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This story takes place after The Last Problem, and as a result, Diamond Tiara, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and all other characters that appear in this story are grown adults.

Ever since taking over the Rich family business, Diamond Tiara has been working hard to use her status for the betterment of everypony. She's come a long way from the stuck-up snob she was as a foal, but her family's reputation can't be forgotten quite as easily. No matter how much she tries to give back to the community, she will always be a Rich. For better or for worse.

Perhaps this is why her friends are suspicious of her new boyfriend.

And perhaps it's why she likes him in the first place.

Day #4 of Hearts and Hands Week.

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very cute. I appreciate that DT would definitely have some struggles to face and nice to see how everypony has grown. The subtle nod to the fact not everyone in Equestria thinks cutie marks are the be all end all was a nice touch too. n_n

Very wholesome. I like it

Nice, I've been waiting for the DT fic you promised me for at least a few months. Worth the wait. I wasn't expecting the honorable mention at the end but it's nice of you.

I believe a nice sequel to this could be detailing a real date between Anon and DT where she officially asks him to become her special somepony.

One one hoof, she is adept at getting ponies to do what she wants.

Spelling Check: (On one hoof) instead of (One one hoof)

Great story btw, can't wait for more!

I don’t know how you made gossiping so wholesome, but it just works XD

Others would sooner be broke than accept her money, such as the stallion from moments ago. He runs a charity for disaster relief in some of the more “accident prone” areas of Equestria, like the badlands and near the Undiscovered West. She can only hope they’re doing well enough on their own to help without her support. While many see her acts of generosity as blatant attempts at trying to improve her family’s image, Diamond herself just sees it as doing her duty. She has the wealth and status to make meaningful change, and she’d be remiss to not at least try… even if her parents disagree.

Story Cameo

Apple Bloom lets out a hearty laugh.
"Sorry Diamond, but it’s not often I get ammo for teasin’ ya.”

Touché, Apple Bloom. :ajsmug:

This situation would come to be known as the “Canterlot Scandal,” and it has been the bane of Diamond’s existence for years . What good is wealth if no one is willing to accept your money? She’s been doing everything in her power to prove that she’s different, that she’s not her father, that she’s not the type of pony she was when she was younger.

Canter-gate lol

the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was "YOU, ME, GAS STATION, what are we getting for dinner Su Shi of course, UH OH, There was ruby inside out gas station su shi, we black out and wake up in a sewer surrounded by fish horny fish and you know what that means, FISH orgy, the stench drives in a bear, what are we gonna do? where gonna fight it of course bear fight. bare handed. bare naked? OH YES PLEASE We befriend the bear after we beat it in a brawl and we ride into a Chuck'e Cheese, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION? overthrow the government? UUUUuuuhhh I think so? Next thing you know am reincarnated as Jesus Christ, Then I turn into a jet fly into the sun, Black out again, Wake up do a bump White out which I didn't know you could do, then a smoke a joint Greenout then I turn into the sun UH OH Looks like the meth is kicking in *has seizures*"

? Wtf???

Oh, I get it. Humor...


Meanwhile, the first thing I thought of, for whatever reason, was:
me and you and Zoboomafoo-ooo

That... is a hot take for an 'E' rated story. Jokes aside, not sure how anyone could reach that conclusion.

Great story, hope you do silver spoon next.

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