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This story is a sequel to Rider on the Storm

For the briefest of moments, Anonymous wielded absolute power. He single-handedly destroyed the city of Canterlot, laid waste to Ponyville, decimated the Everfree Forest, and came dangerously close to annihilating the very Tree of Harmony itself. And he had an absolutely fantastic time doing it.
Right up until he lost.
Now he's stuck as a statue under the watch of the princesses he tried to subjugate, awaiting the time he'll be locked away forever, with the key no doubt thrown into a volcano. But from the very beginning, Anonymous suspected that the shenanigans of the good guys would cost him his victory at the last moment, and so he laid plans with his most loyal of subjects—all former soldiers of the Storm King he betrayed to obtain his power—to arrange for his release should the opportunity arise.
Unfortunately, he wasn't counting on the ponies calling in help from a faraway land. Enter the Four Princes of Zebrica, all wielding the same exact power that Anonymous did, and knowing a thing or two about how to put bad apples like him away for good. This is made even worse by the sorry state of Anonymous's storm beast forces, having hit hard times in the months since his defeat.
But not all is lost for the petrified supervillain. Because in a rare twist of luck, the Princes just so happen to unknowingly bring with them a zebra criminal with his own dirty little secret. A secret that not only secures Anonymous's release from captivity, but just might be the start of a horrifying new partnership, and with it, the birth of a new force of evil.
And of course, with all that going on, there's always the matter of the nascent Legion of Doom, plotting to bring their own age of darkness to Equestria as well...

Takes place during the final two seasons of Friendship Is Magic. With a few alterations here and there, because I HATE THE ANTI-FIM I HATE THE ANTI-FIM :bread:
Reading Rider on the Storm is strongly advised if you want any idea of what the hell is happening in this story.

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Hallelujah! The "Rider on the Storm" is one of my favorite fanfiction, and I am sincerely glad that writing its sequel is now not just an "opportunity", but a full-fledged idea. It's hard to describe all my excitement and anticipation from this event, so I just hope that the degree of action, humor and nonsense will not decrease one iota, and, moreover, this sequel will follow the basic rule of sequels, namely: "Let's take the best of the first part and double it". In conclusion, I would like to wish the author good health and an even greater desire to continue this story with Anon

I am so ready for this, and such a beefy chapter to start with, you spoil us. :heart:

this is the good shit i need in my life so thanks!

It begins. Now, *takes out lawn chair to sit down patiently* we wait.

Man I've been waiting for this sequel ever since Rider on the Storm ended and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Very delighted to see this released.

Major Sunless Skies vibes in the beginning (love that game). What will it all mean?

And what a promising new protagonist (and perhaps erstwhile ally).
I already love him and his stalwart friend, and want them to succeed and prosper while their enemies fail and suffer.
Gonna be a long, hard journey for that, though, which means much more story for there to be.
Simply wonderful!


My blood pressure spiked just from seeing the title.

At long last, the wait is over!!

Haha, yes! Off the starting line in a dead sprint, I loved this chapter! Good work, HK!


fuck the princes


It also need to be said, pretty rad cover art. very nice.

Oh hell yes, I've been waiting for this one.


I do wonder what this Anti-FIM in the description is.

No, really, I kinda fell off the actual show around late season 5-early season 6 (I think? A few episodes after Starlight got redeemed, pretty much) so I'm clueless.

I think I've been reading 2 years on this site and the prequel to this story is my favorite Anon story, I was really looking forward to this one!

I hope we are in the timeline where Tempest Shadow still likes him. I like the back and forth they had when talking or fighting.

The wild ride returns with a vengeance, and the setup to Anon's sidekick/protagonist is already looking good. An estranged royal is quite the hilarious turn of events, but we shall see what the master of trolling does.

Also, please tell me Anon and Tempest will be on good terms.

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YEA!!!! JUST WHAT I NEEDED! I thought my day couldn't get any better after what I accomplished today! I'm gonna read this chapter and LOVE every second of it!

*Looks at title*


I probably shouldn't...


If I dood it, I get a whippin'
I dood it!!!

When the world needed an amazing fan-fic, he returned.

He's back he's back he's back!



Okay that was a whammy of a first chapter and I'm pumped for more! I get the feeling that the concept of black and white morality is going out the window for Equestria once these four princes come calling ~

really excited to see how this alternate of the final seasons play out. Right down to whether or not you'll still have Discord pulling a stupid with him as Grogar or it'll be the genuine article.

Plus curious what a certain trio of villain will think of Anon. Is it weird I could see Cozy Glow as a fan?

Speaking if fan I won't lie wouldn't mind seeing Kyra come into the picture for a bigger part trying to join her precious side~

Though that reminds me I could see tempest having potential conflict of loyalties once anon back.

All together excited to see where this sequel goes

This kinda fit Anon in my opinion

Already off to a good start, and I can't wait to see these tyrannical 'princes' eventually get demolished by Anon.
Villain he may be, he has standards, and I'm pretty sure these guys fall well below his own standards in their methods and ethics.

It was worth the wait for the sequel, I love what the first chapter has set up going forward. This is where the fun begins.

Heck yeah! Glad to see this sequel is being made and it's also already so good. Got me hooked already with this new protagonist/dragon sidekick and world building. This zebrica sounds delightfully chaotic. I eagerly await more, keep up the amazing work.

One hell of a introduction, I for one look forward to his daring escape and rescue of Anon, Scourge of Equestria! :moustache:


Is it weird I could see Cozy Glow as a fan?

Cozy Glow: ME! Me! Me! Choose me! I can be their warden *make a cute face*
Anon: Hmmm...Nah. I don't trust someone with yee yee ass 'Darla dimple' haircut.

128 likes in a something like a day and a half... that's gotta be a record of some sort.

Whew dawggy, quite the positive response this one got! I won't lie, I was a little worried that the (temporary) shift in perspective wasn't going to go over well, but it seems like that worry was unfounded. Always a good feeling when things work out the way you want to!
Now, I can't promise a rapid pace of updates, given my wranglin' with life, the universe, and everything, but as it stands, I've got a good pace going and the beginnings of a good flow as well. Helps that I was writing this chapter whenever I was stuck on the big first one, too.
Fingers crossed that the flow is uninterrupted!

I sense that chaos is coming, and by the dark gods it will be glorious!!

DOUBLE SHOCK! Two chapters back to back?! HK you're killing us! Now I gotta read and eventually comment on that one too! Who knows how long that'll take! I wants more lore on cypher powers and Anon going on school hijinks terrorizing the students and Anon marrying Chrysalis and *lists continues on*!

Comment posted by duckmagee deleted February 6th

Ohoho! The pieces begin to fit, and our plucky criminal protagonist will soon play his part in freeing Anon the Equestrian Scourge.

I look forward to the rise of that magnificent bastard to resume his quest of being the ultimate villain! :trollestia:

This guy and Anon teaming up to overthrow these Zebra pricks? Count me in!
1) Anons release will be legendary, I can feel it!
2) The battle between Anon and the Elements was insane... I can only imagine what it will be like against fellow Cyphers of similar power.

I am pumped up! Great chapter!

Writing such entertaining and engaging new characters (indeed, an interesting and fleshed-out new setting entirely) certainly helped with the shift in perspective.

As for one such character...

What in the hells happens to me now?!

Opportunity, my intrepid fellow!

Calling it now, this guy is going to be key in releasing Anon, and Tempest has been waiting for his release with the Storm beasts.

"What can go wrong, will go wrong."

Murphy's law strikes again.

Whoop, another banger. Tired but had to say your still keeping up the good work!

Don't worry, HK, so long as you never commit the cardinal sin of your MC being in the wrong and realizing– ah. Well... Good thing that Anon is far too understanding of exactly how the world works, and too damn stubborn and happiness in his Super Evilness to ever turn good. Trying to redeem him would be like trying to convince a waterfall to flow upwards.

We stan our Bisexual Zebra hero. Neat to see this story go from second to first person. Can't wait to see our hero inevitabley break out anonymous.


damn, this one came out quick! not that im complaining, of course :trollestia:

I wonder how will Zobachi see our MC in his dream beyond the Sun being green.

Another wonderful chapter so pumped for more.

In Hurricane A-Non, during the conversation of the young six, Anon was mentioned as a threat from the past, and in this chapter Twilight is just going to establish a friendship school... I don't want to guess ahead or make assumptions, so I'll just hope that Hurricane A-Non was created just for fun... otherwise, it will be the stupidest clue of how it will end for Anon.

I wonder what color of sun the staff would have if it were to make an appearance in this story

I was actually listening to the outro song for this series when I saw this got an update… you have no idea how happy I am to see this story return. May anon reign supreme! You do so good with a villain mc. I wish you luck.

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