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This story is a sequel to You're Not Fine

Friendship is a give-and-take relationship. Fortunately for you, Pinkie doesn't ask for much, and she has plenty to give.
Maybe it's time to start giving back.

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D'awww, I love Pinkie's passive adorableness

i kinda want to see if pinkie smells like cotten candy now i dont know why i just do

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this is how i know i've found a good fic.

8174098 Gotta keep that train rolling!

Good concept, you've piqued my interest. Keep going.

You and I think similar. I have a fanfic similar to that story but it's when Pinkie was a kid, I'm planning to make a sequel when Pinkie is grown up and your fanfic reminds me of my upcoming sequel.

You keep this up and hearts will burst.

8174476 :ajbemused:
No you're not. :pinkiehappy:

I don't know what it is about these stories...maybe it's the moody protagonist trying to resist the Pink One...maybe it's her adorableness...whatever it is, I'm hooked. Well done, Sir!


Heeeeyyyy good story

This is a good story, and you should feel good about yourself for having made it.

Haven't read this, but have read the first one.
I must say, though: I love the artwork.

As a rule, I don't like Second Person stories.

Somehow this story has managed to break it.

Well, the trains always seem to stop rolling at around 70 to 1...

The sweetness! It's to great!!

I don't read much nowadays, so I've been looking at small stories to try. Reading part 1 was a little unfulfilling. It wasn't bad, but it felt like it ended too soon to get into it. I'm glad there was a second part, which I did find to be quite heartwaming, especially the "pink backpack" bit.

It's one of those things where I felt a little jealous that I can't have a real Pinkie Pie to interact with. If you couldn't already tell by my username Pinkie has always been my favorite character. I never met a real life Pinkie, but they're the type I'd want to have to encourage me to get out of the house more.

Just curious why you posted this as a second story rather than just a second chapter. I suppose you could say the story accomplished what it meant to(Pinkie made anon smile and got to be his friend) but this picked up right where part 1 ended off

8175503 I had already marked the first one as complete, and I didn't even consider a continuation until a couple days afterward.

I don't know, it just felt better to leave the first one ambiguous in case I wanted to go a darker direction in the future.

A whole new story for what's really just a small second chapter to a story I was already following?

I hate to be more nitpicky than supportive because I know it's a buzzkill to hear it after making something for everyone, but if this is a trend that keeps going future chapters are going to be missed by the readers. I and probably many others started following the original story so we'd get notified of new updates to it. I only caught this one because it happened to show up in the Featured list the same day I happened to check on FimFiction for updates - which is not something everyone does everyday.

Just leave all chapters to a story in one story rather than passing off individual chapters as sequel stories. That way we don't miss updates. Many that follow the first story won't even realize you made a second chapter.

We need more IRL Pinkie's.

8175530 In case you missed it, this one isn't complete. There won't be a separate story for each chapter. The original story was written with the intention of being a one shot. I didn't even plan more until people asked for a sequel.

If this were something I did multiple times with multiple stories, I would understand why that would be upsetting. But I feel the first one just reads better as a one shot.

That makes sense.

I love this Pinkie that you write. She's adorable and huggable.


What, as opposed to Fluttershy's passive adorableness? I'd think Pinkie's would be called active, er, hyperactive if you want to be honest.

And what job could a human get in Ponyville? It's an Earth Pony village so he won't have the strength to compete. Not sure about endurance though, could be a tie. Manual dexterity is something he would excel at versus hooves. I'd even go so far as to say he could outperform most unicorns. Maybe get a job working with delicate and/or tiny things... like a clock maker? Considering how many mechanical clocks there are in Ponyville, I'd say there has to be at least a few businesses that keep them going.

Or if he really wants to aim low, dish washer.

Considering the theme of this story... dish washer, definitely dish washer. :rainbowlaugh:

8176461 The concept of earth ponies being the physically strongest race is mostly fanon. We've seen Maud pound a rock to dust, but given Applejack's shock it doesn't seem the standard level. And Big Mac has accomplished feats of incredible strength, like pulling a house and a cart of anvils, but he was also drugged up with love poison, so who knows if that's his normal level? I'll give it to you on stamina, though, since they're the ones pulling the trains.

Either way, as said in Flight to the Finish, Ponyville is a town where all three races live together, and not all jobs require brute force.

Heck, he could just help out the Cakes. Be a cashier. That doesn't require any real strength.

When I clicked on this fic, I got an advertisement for Amazon Garbage Bins.

This story is entirely unrelated to that and simply amazing. I don't usually like second person fics, but sheesh.

You make the heart swell in so few words. Brava, brava :twilightsmile:

This Pinkie really makes cuteness a potential weapon. Love her and love your story. :yay:
Maybe...a little more, please? I can offer you a Pinkie if you like? :pinkiesmile:

You know, you could easily keep this Cute and Dark; Anon doesnt have to actually improve, Pinkie only has to think he is.

Admittedly, Pinkie isn't my favorite... yet... you make me love her more...

8176461 The usual fanon job is a handyman - not so much heavy construction, but the kind of general repairs and minor work which use a toolbag. Assuming ponies to be somewhat smaller than humans (again, a common depiction in HiE fics), this gives humans an edge in reach and height over most ponies, and possibly one in things like dexterity and clambering about places (depending on exactly what kinds of abilities a fic deems average for ponies).

On a tangent, there have been curiously few fics about ponies being reluctant to hire humans due to a lack of a job-related cutie mark. I'd actually like to see one where the human character talks to Minuette, amongst others, for advice on how to overcome mark-related cultural expectations. Not to mention if there's any resulting bias against non-ponies: consider that Spike effectively had the one job almost from birth, Zecora's pretty much self-employed and self-sustaining, and... to be honest, I'm not sure what Cranky and Matilda do, if anything. (Retired, maybe?) I rather suspect that a human in Ponyville would either have to set themselves up providing a service (or products) nopony else was providing, or would have to get a job via networking/friendship rather than job interviews.

More please. This sugar needs more sugar.

I couldn't write anything until today because I've been sick.

So... you weren't fine, but you're getting better?

...Sorry. :heart:

In all seriousness, glad you're feeling better. Gonna be interesting to see how Anon does with desk work.

8179890 that was awful


When you're feeling especially adventurous, you sometimes stand in a corner and contemplate the futility of existence.

._. it's good that we have something in common.

There's an existential crisis corner with your name on it.

I have four of those.

Well, that was easy.

...too easy.

Uh oh...

I know the feeling... Sometimes you prepare a whole human for a group of friends but then they don't show up and you're stuck with it. The real problem is that human doesn't really last very well, and if your refrigerator is broken you're kinda out of luck. But I have felt sick in the same way from eating an entire human, and it really sucks, but it should get exponentially better in a couple of days. And then perhaps another update?

More, dammit. MOAR! I need more Pinkie love in my life.

My concept of Pinkie and human is different from yours. Mine is that the human takes care of a baby Pinkie when her parents are busy. They see each other as a sibbling and the human is acting like the big brother or sister to Pinkie. Yours seem them as regular best friends who would do friendly gestures to each other. They both seem to be more than siblings but less than romance. Know what I mean?

The surprise part of the surprise party is that Pinkie is spreading the party out over the course of days!

oh this is gonna be a good story to read so whens the next chapter coming out or is it a surprise like pinkies party

I have the feeling this is going to be a sweet and good story. I also hope you are okay again soon. :twilightsmile:

My aunt got a job like that once, she wasn't even looking for a job but suddenly the owner of a store saw her and hired her as a manager... which now that I think it was just a glorified clerk. It seems that the last one quit because of marriage.

I'm debating adding a comedy tag. Maybe.

After this chapter, it certainly deserves one. The absurdist kind.

I mean, I'm laughing, but it's a "the tragic nonsensicality of existence" kind of laugh.

Pretty good albeit short Anon story you have going, I enjoyed both chapters and an interested in seeing where it goes! :twilightsmile:

Well it is with Pinkie. So of course it is good times.

Omelette Du Fromage

Pinkie's too nice or she'd have said he stinks too after that "hmmmm". Then again, maybe Ponies like the smell of a slightly fermented human? Still, Rarity is going to say he's rank, but in the most polite way, especially when he raises his arms. If he's lucky, she won't even drag him into the nearest tub of heated pink bubble fru-fru bath water. (It'd be easier to just wear a cloth over the nose and open the windows)

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