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After listening to an amazing CD, Diamond Tiara decides to become a gangsta just like her idols.

Or does she?

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:facehoof:Good dammit Snips, you don't know a thing about the 'hood.

this is dumb

i need fifty more exactly like it

There's going to be some D.Rizzle up in this bitch.

“This is the last show and tell we’re ever having,” Cheerilee muttered, drinking her cup of coffee as she tried to ignore the yelling fillies.

*sneaks a sample of coffee away for sciencing* As I suspected! This coffee contains trace quantities of alcohol! ... And then lots more.

Meanwhile, Snips and Snails get into a fight because Snails feels Scootaloo would be a better fit for Diamond Tiara.

DT is an outlaw with attitude

Dear lord, this is stupid.

In fact, all your fanfics are just a bunch of stupid, lazily written excuses for a plot with inappropriately-used DiamondBloom shipping.

...Sir/Madam, you just got yourself a new follower :pinkiehappy:


I don't know if I should be insulted or incredibly happy right now :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:!!!

...Little bit of both.

Yeah 3 hours until she get some Big Mac.

We all know what this is.

Snips shipping the two girls he likes with each other. Clear as day.

I can't form words to express feels in any meaningful way. So just take my like and have a fav.

Tea ya laters, dawggy.

So awesome. Words fail me.

Dumb, but funny. I love how ridiculous those lyrics are. xD

Oh Lord... hang in there Cheerilee!

I upvoted because of the ending. :rainbowlaugh:

4043290 he probably listens to MnM LOL

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