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Being thrust into a familiar-yet-distinctly-different Equestria after expecting to spend the rest of eternity in Limbo was definitely a shock to Somnambula. Still, she adjusted fairly well, she thinks. She's got a town that reveres her, and she's a motivational speaker that has helped countless ponies. All in all, things are going well.

She also found a strange "human" thing wandering around and quickly became smitten.

He's good at cuddles.

Day #5 of Hearts and Hands Week.

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Short and oh so sweet. Always nice to have a nap with someone you love. n_n

Roara #3 · 2 weeks ago · · 1 ·

Now I'm speculating what would be the next 25/24? One-shots that'll arrive. The Nightmare Rarity was definitely a curveball.
Hmmm... Limestone Pie, Maud Pie, Adult Bloom, Adult Scoot, Adult Belle, Adult Spoon, pony Sunset, Some of the students whose name I don't remember, Cheerilee? Lyra, Bonnie bon bon, think there was another ancient pony girl, Adult Flurry, Adult Cozy
I'm definitely outta juice if I'm mostly making foals adult. I blame the DT story you made. Anywho...

A mandated nap holiday? I want that!

Id love an adult flurry!
And maybe even an adult cozy

Napping/sleeping with the one you love. It can’t get much sweeter than that.

What can she say? He treats her like an actual pony, and he makes her heart skip a beat. Also, he finds her unfathomably beautiful, something she’s not used to hearing after hanging around Mistmane for so long.

Anon has excellent tastes. Somnambula is the cutiest, most beautiful, sexiest, and best Pillar of all. I envy the guy for having her.

And I do agree, Somnambula needed more appearances and a little more focus.

That is an amazing artwork of Anon and Somnambula enjoying each other's company. :pinkiehappy: :twilightblush: :rainbowkiss:

Reminder this is not mine art. Thx.s

I 100% agree with your takes on Somnambula.

I can't believe a suggestion I made got written into a story, an Anon/Somnambula story as well.

Needless to say, that makes me extremely happy to see this beautiful pillar get some love and attention she deserves. It's a good thing I have some free time to read this story on Valentine's Day of all days, especially since I consider Somnambula to be one of my pony waifu's.

To express my overall felling at seeing a new Anon/Somnambula story, and loving how great it is, here is a musical number that expresses my feelings toward this story:

An awesome pairing. Rare to.

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