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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Nice clothes? Check. Bouquet? Check. Prettiest little nurse girlfriend of all time? Double check!

All that needs to happen now is for this big romantic surprise date plan to go off without a hitch. She'll be swept off her feet by dinner at a fancy restaurant, feel as special as she deserves to, and know that she is loved beyond a shadow of a doubt. It'll truly be a special night.
Well, assuming nothing goes wrong, but why would it?
No, of course not! Everything is definitely going to go perfectly according to plan.

Amazing art by Ezoisum, who you should go check out. Will take down if requested.

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And nurses need a little love too.

Nurses need all the love. They put up with a lot of bullshit.

I can speak to this first hand. It's probably why I have quite a soft spot for nurse Redheart.

Open-Heart Opperation is an unexpectedly fluffy story from you Pencil. You did a swell job. However, there are some typos.

First, in the title:

Open-Heart Opperation

'Opperation' should be Operation, correct?

"Hey, do you smell something?" she asks quietly. "Dose someone have a foal still in diapers at a nearby table or something?"

'Does' should be does.

I pretend to roll your eyes at her.

If you can pretend to roll my eyes at Red Heart then I'm scared.

>the title

How. Did I. Not Catch that.
Dear god.
Thank you for that correction, sincerely. Dear lord.

And I'm pretty frickin thankful for it.

Peers suspiciously at.

no gore tags. no gross reactions in the comments. has a good like/dislike ratio. clearly this story from our resident writer of gross goreish things must be a mistake? I wouldn't be surprised if this was some elaborate scheme to put everyone in a false sense of security...


only one way to find out.

puts in Read it Later folder.

On my honor, this is not a trick. I really did write something sweet and cute and fluffy.
It makes me hate myself a little.
Just a little.

7514121 WTF!!! How'd you reply so fast???!!

Hehe. well... If this as good as darker stuff, then I look forward to reading it.

Haven't read yet, but it says E and this is anonpencil. Did someone take over his account?

I know, I know. It's legit me.

This is definitely different from usual, but not in a bad way. This was a very nice story, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Next time though, drunk pencil needs to write something disgusting.

7514342 Unless I'm greatly mistaken, anonpencil is male...

You are.
I am obviously a pencil.

Fuck at least there wasn't a milady in there to make it even more awkward.

Good fluffy though. How much torture are you going to put Spike through for this?

Consider I recently had him sexed to death, I'm kinda satiated right now.
Vomit, however, is another matter. I've been meaning to write a story related to my avatar anyway. ;)

7514380 If you want to use my name as a human who dies from Chryssi's acid vomit then why not?

Heh, I tend to stick with anon, since he gets most of my torture. But to be honest? I think this time he might just be infinitely inconvenienced the whole time. By drunk chrissy.

I'm feeling pretty down, lately.

Thanks a lot for this.

I don't think I have the heart to tell you this.

I fucking love it.

It was quite the trip, but the scenes you produced danced in my mind and took me by surprise. I believe your followers will band together to really make this one a huge success.

10/10 It was okay.

Does this date in this story reflect to your expectations of a date? And among all ponies why have you chosen Redheart? Why not chrysie?

She really does deserve to be treated like a princess

Whenever someone says that I remember my this

My daughter told me to treat her like a princess so I made her marry a man she has never met before in order to secure an alliance with France.

Princesses in the past were nothing more than a commodity to secure alliance forced to live under strict rules without freedom. I always wonder why people find princesses, knights and pirates attractive, they all had terrible lives and died pitifully compared to the present.

why still bad things happen to anon in most romance fluff stories? why does the comedy and romance need to be created by the misfortune of male? Almost all romance writer in this website does that.

When you said fluff I hoped for huggable ponies but this one is still okay. I still would prefer your usual stuff over this one.

>why nurse redheart.
I like her. I really do. I used to work in nursing, and I think she needs more written about her.

>Does this date in this story reflect to your expectations of a date?
No. It does not. Though a nice dinner, flowers, and dancing is pretty spectacular for a special occasion.

>Why is princess romanticized.
Because in MLP princesses are NOT like human princesses. They get all the perks, none of the problems (except for ruling a people, but even that doesn't seem that stressful, so it's a little different here.)

>Why do bad things happen to Anon?
A. because it entertains me personally, and I like writing things that actually make me happy. B. He gets the love of a pony, kisses, romance, and a very supportive loving marefriend. Is his life so bad? So he was embarrassed. In all, he ends up more than a little happy.

>Why always the misfortune of a male?
Read my femanon stories. Plenty bad happens to them too, sometimes moreso. Don't even try to bring sexism into this stuff, I just make my anons suffer indiscriminately for my own enjoyment. (I prefer not to have bad things happen to ponies generally. I like them too much.) Also, look up Schadenfreude.

Because I wanted to and it makes me happy. :heart:

I'm already sad that this isn't a bigger fanfiction, or is a sequel planned? Then I could probably enjoy this too.

7515366 Sorry, I have not read your femanon stuff

No worries!
Just yeah, definitely not just males in my stories facing torment. :raritywink:

Heh, judging by the comments, this isn't your norm. But everyone has that softspot, right?

I think I just got a diabetes induced heart attack.

This is good. I enjoyed it.

7514356 I've heard her talk before so I know she's a girl (or an amazing voice actor).

Funny how it was because of you (your other fics, not this one) that Nurse Redheart caught my attention as a possible main character. I'd like to thank you for that.

But then again, an E-rated story? hahaha that's a surprise

There are still not enough stories focused on our favorite nurse pone. Hell, there aren't even enough fan-arts about her. I considered that's a crime against all things adorable.

#Nurses need more love than Changelings :heart:

My softspot is my dick when it's not hard.
Kidding, kidding...my soft spot is definitely nurses and drunkpones.

I don't think anyone is a good enough voice actor to scream at Enigma like I do.

I know, I know. Everyone has been very doubtful that I could create something so safe and harmless. Even me, to be honest.

Both need love. Expect a chryssie fic very very soon.

7518052 WOOOOW!! Much humor!!:rainbowlaugh: u get reference, no?

This is a sugary goofball of a thing isn't it?
And it is lovely. +1 up.

For more nurse related stupidity Samey90 has a few Redheart oneshots.
No humans though, just silly pone.

Picture tax:

Imagine this happened to Redheart in this universe:


Cuteness overload! Cuteness overload! Everypony, run!

Actually...don't run! Keep reading!

I am afraid to read this story, knowing anonpencil it probably has vomit, or death, or horrible things, or some combination of the 3.

I resist the urge to tell it to go ne and tell me all about it.


When she sees looking at her incredulously, she rolls her eyes and goes on. "Trust me, I'm a nurse."

Missing something.

I want to say the word over and over again, and I torn away from her to sit on the edge of the curb with a heavy sigh.

Needs some clarification

And done.
Oh this was good.

I'm am amazed... 10/10

I'm suprised you didnt add something about Spike being in one of the Emergency rooms.

The cuteness is just too much! (passes out from cuteness overlord) Have a like and a fave. :pinkiehappy:

It has none of the above. I'm not joking.
That in and of itself should probably be frightening enough. I mean...it's rated E.

OH and thank you for the catches, I have fixed these. :heart:

This was both adorable, and hilarious! I loved it! :yay:

Normally I am not one for Human x Pony, but you did a real nice job here. It's definitely the kind of story I was in the mood for

I guess the corruption-meter got so high that it rolled back over to zero.

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