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Ultimately, what Anon learned was to never trust Cadance. (Contains gratuitous Scottish accent)
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

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Ma always said it was extreme sexual dimorbi- diamon- dime-

Made me chuckle
Great as always, Scotspone a cute
>She will never lecture you on the importance of independence from the Equestrian Kingdom

Dude this one needs a sequel.

O come on... Now im hooked and the next chapter is not there :raritydespair:

I blink, waiting for her to laugh. She raises an eyebrow at you. I lick my lips.

You should probably be “me” unless I’m missing something. Beautiful story!

Huh, I missed a couple of those. Thanks for the catch!

I love this mare. She is friggin adorable.

I liked seeing Anon as the damsel in distress and Ginger was pretty cute in her interactions with him. I'd love to see a sequel to this.

This definitely needs a sequel.

I really like stories like this, as they're far too short in supply - that is, ones where Cadance is secretly incredibly manipulative, but only in the interests of using her talents to encourage relationships to grow. It's a fun twist that makes her very competent and plot-relevant, but also keeps true to her core character traits.

And, of course, RGRE is always a lot of fun. The occasional breezie appearance always adds a bit of flavor as well. All in all, a very fun little romp.


Time for a celebration! Haggis and Irn Bru for everypony!

Wait, scratch that. Haggis and Irn Bru for nopony. That can be just as much of a celebration if you don't like haggis and Irn Bru. True?

(Damn the USDA for outlawing it. Bunch o boggin dobbers).

First of all, it is good to see you back again to share with us another of your tales! :pinkiehappy:

It is also good to see our dear Scottish mare back in action, and what a badass she is!

It always brings a smile to my face whenever you release a story here, for they are very fluffy and heartwarming to read!

Here are some corrections, dear author sir. :twilightsmile:

The title should be Arrangement, not Arragnements ... unless it is part of the Scottish accent shown at the title. :applejackunsure:

So here I stand, in my snowshoes and parka while six bandit mares bicker about what they are going to do to you.

You'll just have to bide my time, and take my opportunities when they come.

One second later, she hits the ground in front of you, kicking the unicorns with a fore and hind leg.

For long moments, all I can focus on is the powerful muscles roiling under you,

Only for my practically numb legs to crumble beneath you,

I roll my eyes, even as she tosses a waterskin to you.

All these lines have leftovers from its second POV inception, changing them to 1st POV should be easier with the sentence reference to help you out with the search.

Thank you for the release, and see you next time! :twilightsmile:

I love Scot pone. I can't imagine running through snowdrifts with all the ice at nipples height , though. :twilightoops:

Glad you liked it, and thanks for all the catches. I tried using Office 365 for the conversion to first person, but the find and replace tool is really poorly designed. I could barely tell where it was pointing.

My personal go-to for word processing is LibreOffice, though it isn't for the PC lacking RAM. It is also one that doesn't play nice with this site's formatting. Sadly, so is Google Docs. XD

I am happy to have helped you out with catching the discrepancies, and I will eagerly await your next work! :twilightsmile:

Is this a sequel to those other stories I've seen with this mare?



Stella Sabre laughs at simpering nancies who can't handle some cold tits.

Nope. Honestly, I didn't know about this mare at all until I was commissioned by the guy who made the cover art to write a story based on it. I was basically working off of a few other pictures with a little dialogue in a Scottish accent, and had no idea there were actual stories about her.

Neat, I'll check that out.

Oh, haha, I was initially amazed you found such incredibly accurate cover art. :pinkiecrazy:

Fair enough. She's real waifu material I'll say that :raritywink:

"Not to mention I owe you some nipple kisses."


I like it. What stories I've seen with her up to this point tend to make her the worst possible combination of clumsy, stupid and angry. Which is kind of off-putting.

Honestly it's a complete opposite of this story. Here she's actually functional and not breaking everything and screaming, or nor does the story try and set up the protagonist with someone who drunkenly rapes them.

Also while good holy shit it makes me hate Cadance and Shining. Was hoping they'd face some penalty for their crap or that Anon would turn his back on them entirely.

Good results but Cadence definitely needs to have a talk or two with someone about ends and means.

We need more stories with scottsponies.

Every single time ya write something, it's always such a blessing to read! With this one, it reinforces that and then some! Everything about this story is freaking fantastic, and with the cover that Nignogs did, oh man it's just FLAWLESS! Hope you didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this adventurous fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/0kAIkA6dHLQ

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

The interactions were cute, and I thought it was overall good.
But it felt like this was a chapter in the middle of a story and not a standalone one shot. Didnt feel like a fell rise in tension or a climax to an ending.

But the writing was solid and I liked both the main leads.

An RGRE story with a mare who, while buff and hypermasculine, is actually interesting.

You've earned a like.

Her hypersexuality!! All turned out & played out well.

She's come a long way from destroying trains mistaking them for beasts! :twilightsmile:

So, what is the graceful yet intimidating name of the scottish pone? I read both points of view and I still don't have a clue.

This story is such a tease, where the hell is my follow-up?! I wanna see them interact more, exchange saucy quips, maybe more... damn.


"Ginger Scotch, biggest ana strungest mare in the two courts and greata territories! By me Mum's straps and Da's garters, Ah swear Ah'll bring ye back safe an' sound!"

"If ye get any boak on me, Ah'ma batter on you, ye ken?"


"If you get vomit on me, I'll smack you, got it?"

It would be nice to see more of these two.

If there was another chapter it would probably make this story mature.

I haven’t even read the story yet, but I felt the need to thank you for making both a first and second person version. Too often do I see a nice looking story only to discover that it’s written in second person. I can understand that some people enjoy it, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Can't-dance laughs nervously.

I had never seen that pun before.
Looks neat!

Just a small poke that fans are still hoping for a sequel someday.

This needs a sequel so badly! We need more large Scottish pony lass in our lives haha!

Part of me wants to agree with you, but the speech is hard to understand at times.. Still a good story though.

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