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So I did a thing... · 1:23am Jan 29th, 2014

And I actually converted one of my stories to prose like I've been meaning to.
For those who haven't followed me here, hi. I'm Stavi, and I write primarily for 4chan's AiE. I've been meaning to spread out to FiMFic for quite some time, and have finally done so.

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Oh wow, now you're here too!Didn't notice until you posted a story. First GMOH then you. Glad to see you have an account here.

Hey man, couldn't have done it without you.
Keep on eye out for the TrixCYOA we're doing now.
Never hurts to have more participants.

Well i'm glad you guys continued this shit on your own, i really am.

As you already probably guessing im getting out of this because....well im not too good at this, But at least i tried! and i started something, that in my eyes is what matters.


Hope you make this shit famous, or at least have fun doing what you want.


>We have a special goal in mind for where the story will go, and how the sequels...

We do? I wasn't aware of this. Either way, sorry about earlier. Shit came up, storm cut down my internet.
I'm all in now though.
And hopefully (hopefully) we'll be able to escape the asinine that's been plaguing us. Not that it isn't kinda fun, but I like your AU setting and think that so much more can be done with it.

Stavi, get your ass in the thread. Where the fuck are you?

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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