• Published 19th Oct 2013
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The Unicorn's Curse - aebed

Diamond Tiara upsets the wrong show mare and is inflicted with the most horrible curse imaginable! One that forces her to be nice to everypony.

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Chapter One - First Day

I gradually wake up the next morning, blinking my eyes open and wincing as my head felt like a stampede of buffalo had stormed through it. Today was a sunday so I don't need to get up until later but my Mum is going on another important trip and I can’t go with her because of stupid school so I need to get up so I can see her before she leaves this morning. I got up, out of my bed and walked over to my already filled, bubbly, warm bath. Having servants is so awesome! I jump into my lovely, warm tub and soak in the pink bubbles for a few minutes.

I need to see my Mummy now, before she leaves so I hop out of the tub and wrap myself up in a soft, pink towel, drying my coat and mane quickly before tossing it into a wash basket and trotting gracefully from my bedroom, down into the living room, totally not almost knocking over a couple vases along the way. I blame the headache.

The living room is a large, yet cosy room. Sunlight streams through the large bay windows onto the dark rug that dominates the centre of the room, covering much of the dark, hardwood floor. An onyx fireplace sits against the far wall, littered with decorations. The wall opposite the windows is taken up solely by bookcases with a couple of reading chairs and desks besides them. Three large sofas sit in the middle of the room, around the fireplace.

My Mummy and Daddy were sitting together on one of these sofas. They paused their conversation as they noticed me entering the room. I broke out into a canter towards them, jumping into their hooves. We had a family hug with me in the middle of the two greatest ponies in Equestria, besides me of course. The hug ended and I lay against my mother's belly, snuggling up to her soft, pink fur. She felt amazing as always!

“Diamond, I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave a little early.” Mum said. This happens sometimes but it’s okay, she always comes home. I nod against her fur and she kissed me on the head forehead like she always does when it’s time for the cuddle to end. I pull away and she stands up.

“You’re going now?!” I thought I’d at least have more time than this! She simply smiled before responding. Okay, maybe I’m not so okay with my Mummy leaving all the time.Especially not when she leaves early.

“I love you very much Diamond, but I need to go now.” I was speechless. She walked over to Daddy before walking over to the door. She said a goodbye before closing the living room door behind her. I stood there in shock, I wanted to spend a least a little more time with her before she left! I should have never left the house yesterday. My headache had returned full force because of that stupid witch and I missed the chance to spend the time with my Mummy.

My Daddy tried to console me but I didn’t care, I didn’t even listen. I slowly walked towards the door my Mum had just left from, opening it and slamming it shut behind me. One of the maids rushed over to me asking if I was alright so I yelled at her to go buck herself, not caring about whatever she said in response or the fact Daddy doesn’t like it when I’m rude to the help.


A few hours later, or maybe fifteen minutes, I didn’t keep track and time blurred together I left my house to go for a walk through town. I like walks, walks are relaxing. When my Mum isn’t busy (my Dad is also busy but he sometimes join us as well) we walk through ponyville into the whitetail woods and spend the day in the trees. We would often bring a picnic and eat it by the lake together.

It was especially peaceful in the autumn after the running of the leaves. Even though my family never actually participated in the run, every year, no matter what we would go to the woods. The sunlight would stream through the now bare treetops, glistening off the morning dew on the crisp, golden leaves. I’m normally not the type to ‘play’ outside but even I must admit it’s fun to just run through the leaves and watch as the wind picks them up into small goldish-brown twisters.

I was distracted from my thoughts by literally the last pony I wanted to see, Sweetie Slut. She’s a dorky white unicorn who’s about a year younger than me. Her mane is a curly mess of pink and blue and her eyes are this weird green colour. She was sitting outside her sisters boutique with a wash bucket and some fabric, I doubt she’s even doing that right. She’s the most annoying one of those stupid crusaders, with her annoying squeaky voice and the fact she looks like a marshmallow, I doubt she’d taste like one though. Maybe I should try it some time, wait no! Bad thoughts, bad! Whenever I’m around her she makes me feel ill and my face becomes red with what could only be anger. I really needed to vent right now and this cryfoal is an easy target. Seriously, she’ll cry about anything, she’s even cried about spilled milk before!

I knew exactly what to yell at her to get her attention. I drew my breath in, getting ready to yell those three words that would leave her a blubbering mess. “Hey, blank flank!” Is what I meant to shout. But for some reason it went wrong, what actually came out was “Hey, sexy flank!”

“Huh?” she looked over to me with those big, ugly eyes of hers, well okay, that was an exaggeration, they’re actually kinda pretty. Still not as good as mine though! Okay… back on track, I panicked! I never meant to say that, why would I say that? I backed away a little, I was kinda confused and needed to collect my thoughts. The little whorse however couldn’t just leave things alone, she actually had the nerve to start following me! “Are you okay Diamond?” Like she cares.

“Fine, please stay, you’re awesome!” It did it again! She’s totally not awesome, well her eyes are but... dammit, I got distracted again! The blank flank looks at me nervously for a few moments before her face became flushed anger, it was so adorable! I-I mean gross! Blank flanks are gross!

“Is this just some kind of tri…” she yells, before being cut off.

“Sweetie Belle~ is that one of your friends? You can go play and I’ll finish your chores if you want.” Ah, Rarity, sole fashionista of Ponyville and noble, ladylike, generous, composed, elegant, talented and last but certainly not least absolutely, mind blowingly gorgeous,. She has a pristine white coat with a styled purple mane fit for royalty. Her body curves perfectly from her narrow waist to her soft, taught marshmallow flanks. She’s nothing like her loser sister, Rarity is better in every way, well except the eyes. Dammit!

“But Rarity~” Sweetie calls back in that whiny tone of hers. She’s clearly not good enough for her sister.

“It’s fine Sweetie, I can manage on my own. You two have fun now!”

I stood in shock, was I now on a playdate with the blank flank or something? She turned around to face me. ‘What are you looking at, blank flank?!’ “Like what you see, cutie?” Okay, this is getting old, what’s wrong with me? Sweetie just blushes and looks towards the ground.

“Y-you really think I’m cute?” Her hoof slowly moves in a circle in the dirt. My cheeks became even more flushed with anger!

Alright, alright. She’s kinda cute to be honest but there’s no way I’m admitting that willingly! “Yes.” oh buck! She looked up at me with a goofy, happy expression, getting way into my personal space.

She suddenly starts to frown again before asking, “Why are you being so nice?”

“Will you go out with me?” I blurted out, I’d tried to say will you go away! Maybe it’s this stupid headache…

Sweetie gasped in shock before screaming. “YES!” Wow, well I suppose she did just get asked out by me, the prettiest, richest, smartest and coolest filly in Ponyville so I can’t blame her. “Where are we going?”

Ugh. I just agreed to a date with a blank flank. Well, at least she’s cute. My cheeks were practically on fire now I was so angry! “Ummm… t-that new Prench place m-maybe?” I stammered, I was clearly seething with rage at the situation. My headache was slowly dying down but my stomach felt like it was lined with lead.

“Okay! When are we going?” The marshmallow beamed. Well this probably would be the high point of her life so no blaming her. I’ll probably feel better in the morning so I’ll let her down then.

“Tomorrow night, after school?” She nods in agreement and pecks my cheek, ew~. I suppose I’ll just have to put up with it, it was kinda nice I suppose. The marshmallow takes a few steps back, that grin still on her face. She is cute I suppose, but she’s weird.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then!” She giggles and runs back inside the boutique.


Okay, so far this has been the weirdest day of my life. I was walking down the street towards my house, thinking about what had just happened. What was gonna be a routine insult turned into a date! Sweetie is SO lucky. The main issue of course was obvious.

Why couldn’t I say anything to her? At least, anything I would normally say. Why does that stupid, adorable blank flank make me feel so angry and happy at the same time. Yes, I said happy. When she felt happy I felt kinda happy, happiness is infectious, so what?!

I suppose dating Sweetie isn’t so bad. I’ve always preferred fillies really and she’s certainly a cutie. Especially with those… nope, not gonna say it, not again, no matter how much those sparkling orbs remind me of emeralds.

Fact is there’s a lot worse out there, plus her sister is awesome! I think I can stomach one date with Sweetie with my reputation and my sanity intact.

I walked along, thinking about how my date might go until I got home. It was actually kind of exciting, my first date! I also need to tell Daddy so he can make the reservation.


Over the next few minutes I worked out where my Dad was and what I would have to say to get him on board with the idea. I agreed to take Sweetie on a date and Daddy always taught me to never break promises because it only makes things worse. Also, if I have to take her on a date I’m gonna do it right!

I found him still in the living room. He was sitting on his reading chair with a couple of books and a hot mug on the table in front of him.

I put on my best ‘Daddy’s little filly face’ and walk into the room.

“Daddy~” I say in my cutesiest voice. He turns around to face me with a slight smile.

“What is it you’re after Diamond?” Was it really that obvious I wanted something?

“I kinda wondering if you would book a table for some friends and I at that new prench restaurant in town.”

”Le Bistrot Pierre? Your Mother was bugging me about going there earlier. Of course you can go! I’ll book their finest booth!” I run up to him and hug his neck tightly. He laughs and hugs me back, kissing the top of my head and letting me go. Daddy will always do what I want so long as I act cute.

I exit the living room again, heading back to my room. I still had to pick out a dress after all. I’m way prettier than Sweetie but her sister is a fashion designer and I refuse to show up to a date without being properly dressed up and I certainly will not allow that blank flank to out dress me.