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I write bad AiE stories. No. Seriously, they're terrible. If you can't laugh at vomit, blood, and exploding testicles, don't read my work. It's safer that way.


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    • E Open-Heart Operation
      Nurse Redheart really deserves a nice romantic date for such a special occasion. Too bad things aren't quite as perfect as planned.
      anonpencil · 7.3k words  ·  304  13 · 4.1k views
    • T I Am Sick
      Berry Punch is sick again. As her health declines, she has trouble finding any sense of peace or balance in her life. Even the one she loves can bring little comfort, though he's certainly not going to stop trying.
      anonpencil · 2.9k words  ·  82  1 · 757 views
    • T Always Here
      After a long hard day of work, nothing feels quite as good as coming home, especially when you have a friend there waiting. But should staying at home really feel so... addictive?
      anonpencil · 2.6k words  ·  211  10 · 2.9k views
    • T Nightmares in Babysitting
      Why in the world did you volunteer to fillysit Moonie?! You're not good around kids, and trying to take care of a tiny queen of the night is...well...a nightmare. But surely you can manage. It's just one little filly after all, right?
      anonpencil · 3.8k words  ·  111  4 · 2.2k views