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Not Enough Coffee

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one." ~ Marcus Aurelius



Anon and Luna share a lovely morning with one another. Turns out they share a lot in common for two beings lost in a world unfamiliar. Plus, breakfast time is a good time to find some bonding time with one another.

Cover art by Lady Amaltea. Her page on DA is deactivated, so I sadly don't have a link to her work.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio.

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This was well-crafted fluff. Thanks for it.

How dare you make me enjoy a story with Luna in it >:(

Liked and favorited for the cover alone, doubled down for great writing.

She stood there in front of you for a moment, before wrapping your four legs around YOUR midsection, wings outstretched to cover you as well.

...but is anon a pony or a human? This line threw me off.

Human, by midsection I meant the abdomen. Ty, btw.

10102603 Same goes to you.

10102605 And you. :heart:

Oh, my bad, mishighlighted. It says 'your four legs' so I assumed anonpone

Wait, that is actually not supposed to be there. I can edit that.

Would love to see this become a full story.

honestly, had my first taste of coffee, and didn't enjoy it until i added salt to it.

That's an interesting combination.

Salt helps take out some of the bitterness in a way that sugar doesn't.
Speaking of, I need to start another pot for cold coffee this evening.

Wonderful one shot, like it was mentioned would be awesome if you continued it.

I quite possibly might follow up with something. I do have an idea of what to do to add onto Anon's plight and his connection with Luna, but I make no promises since I am not a prolific author. We will see, though. Ty, btw.

According to a Reddit thread, the artist is Lady Amaltea but her Deviantart account is deactivated.

Sick, time to credit her. Thanks, bud.

Great little fic, defenently deserves a sequel and fast.
Also maybe in first person, just my personal opinion.

Funny thang is, it sorta just wrote itself into second person unintentionally, and I ran with it. Never done that before, so that was neato.

Its all good, still an amazing little fic either way

Mucho Apprecio, Friend-o.

Holy crap this was just pure as heck! My God I dunno how you did it, but the interactions are just so adorable and realistic in a way! I hope ya didn't mind, but I HAD to make a reading on such a beautifully written story!

Audio Longki: https://youtu.be/gXDZU_pZXa4

(I don't mean for this comment to be offensive!)

Oh flip! I am incredibly honored. You did not have to do that. Ty big time.

A lovely oneshot story.
Thank you "Not Enough Coffee" for writing this very pleasant, delightful, pleasing story.

Aw, shucks. Y'all gonna make me blush with the positive feedback. I should really write more pony.

Lovely little read. Instant like and fav. I wouldn't say no to reading a sequel. Thanks for creating and sharing.

I really liked this. It had just the right balance of goofiness and warmth to make it feel real. The morning grumps were entirely relatable, and the romance was extremely subtle, which, in my opinion, only served to make it more genuine. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It’s a beautiful piece.

Was that a reference to the stop motion Santa Clause is Coming to Town near the beginning, there? One foot in front of the other?

Yes. I believe subtle, gradual romance is what sells it as more real. I took from real life experience and channeled it into the characters to try and make it more believable. Thank you so much for the kind words. They mean a lot to my weary soul. Been a rough time in life as of late.

Anyway, yes, that indeed was a reference to that Christmas special. I love classic Christmas specials. I watch them every year.

You have good taste in Christmas films. The Year Without a Santa Claus is my jam.

You’re more than welcome to the kind words. You came by them honestly. I hope that your lot improves in the near future, and until then, that you have the strength and support to persevere. Thanks again for your art.

Aw, that was sweet. I love Luna!

Same. I love both diarchs to be honest.


She stood there in front of you for a moment, before wrapping her four legs around your midsection, wings outstretched to cover you as well.

Unless Luna is sitting in his lap and wrapping all her legs around him, it would be better to use fore, to indicate Luna using only her front legs.

I enjoyed this nice little story and look forward to reading the next.

When I get the time, I will make this correction. Thanks, friend!

I find it odd how practically every human in Equestria is an early riser. I mean most people make it to midnight and as many make it to 2am as get up before Dawn.

I'm a bit of the opposite. I rise early. Though, I'm the exception, since my job and hobbies require it.

My issue that way is my body's stubborn inability to have a day under 24hours. Really, it prefers 24h15m or more. That said I have a tendency to go later and later until I have to reset things with several 27 hour days. I handle 24h 35m just fine so technically I would do fine with martian sols.

You nod your head. “Yeah, had a pretty bitchin’ dream riding a plesiosaur into battle off this coastal town. But, uh, ya doing okay? Look a bit worse for wear?”

why do I feel like this would be a fantastic Sabaton song

Easy now, one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door.

I see what you did there... :ajsmug:

Nice, cute story. But I noticed that you kept switching between past and present tense.

This was so sweet.


Written well and sweet. A perfect story to read and relax for a short while.

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