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Diamond Tiara upsets the wrong show mare and is inflicted with the most horrible curse imaginable! One that forces her to be nice to everypony.

The now cursed Diamond Tiara must find a way to remove the horrific infliction, or suffer a lifetime of not being about to point out the flaws of other ponies. After all, how will they better themselves without Diamond to guide them?

And what of relationships? Will her new inability to mock others make more ponies like her? Or will it just alienate her from the few ponies she could call friends? Maybe she'll even find love.

Thanks to Mattricole for providing the prompt and Yukito for his roundabout inspiration. Additionaly, thanks to FrostMane for being the closest thing I have to a proof reader and AliRedStar for just being himself.

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not a bad start, let's see how it goes

I saw several places where there needed to be a comma but there wasn't.

Otherwise, this is a promising story. I'll keep an eye on it.

3369505 I edited this at three in the morning so that's quite probably. Hopefully I can find someone to be my editor.

That was hilarious, and cute. This could easily be a show episode with some tweaks xD

100% Approved Concentrated Cuteness, Made with all Natural D'awws!

Yes diamond belle is my new otp

3369606 I've yet to find a single DiamondBelle ship so I decided to make this. These two fillies are clearly perfect for one another.

3369598 Thanks mate! That was exactly what I'm going for.

3369434 I'm glad I have your eager attention. Expect updates soon.

A very interesting concept. On to chapter 2.

This story kinda reminds me of movie "Liar Liar" :pinkiehappy:

Excellent work! I like where this is going! :raritywink:

Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

While I am VERY intrigued by Diamond Tiara being magically forced to be nice to other ponies, I tend to avoid CMC-ships since I feel they're too young to have romantic relationships.

3373852 I understand, the ship won't be the only focus of the story and it won't be as though they're being forced out of character. I see them being about 10 years old if not older and they are clearly aware of romance.

I may make a sequel when this one is done focusing more on romance in a high school or adult setting but for now it won't go much beyond what you'd expect from a couple of pre teens.

3373852 3373868
I like the CMC shipping, but only if it's small cute things, like a peck to the cheek. If it goes beyond that, I need it to be clearly said that they are older or I just stop reading.

That summary alone has me laughing!:rainbowlaugh:

Ooh! I hope you update soon! I love it!:heart:

3378895 I'm about 1,000 words into the next chapter. I only managed two paragraphs today though :ajsleepy:

I think I found this fic out of luck. In all honesty, the very idea of Trixie toning down Diamond Tiara's ego just makes this interesting. What I really don't like about it is the gay shipping. The story could stand alone as friend shipping to remind us readers what the series truly stands for.

...BUT that's just wishful thinking on my part! c( :

Can she also not wipe off kisses?


It's okay! Take your time, I'm looking very forward to it! ::raritywink:

3392708 thanks for the patience. Work has been hard this week so I haven't worked on it much. I plan on doing a little tonight.

Never thought I'd like this shipping... Yeah... WHY DO I LIKE THIS PAIRING!?
Curse you author and the nice feelings you give me through words about ponies and things!!
PS. I kinda want ta see a love triangle or something to spice things up... Maybe you gots it planned and maybe you gots a love square planned between Silver and the other Crusaders with Sweetie/Diamond and maybe I'm saying maybe too much... Who knows!?

3407193 nobody thinks much of DiamondBelle at first, myself included but when you look at the characters and their personalities they have a lot of similarities.

Wowers, fast reaction there lmao. Never thought much of it because I was mostly a Scootabelle fan sooooo the thought of Sweetie with other ponies hasn't really passed mah mind. Though I'm not seeing the similarities as keenly as you'd be... Then again I've almost always hated Diamond and Silver...

3407217 Yeah. It's easy to hate them with how they're portrayed in the show, that's why I'm making Diamond different (sorry Silver Spoon fans but I need an antagonist and an ex friend turned enemy is perfect.) and she'll grow over the course of the story.

As great as Scootabelle is, it's overdone. I've often thought of writing a DiamondBelle fic as it's not really been done before and when the prompt came in I couldn't help but add DiamondBelle into the story.

That date chapter was just pure sugary goodness. A bit short but it works perfectly as is. If anything, Silver's scene could of used a little better exchange of words. But Diamond is a filly of ACTION and LITTLE tolerance, so it totally works! xD

Sweetie Belle was awesome in this. Needless to say, this is quickly shooting up to being one of my favorite ships. Scootabelle makes DT look too weak, unless you're doing Tsundere Tiara, but this DiamondBelle is the perfect balance and helps work with the characters as they are without any need to take much away from either.

Looking forward to the next one. Wanted to read this latest chapter when I knew I wouldn't be distracted. It was worth the wait!

hmm... a diamond belle fanfic
*goes home and begins to write shipfic*
darn... not as good as the original

Poor Diamond Tiara, all that adorableness wasted because of her bitchy attitude.

It seems Diamond can still be mean to Silver... Why?

3515754 Because Trixie is punishing both of them.

3549225 Awesome! I should have the next chapter out soon but recent events have really delayed me.

3549683 Don't worry about that. It'll be some time before I get to it. I also know aaaaaaaallllllllllllllll about delays.

I LIKE THIS.:pinkiegasp:


*takes cup of coffee and smashes it against the wall*

The Prologue had me a bit iffy about how good this story would be, but then you awesomed me in the face with Chapter One here! I love the way you described the Whitetail woods when DT was just walking and thinking. While I have read better from more experienced authors, this is a truly incredible first effort!
I must finish reading the chapters you've posted thus far, but on my way out I will certainly leave a like, favorite and follow. Please keep at this and don't stop writing, I am truly impressed!


Thanks, that means a lot. I've been thinking of redoing the prologue but I just don't have the drive to write. Stuff happened and I simply haven't been able to just sit down and start typing it all out.

~please, sir... may i have some more?~ *needs update. But heres a fave, like, and follow.

Not a bad start. I'll bite.

Alright, this has become truly promising. In the simplest terms, I find myself coming out of the chapter in a sort of "well, that just happened," daze, but in the best possible way. Know what I mean?

I'll be keeping up with this ^_^

Oh my gosh, this is TOTALLY like Liar, Liar. Thanks, I wouldn't have made that connection xD

I've read at least one or two other DiamondBelle fics. If I can find one of them again, I'll link it in another comment.

I forgot to mention before that it's spelled "Manehattan", not "manehatton". Not the biggest issue, but it'd be a nice fix. Anyway, still enjoying this! Let's continue ^_^

"tiara's", "crown's", and "goodbye's" all within a couple of sentences; I couldn't let it go. When something needs to be plural, it doesn't need an apostrophe, ie. those should be "tiaras", "crowns", and so forth.

Now that's out of the way... I love this story more each chapter. The one thing I didn't understand at first was the quick, easy transition to Diamond and Sweetie being relationship-ready, but when I think about it now it really makes sense in a turnabout way. DiamondBelle is filly OTP :D

If we're going to see Diamond interacting with more ponies in her "cursed" state, that's great, and I look forward to the resulting story development. All I ask is that you keep DiamondBelle prominent in the foreground. I'm sure that's your intention, but too many times I've seen a great story fall through because the author kept forgetting about important parts.

I have every confidence in you continuing to make this story great. Can't wait for an update! Cheers! :D

4927186 I certainly do and I have several chapters written.

It's more work constraints at the moment and as soon as I have time to write and post regularly I'll start releasing chapters once a week.

4931339 Great! I was worried. I read the beginning and then noticed the last chapter put out was last year. :pinkiesmile:

This story still alive?
I see the comment saying your still writing it, but that was over 7 months ago.

One of the maids rushed over to me asking if I was alright so I yelled at her to go buck herself, not caring about whatever she said in response or the fact Daddy doesn’t like it when I’m rude to the help.

sooooo the curse hasn't taken effect yet, I assume?:unsuresweetie:

so apparently the curse is very specific to just the CMC. Cause she just cursed out her best friend not to mention the maid and was very disingenuous when speaking to her father so the curse only forces her to play nice with CMC ooooor it's even more narrow in scope and only targets Sweetie and makes DT reveal her true feelings.:unsuresweetie:

well (since you asked) i would like to see Silver Spoon and Diamond make up and Silver prove she isn't like her narrow minded racist parents.:twilightangry2:

I think Sweetie would want to help Diamond patch up her friendship with Silver because it was Diamond's fault in the begining and Sweetie wouldn't want them to sever their friendship over her.

But you know, that's just me. I don't like breaking up the "adorabullies". If I can't ship SilverTiara I would want them to at least still be friends.:twilightsmile:

Your description though is very misleading. Diamond is only nice to Sweetie and could only talk about Sweetie when confronting Applebloom so that.. doesn't exactly count as being nice to anypony else. In fact she was cruelest to her best friend when Silver Spoon originally did nothing but ask her is she was alright.:unsuresweetie:

But I digress, great story and I want to read more!:pinkiehappy:

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