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Chrysalis and Celestia do battle in Tartarus. Chrysalis struggles against Celestia's might, yet she keeps fighting, her anger fueling her burning hatred for Celestia and all the ponies of Equestria. Despite that, she doesn't want to win... She wants something so much more.

Cover art by gsphere. I do believe he has some suggestive artwork, so I don't think I can link him do to site rules. However, if you wish to see his work, simply type artist:gsphere on Derpibooru.

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I liked it. Have a thumbs up!

Ty, bud. It's different from what people would expect from me, so I hope it does moderately well.

gosh i just love delicious epic fight scenes

Same. It was cathartic to write after a long work day.

Dude, you're on a writing roll.

It's more or less an outlet for personal life issues. I am glad people are enjoying it. The kind words mean wonders to me.

That was deep...
I do not choose lightly which authors are worth following, but I think I chose wisely when I decided to follow you.
I liked it thumbs up, and I'm putting in my deep favorites.


I do not choose lightly which authors are worth following, but I think I chose wisely when I decided to follow you.

Dude, you're gonna make me blush. Thanks so much for the kind words. I try my best to write something worth people's time.

“Even so, Chrysalis. Every creature has it within them to do good, yet despite knowing the taste of love you choose hatred.”

To my displeasure, the princess sighed at my words. “So, it seems this is the way it has to be. Pity, I expected so much more from you.”

Uhh, just rewind nearer the beginning again...

“You’re a twisted creature that should have never come into being…”

On top of a throwaway line about changelings being wiped out and mentioning how Discord was able to change, then seriously ask Chrysalis why she can't if this is the case... I have to say, the portrayal of Celestia here seems pret-ty contradictory as the story progresses. I dunno, is it me here or what?

That was an interesting read! Fight scenes can be difficult to follow in writing, but you did a good job making it easy to keep track of everything going on.

Random question, but did a song inspire this story (or at least the title) at all?

I like to think she is conflicted and speaking from emotion. She clearly has her morals, but Chrysalis is testing it. The fact she looks down in disappointment at the end shows she's not okay with how it had to end.

She thinks Chrysalis is twisted, yet feels there was more to be done with her, but she was left with no choice but to end her.

It could have come off contradictory and forced. Different perspectives see differently from me. Thanks for reading all the same.

Scars on Broadway's Babylon. I wish there were more stories featuring the hell of Equestria. It's a cool setting that deserves exploration.

Also, thanks. Fights are pretty hard to write.


“What are you even seeking to gain her, Chrysalis! Your hive is gone, your race wiped from this world. Surrender now, and your sentence will be swift and easy.”

"I have already taken away everything and everyone you had. Surrender so I can kill you faster."
Celestia really knows how to make a sales pitch, doesn't she?

Comment posted by Perpetually Confused deleted March 4th

She was forced to pencil it in between swan wrangling and flower sniffing. She gave up her daily three hour guard boinking to deal with this bint, so forgive her for being dramatically cranky:trollestia:

Probably not

destroy, mame and kill.


“Yes. And I would choose it every single time I’m given an opportunity.”

"*given the opportunity" and remove the "i'm"

Now real talk. Did you take inspiration from one of my fics? I kid I kid. Seriously tho I've got a fic called "My Deathwish" that could be in the same universe as this one. In my headcanon in these kinds of fics changelings feel the emotions they consume in those fleeting moments. That desire is almost insatiable like a curse of sorts. I wonder what would happen if one delved more into this.

My fic never went too far because I wanted it to be an open idea others could use. If you want to we could do something together.

Thanks for the catch. And yeah, seems we both had a similar idea going there. I wanted to make the emotions of changelings mute, except for strong ones like hatred and malice. It made Chrysalis feel alive and willing to die feeling something other than nothing.

As for the collab thang. I'd be rather bad with that, honestly. I have a real full plate with work and helping friends with their projects. Though, sometime down the line working together would be pretty cool. I never really done too many collabs.

Well not nessecarily collab but if you'd like my help in brainstorming or anything I can do to help you further this that'd be nice. I mean I'm busy af too.

Gotcha. I am gonna head to bed, but if you want to hit me up on Discord, if you have one, you can pm me your number and what not on here.

Huk #20 · March 5th · · ·

Interesting idea, and well executed too. Kept me on my toes till the very end :pinkiegasp:.

Nicely done :ajsmug:.

Thanks. As I mentioned in my author's note, I was inspired by the anger I felt coming home from work the day I wrote this. I imagine Chrysalis, empowered by it and eventually consumed by the flame she kindled within. It was the one thing that made her feel alive, and when you work long hours, sometimes being reminded how to hate can make you feel present in your daily life.

That said, thanks for reading. Mucho Apprecio.

Huk #22 · March 5th · · ·


Oh, believe me, I know all about being empowered by anger. But, in my case, a few minutes of smashing things and screaming is enough to feel alive again :unsuresweetie:.

If Crissy was me, she would take it all out on her hive. Hmm, that could make a good comedy if well executed :trollestia:


Hmm, that could make a good comedy if well executed

True say. Though, I wouldn't be the one to tackle it. Right now I'm trying to brainstorm a longer fic to sink my teeth into. Something to push my limits once more like I did writing five one-shots back to back.

Huk #24 · March 5th · · ·


Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a few dozen ideas for one-shots on the list, but since I started rewriting one of my longer stories, I have no time to tackle anything else. Sucks... :applejackunsure:

Maybe someone else will do it, who knows :raritywink: Anyway, once again, thanks for the story, it was a good read :twilightsmile:

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