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Jenna Starbright

Pulling the puzzles apart.

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That was adorable!😳😳

I’m currently working in the drive thru and where I’m at it’s 46 degrees out with a wind speed 20 mph. I’ve been getting asshole customer after asshole customer, making me even colder and more bitter, but this melted away the ice that surrounded me and made me smile for the first time today so sir/ma’am I thank you for the warmth that this story has brought me.

This is amazing! I hope you create more Tia/Anon fics.

Good to see you are doing ok sorry

This was snugglerific!

I hope your holding up! Glad that I could bring a smile to your face and I hope you a wonderful rest of your day!

strange how these celestia/anon fic-lets have become some of my faves


I've noticed a lot of fluff appearing in the top 10 list on the front page lately. That's not saying fluff is bad. It's a lot easier to read and enjoy at work than some emotionally sad piece that will get you very odd looks from co-workers. I'd almost say fluff is easier to write since there are so many pony waifus, heh. Personally I enjoy the somewhat clueless or "just roll with it instead of spaz-out because magic" human types. Those have more creative staying power than your typical anon-self-insert plots that'll run out of steam quickly; those that trundle on lead to repetition.

Fluff is a treat, now and again it's nice. A welcome palate cleanser for the mind versus the angst bombarding us all in daily life. Fluff all the time would make even Pinkie a little ill. (Pinkie knows to add a pinch of salt when the sugar is too much) :pinkiehappy:

My heart!:yay: Thank you for making this beautiful masterpiece! :heart::raritystarry:

Awesome story! I loved it!

I think sometime I should try to arrange them into a sort of reading list. :trollestia:

All stomachs want pancakes. Even if you personally can’t stand or even digest pancakes your stomach still wants them.

Bonus points for NOT being in second person despite being an Anon fic.

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