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Professing your feelings is a moment of fragility. The way your crush responds is the difference between pure joy, mild disappointment, or soul crushing pain.

These stories emphasize the latter of those three.

An Archive of Shorts. Happy Valentines Day.

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God damnit, Priest...

>"Best pony"
>no Luna
>no Chrysalis
Wtf, priest.

:raritydespair: I knew Pinkie's would be painful, but... that was just brutal.

Oh damn, I felt that one...

Man, these ladies are being too nice. Gotta get meaner, crush that soul when you reject a guy. Cripple his self-esteem so bad that he'll never recover! Up your game, ponies!

...don't actually do this. Be gentle, boys are fragile and stuff.

Here I am, all sad and stuff from the last few chapters, and then you drop this absolute tragedy on me. This was the straw that broke my back. I actually cried for the first time in years. How could you write something so cruel, you monster! :fluttercry:

I like this. I would like to see a continuation of Anon and Harshwinny.

Flutterpriest, you wrote all this for that pun at the end, didn't you? :trollestia:

I'm proud of how well people know me. Yes, you're right.

I really wanna see a short story about this chapter. Say, Celestia runs after anon, tries to talk to him, saying she was joking but anon doesn't wanna hear. then, Celestia tries everything to get anon back. Silliness ensues!

I would've been like "Fuck this shit, I'm heading back to earth"

Why to break a guys heart Pinks. Brutal.

A mistake, presumably from green text.

The moment to ask Cheerilee out on a date. >You've chatted with her a few times before and she seemed to be extremely nice.


"I really better lock up, Anon. I'd prefer not to have a human around the school while it's unlocked."

Wow. Trust much Cheerilee?

...oh. Well. Fuck.

I think I actually felt a knife pierce my heart on this one.

*Looks down


You even game him a pet tname

tname is wrong. Also, the pun is punny.

Ow. Damn. That chapter physically hurt.

Comment posted by Discogma deleted Feb 6th, 2017

But femanon isn't a pony! The title is a lie... :twilightangry2:


Am I right guys?

well, that was depressing

ensuring that the citizens Equestria

need an 'of' after citizens

This was a lovely set of brutalizing anons feelings.
Im rather amused by the whole thing.

It's about time someone wrote a realistic second person fic

I saw Tom and I immediately added to my reading list. I like rocks.

Oh man... ouch. So much ouch... now i need to go read an actual romance story to tip the scales back. And i just saw The Space Between Us earlier! That should have been enough. It wasnt.

It is better to stop being friends or the knife will just go deeper

That last line makes it seem like he's viewed like an immigrant or something.

Damn, that's bad. Can't even wait for him to get out of earshot before getting the flank spank on.

This was just cruel

Its like what whould really happen :trollestia:

I guess having your heart broken so many times breaks your mind too.

Oh that is painful

Anyone tell you that you're a bastard Flutterpriest? Seriously, you and these ponies need a good slap to the face for driving poor Anon to insanity.

7927611 too lazy to scroll down

Those last words...

I feel like this one should have some kind of follow up

I haven't read this yet, but I accidentally read the title as " You Are Brutally Shot by Best Pony" which made my mind go immediately to the "mmm whatcha say" SNL sketch

An Archive of Shorts.

Blatantly false advertising. This had nothing to do with mini-pants!

She loves when I do that!

There should be an it after loves.

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