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Fluttershy had her suspicions. After all, no one knows her body quite like she does. As a result, it came as no surprise when the doctor told her the big news:

She's going to have a foal.

She has some conflicting feelings about this, but she can only imagine what Anon, her boyfriend and the soon-to-be father of her child, will think.

Maybe April Fools' Day wasn't the best time to learn this information.

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Maybe April Fools' Day wasn't the best time to learn this information.

:ajbemused: Gee. Ya think?

Nice a story about the holiday instead of the story being the joke.

Anon and Fluttershy share a glance. Moments later, Twilight shrieks as an orange is tossed at her head, filling her mind with an unexpected shout of disapproval.

Twilight you goof up big time

Anon ain't ready for fatherhood šŸ’€šŸ’€šŸ’€

Word Play

SPOILER ALERT for the Ending: Not related to the story but reach to the end of the video

I figured there were probably enough jokefics for April Fools' Day already, so why not have some romantic drama centered around the holiday instead? :twilightsmile:

looks at the amount of stories I have with april fools updates

Yep, you right.

Foal me once

Yeah, Anon sure did :ajsmug:

Cute lil story just one lil mistake in it

ponies find hard to worth with


Are we sure Twilight didnt mess up on purpose? Shes exactly the type to obsess over something like this.

Hmm, yes, This was quite Exquisite, beloved writer when will second's be coming?

I'm slightly surprised Anon didn't accuse FS of cheating - that's would be the most logical explanation from his pov, before Twilight admitted to making an error.

That's a different way to do an april fools special, and i loved it lol

Yay, I liked this story.

Yeah Iā€™m with Rarity on this.

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