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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.


Anon is too cheap to spring for a golden apple, so he settles for a cardboard box. Didn't start any wars, accidentally a job, 9/10 would recommend.
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

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Rarity shoves her way through the crowd, like a fabulous, melodramatic shark that has scented scandal in the water.

Clothes horse gota clothes horse :pinkiecrazy:

The only thing missing is Anon ascending to some higher pony-petting Buda state. Helluva cute :yay:

Very wholesome. I liked it. *puts Uh-hmmm in the Best Author box*


I'm incredibly amused you made the RGRE link in your synopsis. Maybe this will be the first ever story where someone doesn't ask what RGRE means? (lol no)

Gotta admit, did not have a good day today... :pinkiesad2:
But then this appeared...:pinkiegasp:
And all of a sudden things don't seem as bad as I thought. :pinkiehappy:

I've actually put the link there for some other RGRE stories I've done, and several have gone without people asking about RGRE.

This was amazing! :twilightsmile:

Why make this story both first and second person?

Some folk are allergic to 2nd person POV, so I provide the non-gluten option of 1rst person POV.

Glad you liked it.

What was with the


line? I'm afraid I don't understand its significance.

just look up trogdor

(Anon made a stuffed animal Trogdor for a foal)

That was really sweet.

The box of power! :pinkiegasp: One box to rule them all! :raritydespair:

Not a huge fan of second person. Usually makes me feel bad considering the ones I read have the character be a dick or prankster, and I'm neither of those... On purpose.

But yeah, nice feel good story, love how it becomes its own little shinto type religion at the end.

As one 2nd person-allergic guy I deeply appreciate the first POV narrative, as it is a chore to change the POV in text processor.

As for the story? I loved it from the start to the finish, and would read again.:moustache:

I was expecting this to be just some silly, no-substance Anon fic. But this was actually really sweet, and very touching. I really enjoyed it.

"Word for word."

I kek'd myself a bit too hard, and now I need to change my shorts.

Lovely fluff and wicked humor all rolled into a burrito of good times.

I don't thumbs-up many stories, but you just earned it.

This got so sweet and wholesome I’m almost tempted to accuse Anon of being Mr. Rogers, until I remember the circumstances that lead to it being so wholesome. That being, Anon being a jerk and causing trouble.

Dawwww that was beautifull :heart:

This is aggressively wholesome and I love it. Thank you for writing this.

This is absolutely amazing. One of the best short stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

That Avatar reference tho

Science has proven that Trixie is Best Pony. Followed closely by Limestone Pie.


This came outta nowhere and suckerpunched me with cute.

Kudos fren. It made me smile and for that, you have my thanks.

9939435 True empathy comes only through experience, and true kindness only through empathy.

You gotta start out as an asshole to be able to reach assholes.

This was so much more awesome that I: thought it was going to be. 110% would recommend.

Okay thought this would devolve horribly but by the end he went full mr Rogers and I loved every bit of it.

... I love it.

Literal FeelsGoodMan felings.


This started out nuts and then went straight into sappy heart strings and i have no idea what to think about that.

My god this story through and through was absolutely amazing as heck! Easy to understand, great content within, plot was excellent, my GOD IT WAS PERFECTO! Hope ya didnt mind, but I just had to do a reading on this fanfic for the First Person POV! It's just too good man! Keep on rockin' on!


(I don't mean for this to be a plug or anything to reveal myself to the public, but I apparently have to show people that I read their fanfic so they ain't clueless xD I DON'T MEAN ANYTHING OFFENSIVE!)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it's always nice to see someone liked my work enough to perform it.
Speaking as an author, the main reason why I would want to know if someone is doing a reading is so that I can read the comments on the video.

I didn't expect this to be so wholesome, but it was and it was awesome. :raritystarry:

Oh. Oh damn. That was cute beyond belief and absolutely nice. I'll be rereading this A LOT

frankly, after all the bs i've been through over the past few days, this is just what i've been needing
thanks my dude


Listen this whole fic is absolute gr9, but the Trogdor cameo is the best part to me.

This is one of the few stories that doesn't portray Anon as a complete ass. It starts out that way, but slowly goes the other direction. Well written man. Nice job.

Awwwww. I love honest, wholesome stories like this. There simply aren't enough.

Well done.

2 wholesome 4 me

I'm usually more for cute stories as opposed to crude, but I love the idea of "clamjam" to replace "cockblock." Just as it was staring to ramp up though, you hit me with this tender moment:

"Sure I do. You're sitting in the box, and the box never lies."
"You sound like a foal's show."
I shrug.
"Wisdom is wisdom wherever it comes from. Feeling better?"
She sighs.

I grant, it starts off with some dead-ass memes & adult-adjacent material but you actually touched me there & the ending was so sappy I think I may have to blow my nose with some pancakes. Thank you for continuing to write RGRE.

This was fantastic. I expected great things from the description and got so much more than that.

This is a nice story. And it went in an entirely different direction than expected. :raritywink:

Also, the second person point of view, unpopular though it may be, totally worked here for some reason.

Kinda surprised the princesses didn't show up. I bet it could un-Nightmare-ify Luna if he could lure her into the box back at episode 1. Some kind words, maybe a scritch or two, I'm certain it'd do the trick.

Still waiting for Chrysalis to sneak into the box... after crossing out "pony" and writing "queen" over it.

I didn't get the cottages line at the end.

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