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Anon attempts to catch fish despite Pinkie Pie and Applejack's interruptions.

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I liked this story. Good job!!!

Man, I understand if you want to keep this a one-shot, but I would love to see a continuation of this story!

So would I. Of the things I've written, I think it's my favorite.

Maybe when I have more free time I might toss something together.

I love the way you portrayed each character in this story. Especially Applejack, best pony. :)

The story made me reflect on loved ones I've lost and how I've shut out others the exact same as 'Anon'. One of my favourite reads by far.

Why can't I stop pressing the Fave button?

I was expecting a silly story, you know, something to put a smile on my face. And then BAM! Feels out of fucking nowhere!

Faved and liked- you are awesome and should should feel awesome!

Indeed, she is the best pony, with Pinkie in the #2 slot, which is one of the reasons why they're the stars here. :ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you were able to get something meaningful out of it. When I saw the original sketch this was based on (seen in the description), the story was just kind of there in my head and I had to write it down. The artist is working on a short animated loop of AJ fishing with her tail from the boat in the last scene, which will hopefully emerge one day and add to the strange Original Work -> Fanart -> Fanfiction of Fanart -> Fanart of Fanfiction of Fanart chain that's going on here.

3879704 I saw the sketch, it's awesome :) Wow, that's an impressive chain :pinkiegasp:

I like this story. It's graceful, well considered, and sweet.

Goddammit, there needs to be a feels tag for this site. I keep getting suckerpunched when I least expect it. My heart almost asploded.:applecry:

Did anyone else notice that Pinkie planned that whole thing out and even managed to dupe everyone into thinking she was just goofing around? Fucking brilliant.

I know what you mean. I don't really know how to properly categorize this one other than to call it "feely". It's not sad because the message presented is overwhelmingly positive, and it definitely has some good funny bits, but its central theme could strike a person really close to home depending on their situation.

I'm glad you caught on to Pinkie's true role in this. I don't think it's a stretch to think that she'd be able to discern not only why Anon is sad, but to also find the perfect pony he'd need to talk to in order for his spirits to be lifted. After all, making others smile is her special talent. :pinkiehappy:

Always gets me man.

The question now is why would a pony fish? Well unless they use the fish as fertilizer for tobacco plant.:moustache:

The feels, they bring liquid pride...

This is a really sweet fic and I'm definitely gonna thumb it up but Pinkie just bothered me too much. I know it all worked out but I'm very much like Anon in that I enjoy my privacy. not for fear of losing memories but because crowds make me nervous. It's kind of the fic is good and deserves praise but it just bothered me on a deeper level so I can't say I really liked it as much as I want to.

My two favorite ponies (Applejack is best:ajsmug:) in a short but sweet fic with just enough emotional pull to teach a valuable life lesson. What's not to love?

This story is great, I love it! Well done.

This was wonderful.
Thanks for the good feels, man.

Pinkie knew that would happen all along, didn't she?

3884140 this guy's fics always hit me right in the feels too

Got me in the heart well done chap! :twilightblush:

Awesome story as always.

Take that, Pinkie. AJ's better at convincing Anons to parties than you are.

Also... Devil burn me, ye mangy cur, slippin' on yer deck! What kinda pirate ye think gives'e booty to the fishes? A mangy monkeyshine no better'an a one-legged fightin' cock, that's what!

5444141 Another fan of Freeman's Mind I see!

oh... I just finished you anonx celestia story and now i read this!.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Avast ye salty seadog! Ye tale of piracy and comeradery be a fine one indeed!! Ye tale be sweeter than me mango I ate last week to stave off the scurvy. The pink wench be foul company indeed! I'd sooner be keelhauled than suffer her bothersome presence! The farm wench be right fine company and a fine mariner! She be a fine addition to any crew that sails the seven seas! The farm wench's eyes be a fine pair of treasures to gaze at.
The Jim lad in ye tale be traversing waters might dangerous, in caring for the loins of the farm wench when he be a different manner of creature than she. Tis a decision well made to change the course of the conversation when he be considering to dock his ship in port of the farm wench.
As the other Jim lads be talkin', twod be a tale made o' gold, ifin ye mount additional chapters to this tale far too short.
Alas, ye grew tired of plotting a course of a tale for all of the wenches and Jim lads to enjoy. Arr, I mourn what could have been.
Yarr, all ye tales be the best of them all, tis a day most tragic that I ran out o' ye tales to partake in and I must traverse the seas most tumultuous to fine one as fine as your own!
All the best Getmeoutofhere ye salty sea dog!

(A how to talk like a pirate instruction video. My comments in this post were pretty difficult to plan out and type up)


5444141 5809151
Arr, Marines ye claim to be, but mariners ye hardly be. I bet non o ya could rig a line iffin yer life were hangin in the balance!

well written. I give this my David Crespo stamp of approval.

Yep. Faved. Ship fuel without the ship, heartfelt story with a side of comedy, relatable character and interesting interactions, in-character cast... Well done my good sir.

2 years, 16 weeks and 4 days later...

Only one question. We cut to the next day, but he makes no mention of the party that Pinkie tried to drag him to the night before? It struck me as slightly odd that he wouldn't even muse over the fact that Pinkie didn't try to drag him there again, as she seemed so determined beforehand.

7237027 That was the point.

This story is fucking.:twilightsmile:

And the lesson here is that Pinkie doesn't actually care about what you want. If you say no, that isn't acceptable and she'll force you to say yes.

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