow Dash’s Wonderbolt career blossoming, she finds herself seeing her closest friends less and less. On one of her free days, she decides to pay her oldest friend a visit, and reminisce on times long past, and what’s to come.

Edited by Alex.

Art by Electrixocket.

Chapters (1)

Octavia, Vinyl, and Lyra are trying to put together a Hearth’s Warming Eve carol for all of Ponyville. Unfortunately, they get themselves into a musical disagreement, and end up turning on each other, each one thinking their style is superior to the others. Not even the town is free from the chaos, as they get in on the argument, and end up feeling upset themselves

Will Hearth's Warming Eve go on without a single carol, or will the three Ponyville musicians find it within themselves to compromise?

Concept for this story was given to me by my good friend, All Art is Quite Useless.

Pre-read by Dustchu.

Edited by Doctor Disco.

Audio Reading by Skijarama.

Art belongs to Brianblackberry.

Chapters (1)

Every Nightmare Night a timid little ghost of a long deceased filly comes out to celebrate the holiday which she cherished most when she was alive. Often she kept to the sidelines, never being noticed for hundreds of years. This was until three little fillies, and their group of rag-tag friends, caught her attention.

Edited by All Art is Quite Useless, Link4, and B_25.

Secondary cover art by JamesA.

Chapters (1)

Octavia Philharmonica—a musical prodigy, and rising star in the musical subculture of Equestria—finds that having what you want in life is not always what you need. Sometimes reaching all your hopes and dreams can be empty, and meaningless. This leads her to embark on a journey of sorts, not one of adventure, or thrills, but one of wisdom, and understanding. Through all the trials and tribulations, she might just find the hope which she has long since forgotten.

Art by Ramiras.

Pre-read by B_25, and All Art is Quite Useless.

Edited by Link4, and Ceffyl Dwr.

Chapters (6)
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