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This story is a sequel to On Common Ground

Being sick is never fun. Still, you have to go about your day, right? You have to get up, have to eat, have to take care of yourself. Sometimes it's just too hard to do that, though. Sometimes, even a helping hand isn't enough to steady yourself when you stumble, and all the comfort in the world won't make you forget how sick you are.
Berry Punch knows that all too well, and simply a regular day in her sickened body is enough to drive her mad. Even a little love from someone dear to her may not keep the doubt, hatred, anger, and sadness at bay.

This story is related to the series When You Least Expect It. It features that Berry Punch, as well as Anon briefly, but reading those stories is not entirely necessary before reading this one. Rather stream of consciousness in nature.
Warning, story contains: Discussions of medical conditions, including urine and vomit in a non-sexual way.

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Erm, okay?

oh god, the feels. i want her to be happy, but i know it cant happen :raritydespair:


Happy can happen, even when you're sick a lot. It's just sometimes hard to find, and you have to wait it out. Not the best option, but please know that there is happiness for her, and she knows that. Just not right now.

A little sad, but still a little lighthearted too. I love it.

Well done.

i hope so, berry deserves it so much.

Ooooooweee, what a story this is, nicely done Pencil! :heart: a nice read, kinda sad but... mmm...
Is good.

Thank you for the kind words everyone.


Interesting. I assume this is part of a series I haven't read yet. I'll get around to reading it eventually, I'm sure of it.

This was cool!

Them feels.

This was rough and sad, but also sweet. I love these stories. :heart:

I Am Sick

...and tired of these motherf**king negative comments, on this motherf**king story!!

Do you just make it a thing to change your profile picture all the time so people have harder time recognizing you?

Nice Lyra picture.

The fact that everyone seems to like each others comment on this story and your namesake, makes me think your name holds truth to it and that you and everyone else here indeed think the same thought, like you are all part of the same... HIVEMIND.

That'll be £10 for that joke, please.

To ease your thoughts, I'm not killing off Berry Punch. 

so she's not dying from liver failure? Please tell me there's also hope for Anon


Oh, she's definitely dying from liver failure. Just wanted to be clear that we're not, uh "nearing the end" so to speak.

wow what a great story. Thx for somewhat sparing my feelings for seeing berry die.

Comment posted by Wandering Wyvern deleted Aug 16th, 2017

This was wonderful. And really authentic. I will make you all the mershed perterters

i actually felt like I saw a set of invisible words written in bold font underlined after you said you weren't killing off berry

But she is going to die

This is a good story. Words written to invoke emotion even if it's sadness

Nice series. There are too many romance stories about the nice things of love, but only true love survives the ugly, the gross, the sickness, the problems... Sorry, Berry Punch, but true love is also a terminal disease, it will last for as long as you live.

This story hits weird with me. It is rather close to my situation.
But my girlfriend having an immunodepressant disease on top of intestine cancer.
And me, while not suffering of alcoholism, have a liver that could just break on a moment notice.
It doesnt take care of fat the right way and keeps stacking it despite regular exercise and healthy noutrition..

Anyway, it does put things in a certain perspective

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