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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!



This story is a sequel to Saying Goodbye

As her illness progresses, Berry Punch has to face the facts that sometimes she just can't do things. Saying that out loud and accepting it is a completely different matter. Especially when she's so afraid of dragging down someone she loves so much.

WARNING: Contains discussions of illness and death, depictions of illness, and sexual innuendo. No death or sex actually takes place.

This story is part of the Berry Punch's Broken Love series. You do not need to read the other parts to 'enjoy' this story.

Art by t72b. Go give them some love!!!

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I wish Berry all the happy and healthy days. She deserves them.

Aaand there's some tears again. Once more a good story and a sweet moment. Happy to read more about Berry and Anon, they're cute together.

As always, so full of love and feelings. These two... also...

Really... want, as hard as that is for me to say that I actually want something for myself. I want you. In sickness and in health.

Was that a hint of what I think? :rainbowderp:

Haha probably not exactly. But it is a sign of commitment in this case, for whatever that's worth.

Ooh, right in the proverbial feels. Damn, Pencil, you are so good.

Weirdly enough this is kind of therapeutic for me despite not being anything wrong with my health. Like visiting the onion ninjas and afterwards I get the urge to do stuff. A little bit of feels and emotions to keep me going when I’m stuck at home. (Here in Spain it’s driving me crazy, stay safe over there too)

Ah, good! My favorite source of happy sadness! It's been a while.

These stories contain so much bitter sweet catharsis for me (in the classical Greek sense) as someone that knows he'll be dead in the next 15 years. I will thank you again for writing them as they truly do bring me solace. As someone that works in Academia it's usually hard to get me to shut up, but I find myself grasping for words in darkness to describe just how powerfully these stories resonate with me. Thank you for not only continuing their story, but for also doing it right now in the middle of a pandemic. Thank you for the motivation to keep trying despite the pain of living. Forgive the editor in me, but a couple of small errors are below that I wanted to bring to your attention:

He knows what I mean, and doesn’t ask for clarification.

Someday you’ll be too heavy a burden to carry.

Im seriously impressed by the ability you have to convey emotion, and the pacing is just perfect. I'll be happy to continue reading your stuff <3

Thanks for writing these, pencil. So few stories tackle the every day of having live with chronic conditions and how not being able to complete daily tasks can be crushing. When I can't accomplish everything on a checklist I've set out for myself, it's such a sinking, frustrating feeling and I always end up blaming myself and my symptoms a lot more than I should. It's good to see that in this series, Berry and Anon have one another.

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