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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Why on earth or Equestria did you ever volunteer to fillysit Moonie? You're not too good around kids in the first place, and you've never dealt with baby ponies much at all. So, trying to take care of a tiny queen of the night is...well...a nightmare. But surely you can manage for one night if you really put your mind to it. It's just one little filly. How hard could it be?

Based on Moonie Shorts and characters created/expanded upon by Eighth.
Thanks for all the dawww over the years 8th-kun!

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Aww, it's so adorable!

*looks at user avatar hanging above it*

Welp, there goes the adorable.


...do you believe I actually kept with the adorable? :/


He want’s what’s best for me



Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that this was not as well edited as some of my other stuff. Fixed.

Femanon sure wasn't kidding around in this one.

Great job making a story that was foal of adorableness


...and here come the puns again.

Sorry, but Femanon doesn't stand a chance with Anon. We all know he's seeing Luna—they're just keeping it on the DL.

Comment posted by Coyote Pelon deleted Mar 13th, 2016

What's this? A Anonpencil story with no porn? Or rape? Or murder? Or genital mutilation? Blasphemy!

In all seriousness this was a nice change of pace, good story Pencil keep it up

Insta-fav. Good Job Pencil... Can't wait for the next one.

Who honestly thought you of all people could write something so adorbs? You feeling okay?

7024572 One of these days...


...never again.

7026589 But you're so good at it


...you can have adorable vomiting, bleeding, and fetishes. Take it or leave it.

7028636 Y'know you shouldn't sticj@k to one thing all the time. It's good to be varied

And yet another great story from Pencil. Have to say this isn't the type I like since I can't really stand cutesy stuff like this that gives you feels. I prefer your other stories better, maybe cause I like seeing Anon get hurt in someway :rainbowlaugh: Till then, keep being awesome!

PS. When are you gonna write another story where you torture best pone Spike? So sorry...

Well It started good, and the only bad thing I can say is how it ended.

Either Anon doesn´t care enough about how Moonie is treating the other people and Ponys, or he really just can´t ....
You know what I honestly only had the feelin he doesn´t care enough about the whole thing, and probably never set any rules for Moonie and stuff like that.

That measn the only thing I didn´t liked was his lack of reaction.

Water you think you're doing?! Doorn't you know most of us read this for WTF's and puns? You're not foaling me with your kidding around trying to get to the top of the main page placing you're trap for unsuspecting femanon's. Have any last words before your exe-cute-tion? But in all seriousness good story. :pinkiehappy:

My nickname amongst my friends is "pathetic whelp"

:rainbowlaugh: yeah your idea of cute is very forced but at least it's endearing if a bit dark

I was half expecting Anon to show up, only to find the babysitter covered in Moonie. Nothing else has her on it, in an eerie way, an impossible way. And she's standing in the doorway. But, no, she's just become a broken to Moonie.

Damn that was harsh for our unsuspecting baby-sitter. But good nun the less.

Ryza #24 · Sep 26th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Write more, pls?

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