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Not Enough Coffee

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." ~ Marcus Aurelius


Smolder has a thing for Ocellus. She has had it for a long time, but each time she is given the opportunity to profess her feelings, she chickens out and swears next time will be the one. Hopefully this one will be the one.

After all, it has been years since they last spoke, and they are not getting any younger.

Cover art by Kerui8d.

Set after the end of the show.

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I’ve been awake since 4 PM yesterday, AMA.

Beautiful. It's 2 in the morning here in Korea and I'm gonna say that it was well worth the wait! (Plus the lack of sleep)

Damn, there's been alot of OcelxSmold stories lately. It's almost starting to become a bit overused :unsuresweetie: I hope more people spice up the young 6 shipping department.


Yes. When is the proper time to go to bed, Jack?

I think there is an insomnia trend going on here? Thanks for the compliment, bud!

Hey! I was on this ship train for a long time mister!

Though some other ships might be in my work list atm.


Never. The demons get their window of attack when your eyes are closed. I can hear them coming as I type this.

The joke I was about to make involving the word 'jack' was not safe for this comment section.

But, you know what I mean. Go do that to the demons.

Nah, turns out I'm a nocturnal person, so I'm used to it. No insomnia problems!

Although, turns out that going to bed at 5 in the morning is unhealthy, even for me.

I feel that up late, feeling unhealthy life, brother.

I know. I try not to do that as much as possible, although sometimes I get carried away and stay up late into the night.
Mostly because around this time is when my creativity sparks the most. Best time to write my story.

In the grand scheme of ship fics, they still need a lot more lurve. Same for any student six shipfic, really. I've been meaning to write them, so when I got inspired from reading Kkat's latest Ocellus brain juice, I got the feeling inside to get some shipping done!

I'ma do another next. So far I've done this and Gallustream.



I did the thang!

It's real cute :heart:

Smolder: There's a part of my heart that will Smolder for you, because you know how to make the heart of this dragonfly Ocellus.

Yessss. More bug/dragon love.

Indeedy. It's real derg and buggo hours in here.

I’m a very recent convert to this ship, but now I want it injected into my veins haha

Good, good. Welcome to the club! May your veins run ever smoothly!

I swear, it's damn near impossible to make this pair not cute. Lovebug and dragon get me every time.

Great job on this. I love this ship to death lol

Yeet. Same, bud. One of my favs.

Wooow, why are there so many fic shipping of Smolder and Ocellus suddenly ?
... Not that i'm complaining. :twilightblush:
That's soooo cute :D

I'm surprised you haven't stumbled across paperhearts' stuff. They also write fuzzy stuff with these two, and this feels kinda similar.

Oh, no say? Well, I will have to check them out, now won't I? :twilightsmile:

Damn straight! I mean -- shit!

This was so sweet!💜💜💜

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