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Anon takes over Spike’s job of transcribing Twilight’s friendship reports. He does exactly what you’d expect.

Companion fic containing Celestia’s replies up to Letter 120 - To: Anon, From HRH Sunbutt written by Snow

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...i desire some reactions to these.

I love how Anon slips in that he's not just being an asshole in general, but specifically to Twi, that Twi deserves it, that Luna is awesome, and that Celestia is OK too (and he knows she has a sense of humor).

Oh my god I'm dying, this is wonderful!

is it wrong to ask the sister to ask the younger sister for a date? i dont know

Haven't even read it yet, but it's by Merr so I already know it's beautiful.

Upvoting for selfish reasons.

Wasn't expecting this kind of ending. You could totally do a sequel with and ending like that.

Also holy hell Anon really has a terrible relationship with Twilight. Like, shit man.

10/10 would read a sequel.

LOL... loving this.... first one had me dying.. xD

LOL entire thing was beautiful and the ending showing that its twilight specifically he's an ass to. loved it.

This whole story could just be summed up with:

Shots. Fired.


I could mark it as incomplete and write more dumbness, if you guys want that.

maybe some reactions from the princesses, a message from spike, or twi?

Only if that's what you want to do.

I always enjoy this kind of nonsense

this was fantastic

Well that first letter got you a follow definently looking forward to more lol keep it up:rainbowlaugh:

I would LOVE if you wrote more of this. This is like if DWK actually existed in Equestria.

I would love to see Celestia's reactions to all these letters. Hell even when Twilight becomes an Ailcorn, Celestia allows her to read them herself.

Please, please give us Celestia's reactions.
Or at least have twiggles find the letters.

I am really thinking about how Celestia is allowing this to happen, she may enjoy these ones as well and reads it with her sister, which perhaps is the most eager about this; anyway, let's see if Annon gets a date with Luna, and some reactions too, Luna reading the letters or Celestia, and at the end Twilight finding out about it.

This one speaks the most to me

If all of these are happening consecutively...

I laughed out loud at Anon's 'style' when writing down Twiggle's letters.:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I hope to see more from you, kind sir.:twilightsmile:

Have a fav and the thumbs-up for your hard work! :pinkiehappy:

Anon is sooo going to Tartarus

Do we get to see Princess Booty Butt's reaction to some of these?

I would like some context for these, for instance what events lead to letter 3.

I want Sunbutt to set him up on a date with Luna to troll him by calling his bluff, and have that backfire as now there's two of them.

I'd like to see Celestia genuinely enjoying these due to her ancient famously good humor and hating how stiff and formal people are with her. And just basically yeeting Luna at him, who is too much of a gremlin to want to go out and socialize. "Finally, get this one out of the castle!"

It'd be awsome if there was spin off story of this with Celestia just reacting to each letter.

I spiritually relate with this chapter.

sometimes it be ya own twiggles.

You know, all this talk about how fun it would be to see Celestia's response... We kind of got the impression from Lesson Zero that Celestia doesn't really care about the pace of the letters arriving, only that she wants them when she gets them and only shows up when it becomes blatantly obvious that something is going horribly wrong, so... Since Anon doesn't have the patented Dragonfire Delivery Breath, could we maybe have them all sent by Derpy... so they all arrive at the same time and Celestia reads them all completely out of order?

This is a legit complaint I’ve had about her character, lol

I'm gonna have to remember twat spackle that's a good one:rainbowlaugh:

Well, that is both a delight to read, and at the same time all very true.

Will you also be doing some of Celestia's replies to these? I imagine she already knows of Anon's personality, and if she's of a good sense of semi-twisted humor, I'm sure she's getting a kick out of these....oh my gosh, imagine Celestia sending THESE to Twiggles when she falls into depression in the Discord episodes for season 2!

Today I learned that yelling at people for having a reasonable difference of opinion is not a good way to make friends. It also does nothing to change their minds.

A life lesson that I wish EVERYONE would learn this year.

Celly, you need to take action immediately before Twilight turns into a smarter Prince Blueblood!

Every day is an adventure in tiny horse land

I’m gonna change it to “last time” to make the timing more ambiguous

Well, we know which princess he likes more.


Dear Princess Smacks-a-lot*,

Lost it:rainbowlaugh:

Well, maybe she did

Oh this is gonna be a fun read


Stupid as hell, yet... surprisingly enjoyable :rainbowwild: And that ending :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely would want to see Celestia's replies to those letters :raritywink:.

you have my vote

I just love this kind of nonsense.

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