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Not Enough Coffee

I live to work another day.

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I don't know what I expected from that image. Haha.

Aw that was sweet. Thinking of doing a follow up?

Don't know. This was purely for what I wanted to express these past few days. As with my other stories that get sequels, I only write them when I know I can make it strong follow up.

You can cuddle with me any day, so long as you sign my no homo consent form.:heart:

Sorry. I don't believe I'm straight enough to sign that form. Full homo. :heart:

But I thought you were bi

Are we cuddling or not? :derpytongue2:

Lemme ask my parents


Honestly, I don't get it.
As for me, the demonstration of emotions is unacceptable, not to mention crying.
I'm a man, when I feel bad, it's just my problem and no one should know about it. I have to be strong no matter how I feel.

It's a nice story but II want to shout at him: GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED!!! :flutterrage:

how do i say this with out sounding to rude i feal like this isnt really a full story i feal like this more like a mini chapter or a conversaion on a blog post

oo i think i got it why you made this you ware fealling down try to use you imagination to feel better if that the case i take back everything i said and hope that you will be happy soon

Ty. And it is less of a story. In the authors notes it states it is an outlet for the ending to uplift people in a dark place as I was at the time of churning this out in less than an hour.

I merely wanted something to cheer people up.

This was such a nice story!

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