• Published 19th Oct 2013
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The Unicorn's Curse - aebed

Diamond Tiara upsets the wrong show mare and is inflicted with the most horrible curse imaginable! One that forces her to be nice to everypony.

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Today was a saturday like any other for Ponyville’s greatest filly. I woke up, took a wonderful bath and ate pancakes for breakfast as I always do on a saturday. (I love them with maple syrup!) After that my Mum brushed my mane. She brushes my mane every morning as she tends to be quite busy so we spend as much time as we can together.

She brushes my mane, I brush her mane, (lots of brushy) I help her with her make up and whatever else it takes to make us both look as good as possible! We talk about all sorts of things, like her job and all the things she’s done, my Mum is so awesome! Today she told me about the time she was modelling in Manehatton and she was attacked by two thugs who tried to rob her! Fortunately my Mum is tough and she scared them away, one day I’ll be a model just like her! She even bought me my diamond tiara!

My Mummy had just gotten home from Canterlot and she brought me a present like the always does, only this present was different. Rather than buy me a toy she bought me my beautiful tiara. The moment I put it on my head and posed in the mirror my cutie mark appeared. It was at that moment I knew I would follow in my Mum’s footsteps and become a model.

As soon as I was ready I left the house to spend the day with my best friend, Silver Spoon. Who is lucky to have me by the way. She’s pretty cool, and rich like me but she’s also quiet and a little snobbish. She always talks about how her family has been nobility since the times of earth pony independance, like that makes her family any better than my Daddy.

We spent the morning swimming in the lake just outside of ponyville. It was a warm, spring day, the ducks and swans were our only company in the slowly moving waters.

Unfortunately though, those stupid blank flanks (ew) came along and ruined it! We told them politely to leave and what does chicken brains do? She has the nerve to yell at me! ME! About how we didn’t ‘own’ the lake. But being the kind and wonderful filly I am I decided to let her off with a few clucks and words about how her parents clearly didn’t spend enough time with her.

That stupid bumpkin then tried to put on an imitation of me, which totally sucked by the way. She finished her stupid, foalish imitation and the other two started laughing, it wasn’t even funny! Silver and I put them in their place though. All I had to do was say Sweetie Belle was a fat, talentless marshmallow who can’t sing and she starts crying like a little foal! While the other two losers tried lying to her, saying she wasn’t (she totally is), Silver and I pushed them into the mud.

Unfortunately those stupid hoof suckers didn’t leave and started getting bitchy so Silver and I had to find something else to do. That’s when we came across that stupid unicorn, Trixie. She has this tacky old caravan that’s like a billion years old and all I had to do was say “Nice caravan!” and she completely flips! She kept on going on about how the stupid and pitiful Trixie is the greatest pony ever (she’s not half as awesome as Silver, let alone me) and how we should treat her with respect. Naturally I put her in her place but then she did it...

Okay I admit, I was a little over the top when I called her a “Talentless whorse.” and that referring towards her mother as a “mare of loose virtues” was less than necessary, but her reaction was totally over the top! She cast her weird unicorn magic on me, it made my tummy ache and my head hurt but when it was over she simply hooked herself up to her carriage and left! Silver was useless of course, she just cowered as soon as the witches horn lit up. I wasn’t scared of course, but that didn’t mean I trusted the witches spells.

After that I went home, my stomach felt like it was twisted into knots and I almost fell asleep on my hooves. I threw open my front door and continued my valiant effort towards my bedroom. I thought I was gonna die! I curled up on my bed and tried to get some sleep. Silver had disappeared somewhere, probably to get help.

This is the story of how I received the unicorns curse...

Author's Note:

My first story. Thanks again to those who have inspired me. To those who don't like it please tell me why, I need your feedback to improve. The rest of the story will continue in a slightly different format so if you don't like the diaryish style of this prologue please, at least try reading chapter one.