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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Rainbow Dash doesn't get hurt often, but this time it's pretty bad and the doctors are making sure that she doesn't make it any worse. Thus, she's been given the dreaded cone of shame. The doctors have also asked you to help her get around and carry on with her daily life. You're a good friend to her (and just a friend), so that should be easy, right?

Done as a commission for Flutterpriest, who likes cute things.

Art by steffy-beff, go and give their work some love.

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That cone looks like it'll be more of a nuisance than anything.

She opens her mouth as if to retort, then shuts it again and thinks this over. As she does this, she subconsciously reaches up with a back hoof and scratches at the side of the cone. It makes a soft speaking noise, like the noise it makes when you move a straw around in a fast food soda cup.

*enormous breath in*
Daaaaaaawww :derpytongue2:
I'm going to need to brush my teeth again after this one.

Awww shooot, that was cute as heck! :rainbowkiss: Nicely done Pencil!

I do not like the cone of shame...😥


And that's what matters the most! :heart:
Luv u bby.

I've been reading your stories for quite sometime and I must say, you really know how to make someone's day. You've earned you self a Thumbs up /\_/\
P.s: keep up the great work :3

Teach me the art of the cute and fluffy, senpai.

Okay. That was ridiculously cute and adorable towards the end. And funny all throughout. Good job, Pencil-Sama!

You forgot the Dashabetes tag.:rainbowkiss:

Oh god it's so cute

also Featured 10/30/18

Nobody cone write a cuter story than this :yay:

To be continued?

An Anonpencil story without being twisted?! What witchcraft is this?! Have the end times arrived?!

Seriously though, this was a great read. Funny and just enough fluff to make you smile even after you stop laughing.


as the cone clunky directs her

clunkily (???)

I'm Eighth, and Rainbow Dash is my favourite unruly puppy. 10/10 would teach tricks.

Judging by the wierd misspells and weird word placement
..you were having heart palpitations when you were writing this?

well that story certainly gave ME diabeetus
too much cuteness in one day right here

I LOVED IT! Although, anonpencil, I love all your stories. :twilightblush: You're my favourite writer on FiMfiction!

Dashie is best pony

Change my mind:rainbowwild:

That was adorable as FUCK.

I just had a fucking coronary.

“…twice a day.”


I squeed so much during this story and i think i died a little to...

“Puddle fums,” she says right into your ear, her words heavily slurred.

“Uh huh.”

“Mulderfers an ig gonders.”

“You don’t say.”



hnnnnngg...so cute!

I was expecting a messed up twist. You're going soft, Pencil.
... Might not be a bad thing, actually, this was great.

But there was no vomit? There was no blood? There was no exploding testicles? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH PENCIL!

I could not resist.

This is sweeter than sugar...

"Burfund" is a sacred word in the [REDACTED] language. If you say it to another person you are legally bound to them as lifemates.

Someone needs to commission him to do a chapter two.

...And a chapter three, and four and...


I was honestly scared for a punchline. None came, which I am both sad and happy for. Bravo, Pencil.

“Will you just come over her and help me eat?!” she at last nearly shouts at you.

Um... I found a mistake.


An Anonpencil story without being twisted?! What witchcraft is this?! Have the end times arrived?!
Seriously though, this was a great read. Funny and just enough fluff to make you smile even after you stop laughing.

Wait. Was there not a chapter posted where Anon took pictures? Lots and lots of blackmailsupplemental-income-revenue-enhancement pictures?
I'm sure I read something along that meme... :rainbowhuh:

*goes to computer*
*Opens ALL my social medias*
*Posts "Dash chased a squirrel and loves cute things"*
*Waits for the coming flood.*

where can I find out more about this "redacted language"?

I'm afraid it would be improper. One must find their own way.

Also, why do I now want to see the Barcast OC's in cones? Say instead of Rainbow Dash and Anon, perhaps make it Pencil and Enigma? *gets to writing*

Anon NOT being a complete dickhole? What... what even IS this? :rainbowhuh:

You use both her and your napkins to dab up the water spill across your table.

All I see is this image of Anon wiping the table with a cloth in one hand, and a good portion of Rainbow's foreleg in the other.

She's gonna have a pretty soggy coat when this is over. :moustache:


I came expecting hilarity (and possibly vomit), I leave with the warmest of fuzzies.

Thank you.

She reaches up to the edge of the cone, holds the spoon past it, then rotates it so it’s pointing into the dish. Then, she opens her mouth and reaches out futilely with her tongue to barely lap at the side of one bean.

...beans? BEANS?! With chili?! SACRILEGE!

So cute! :rainbowkiss: Not sure how I missed this when it was published but I'm glad I eventually found it.

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