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The Unicorn's Curse - aebed

Diamond Tiara upsets the wrong show mare and is inflicted with the most horrible curse imaginable! One that forces her to be nice to everypony.

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Chapter Three - The First Date

I ran home as soon as school ended. Partly to have a long bath to get rid of this dirt, partly to give myself plenty of time to prepare for the date and, of course partly to avoid Silver Spoon or anypony else who might question what I was doing hanging out with a blank flank all lunch.

I ran to my room. I didn’t describe my room before, did I? Well there’s not much to say, except that it’s so cool! It’s big, of course and even comes with an en suite bathroom and a walk in wardrobe! The walls are white with a pink trim. There are three large windows with large pink curtains. Oh, and there’s my princess sized bed! It’s soft and big and pink! My room is the best in Ponyville, probably all of Equestria!

Carefully brushing my wet mane (I’d just finished my bath), I looked in the mirror of my makeup station. I can’t miss a single hair, my mane must be perfect for this date. I certainly can’t be beaten by Sweetie’s curls. I used to think they were a messy, tangly… mess, that’s a result of those stupid adventures her friends force her into (no way she goes willingly). But since then I’ve realised it’s kinda cute. Her mane certainly doesn’t have the beauty and grace mine has but it does have it’s own charm and that’s why I need to make sure mine is doubly brilliant.

I wonder if Sweetie will like it? What a stupid question, of course she will! She said she already got a dress, and I haven't even tried to find one. Maybe… yeah, Mother won’t mind if I borrow one of hers! I quickly toss my brush down and run to Mummy’s bedroom. She has a walk in wardrobe like mine, but hers is even bigger! my parents bedroom is darker than mine, bigger too but I don’t stop to look around, I run into the wardrobe and start my search for the perfect dress.

After a good five minutes of rummaging around I realise one thing. My Mum’s dresses don’t fit me. Right now I was wearing one I’d seen her wear for a fashion show not long ago. It was Hoity Toity’s centerpiece of his spring fashion line. Mum looked stunning in it, the way the soft fabric hugged her curves left stallions drooling, on me it almost looked like I’d put a bedsheet on my head. I should probably look for some of my Mum’s older dresses. I know she keeps them in the top drawers, at the back of the wardrobe. I even knew the perfect dress as she’d shown me it before, but unfortunately it’s too high for me to reach, fortunately I’m smart.

I pulled one drawer out at the bottom and used it as a step, I opened the next drawer and climbed up on to it. I could feel the dresses being ruffled below me but at least now I could reach the draw I knew contained the dress. I slowly eased the drawer open but lost my balance! I tumbled down to the the floor, the drawer missing me by inches! At least I got it down. Getting up I pulled my prize out of it’s resting place.

It’s in pristine condition and absolutely perfect for me. It’s a dual layered dress with the lower part the same colour as my coat and the upper part resembling my mane. Both pink and white diamonds lace the dress, making it sparkle magnificently as I lift it to the sunlight from the small window in the wardrobe. It’s perfect!

I quickly put the dress on and left the room, pausing to admire myself in the mirror. I look absolutely perfect! The dress fits me like it was made just for me and the colours, this dress is sure to outdo that blank flank! Not that she won’t look pretty, I’m certain she’ll look great too, but I have to be best. After a couple more minutes of admiring myself in the mirror I return to my own room. I’m sure one of the maids will clean up after the mess I made later.

I soon found myself sat back down in front of my mirror, placing my tiara perfectly on my head and making last minute adjustments to my mane. Daddy had booked me a carriage as well, I can’t walk around in the mud, certainly not twice in one day, on top of that I even have a date! It would be a disaster if either of us turned up mucky. I’m sure picking her up in a carriage will be the perfect way to impress her, not that I’ll have to, the mere fact I’d agree to this is enough to awe anypony, but when Diamond Dazzle Tiara does something she does it right! Except homework.


The carriage trundled along the muddy, Ponyville streets, before eventually stopping outside the large, colourful building that is the Carousel Boutique. I took a quick glance outside the carriage, still muddy.

Before I get the chance to step out of the carriage and brave the muddy field between myself and the boutique, Sweetie canters out the door. Well that was considerate, now only one of us has to get muddy, though she seems to be kicking up a lot of mud, not surprising at the speed she’s going. Then I noticed the slight illumination from her horn, she’s using magic to protect her dress from the mud. Clever filly. Wait, did I actually just think of Sweetie Belle, as clever?! Sure, she can be a bit of an egghead but normally she just seems rather… ditzy.

Sweetie climbs into the carriage and I finally get a good look at her. By Celestia she’s gorgeous! Wait I… no point denying it anymore. I think Sweetie is cute, there, I said it! She’s still a blank flank, but at least it won’t be a total humiliation being seen on a date with her.

She’s wearing a pretty, pink dress, trimmed with white and purple. I bet her sister made it, Rarity is so great at making dresses afterall! The dresses she makes are elegant and… oh, the blank flanks talking.

“Um... Diamond?” she waves a hoof in my face.


“You looked kinda zoned out. Did my dress do it?”

“Yes, no! Kinda.” I pause for a few moments. “It’s very pretty, but I was caught up in thought.”

“Th-thank you Diamond!” she says with a blush. Wait, did I actually call her pretty to her face! I even meant to do it! Is this stupid curse getting even worse?! I need to find somepony to fix it, maybe I’ll ask that unicorn, Twilight. I suppose she’s an alicorn now, and a princess. Like she could ever have all the traits of a good princess. Huh, Sweetie’s talking again, I must stop getting so distracted by my thoughts.

“I really like your dress too! You look very elegant.” She’s still blushing, that’s so cute! What? It is! I smile in return and thank her for her recognition of my beauty and grace before the carriage driver sets off towards the restaurant.


We arrive at Le Bistrot Pierre not long after. The trip, for the most part is silent, well I remained silent whilst Sweetie wouldn’t stop talking about all the dumb stuff her and her blank flank friends get up to. Honestly, those fillies should be put in padded cells before they kill themselves, or everypony around them. Probably both.

A couple minutes later and we’re sat at our own private booth, a waiter beside us, waiting for our orders.

“Umm… I’ll have, the um, saladey keesar and a tarty tarttan please!” the waiter merely stared at me, creep.

“Elle aura la salade César et tarte tartan et je vais prendre le ris de veau à la Reine et crème brûlée merci!” I have to say I was a little surprised Sweetie knew so much Prench. The waiter smiled and, after uttering a few more prench words, walks away.

“Wow, Sweetie. Where did you learn to speak Prench that well?” She blushes again.

“My sister taught me a few basic words and how to pronounce them properly.” That sounded like a lot more than just a few basic words but it doesn’t surprise me. A mare as classy as Rarity would be multilingual and would share such talents with those around her, like a true lady.

“Well that was amazing! I...” My sentance died in my throat as who walks in through the door? Silver Spoon and her bigot parents. I don’t have a problem with being with a filly, after all what’s wrong with love between the same sex? Most assume I’d be against that sort of thing but really, I’m not. Thing is though, Silver’s parents are traditionalists, if she ever brought a unicorn home they’d kill her! Bringing another filly home? I’ve heard what they say about that kind of thing and frankly, I’ve always avoided them.

“Diamond, are you okay?” I glance back to Sweetie and quickly think of an excuse to escape, at least until Silver’s parents are out of the way.

“I need the bathroom!” I said that a little more desperately than I had hoped and quickly trot away to the nearest toilet.

A couple minutes later I re emerge I glance around the dimly lit restaurant quickly, no Silver. They must be seated away from us, thank Celestia. After trotting back over to Sweetie I noticed the food had arrived.

“Where were you!” And now she’s pouting, great.

“Just on the toilet.”

“You took ages.” Okay, I was gone a bit more than a couple of minutes. “I thought you’d left.” Her face turns downwards, she’s too cute, I can’t help it! I move to her side of the booth and wrap my hooves around her… in a hug. Yep, I’m actually hugging a blank flank. Thankfully her dress covers where her cutie mark should be so nopony can tell and, besides she’s cute, nopony can blame me for wanting to hug her, especially when she’s sad.

“I’m sorry Sweetie, I’d never leave you though.” I had kinda considered it, but I never break my promises and taking her out on a date then abandoning her there would be the worst possible way to break a promise.

She sniffles. “Thank you.” she says, slowly pulling away from my embrace.

I shuffle back into place in front of my salad and begin nibbling, it’s great! Sweetie just stares at me in shock. “Wha?”

“You have to use your salad fork!” Oh, that’s all?


“And stop speaking with your mouth full!” Is she seriously lecturing me on manners right now?

“Doesh it matter?”

“Yes! We’re at a high class restaurant and you’re eating like a foal at a maredonalds!”

Oh. I stop to swallow the food in my mouth and grin sheepishly. “Sorry.”

She nods and smiles. “Now take the small, outer knife and fork in between your hooves, yes that’s it! And use it to eat the salad, remember to keep the fork downturned, no no, other down.”

Wow, I can’t believe this is actually happening. Sweetie is lecturing me like I’m a foal! This couldn’t get any worse! A nearby pony giggles, I turn towards them, red faced and see the worst, possible pony. Silver Spoon. “Aww~ am I interrupting your little date? I see the blank flank is teaching you table manners.” Sweetie looks down again. She really needs to learn how to stand up for herself, but if she won’t I will. Besides, nopony insinuates Diamond Dazzle Tiara is a foal! Except Sweetie.

“Go away, you ugly bitch!” The other patrons of the restaurant immediately begin staring at us.

Silver glares. “I was wondering what got you so mad earlier today, and why you didn’t go to our usual spot at lunch. Imagine my surprise when I saw you and Sweaty Belle sitting together, like best friends.”

“Silver.” It was my only reply, a low, deadly warning.

“And here you are, on a little date. It’s disgusting, I suppose you’re not good enough for any colt so you resort to corrupting some stupid littl…”

She doesn’t get to finish as I tackle the bitch and stomp my hoof into her face. She tries to push me off, but I hold firm and, almost as soon as it started it ends. A waiter picks me up and carries me away from Silver, soon another joins and I’m being from out the front entrance, into the mud. I lay there, in the filthy substance for a few moments… or minutes until Sweetie nuzzles my side.

I look over towards her and gasp. “Your dress!” The lower part is covered in mud from laying down beside me. She must have forgotten her spell. She looks down and frowns, before a warm expression takes over her features and she smiles at me.

“It’s only a dress, it can be washed. I wanted to make sure that you’re alright.” That is actually really sweet. I just got her kicked out of a fancy restaurant, causing a huge scene in the process and she’s still out here comforting me.

“Why are you still here Sweetie?”

She frowns. “Why wouldn’t I be? Nopony has ever defended me like you just did.” She blushes furiously and I feel my own cheeks burning a little. “It was very gallant!”

Wow, she really is amazing. I’m gonna have to make it up to her. She doesn’t deserve to have her first date ruined by me doing something, admittedly stupid. “I’m really sorry!”

She nuzzles me again. She really is great. “I already told you, it was very noble what you did.”

I smile but don’t relent. “I still ruined your first date. I have to make it up to you!” The words echo my determination to prove to… no, to show that…. What am I actually trying to accomplish? Do I just want to make it up to Sweetie. My chest feels really tight, is that a bad thing?

She leans down and pecks my lips. Now it feels like I just ate a family sized ice cream sundae and got kicked in the stomach by a hoofball player at the same time. I honestly didn’t know how I felt, my first kiss! Probably hers too. It felt weird, not bad weird, perhaps not good weird either, just weird. I kinda wanted to do it again, so I pressed my lips against hers and… much better! I could certainly get used to this. But what does it mean? Is Sweetie my fillyfriend now? I’m, strangely okay with that.

She looks surprised too, at first before she beams down at me, saying. “That was nice.”


“So does that mean we’re, like dating, dating?”

“I suppose so.” She squee’s in response.

“Can I call you my fillyfriend?”

“Sure, but not in public.” She frowns. “Yet. Maybe once everything has calmed down and we know it won’t cause fights.”

She thinks for a few moments before nodding. Well, that’s it, I have a fillyfriend now, and she’s Sweetie Belle. A filly a couple days ago I mocked and taunted, I am now dating and not because of some curse. Just because she’s amazing.


A few minutes later I’m back on my hooves, covered in mud, walking alongside my new, equally muddy fillyfriend, I’m really starting to enjoy the sound of that. We chat casually about our lives and aspirations. She is probably the only pony who has ever listened to my in depth analysis of why tiara’s are better than crown’s besides my Mum.

We slowly make our way back to her house and say our goodbye’s I promise to take her out again on the weekend and we both knew we’d see each other at school but it still felt kinda painful to see her walk back through the door to her house. Is this what being in a relationship always feels like? It’s nice.

It all feels kinda surreal, like the evening is just slipping by in a blur from all the emotions and my fight with Silver. Next time I should control myself better. Sweetie didn’t seem too bothered, but I still won’t let my temper ruin anything for her ever again. She deserves better.

I drift into my house, ignore the maids who swarm around the mud trail I’m leaving and enter my bathroom. I run a nice, hot bath, filled with lavender scented bubbles. I slip into the warm haven and imagine Sweetie doing the same. Only a few hours till school. Only a few hours till I get to see her again.

Author's Note:

Well, finally finished it. Next chapter will be a little less romance centered. Please, let me know what you think in the comments and remember to give a like or recommend a friend! It really means a lot to me.

Also, if there's anything you'd like to see or recommend please let me know. I'm always interested in new, clever ideas to make the story even better.

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Never thought I'd like this shipping... Yeah... WHY DO I LIKE THIS PAIRING!?
Curse you author and the nice feelings you give me through words about ponies and things!!
PS. I kinda want ta see a love triangle or something to spice things up... Maybe you gots it planned and maybe you gots a love square planned between Silver and the other Crusaders with Sweetie/Diamond and maybe I'm saying maybe too much... Who knows!?

3407193 nobody thinks much of DiamondBelle at first, myself included but when you look at the characters and their personalities they have a lot of similarities.

Wowers, fast reaction there lmao. Never thought much of it because I was mostly a Scootabelle fan sooooo the thought of Sweetie with other ponies hasn't really passed mah mind. Though I'm not seeing the similarities as keenly as you'd be... Then again I've almost always hated Diamond and Silver...

3407217 Yeah. It's easy to hate them with how they're portrayed in the show, that's why I'm making Diamond different (sorry Silver Spoon fans but I need an antagonist and an ex friend turned enemy is perfect.) and she'll grow over the course of the story.

As great as Scootabelle is, it's overdone. I've often thought of writing a DiamondBelle fic as it's not really been done before and when the prompt came in I couldn't help but add DiamondBelle into the story.

How sweet they are together. :heart:

That date chapter was just pure sugary goodness. A bit short but it works perfectly as is. If anything, Silver's scene could of used a little better exchange of words. But Diamond is a filly of ACTION and LITTLE tolerance, so it totally works! xD

Sweetie Belle was awesome in this. Needless to say, this is quickly shooting up to being one of my favorite ships. Scootabelle makes DT look too weak, unless you're doing Tsundere Tiara, but this DiamondBelle is the perfect balance and helps work with the characters as they are without any need to take much away from either.

Looking forward to the next one. Wanted to read this latest chapter when I knew I wouldn't be distracted. It was worth the wait!

hmm... a diamond belle fanfic
*goes home and begins to write shipfic*
darn... not as good as the original

It seems Diamond can still be mean to Silver... Why?

I.... I want to read this....

3515754 Because Trixie is punishing both of them.

3549225 Awesome! I should have the next chapter out soon but recent events have really delayed me.

3549683 Don't worry about that. It'll be some time before I get to it. I also know aaaaaaaallllllllllllllll about delays.

I LIKE THIS.:pinkiegasp:


*takes cup of coffee and smashes it against the wall*


Thanks, that means a lot. I've been thinking of redoing the prologue but I just don't have the drive to write. Stuff happened and I simply haven't been able to just sit down and start typing it all out.

~please, sir... may i have some more?~ *needs update. But heres a fave, like, and follow.

"tiara's", "crown's", and "goodbye's" all within a couple of sentences; I couldn't let it go. When something needs to be plural, it doesn't need an apostrophe, ie. those should be "tiaras", "crowns", and so forth.

Now that's out of the way... I love this story more each chapter. The one thing I didn't understand at first was the quick, easy transition to Diamond and Sweetie being relationship-ready, but when I think about it now it really makes sense in a turnabout way. DiamondBelle is filly OTP :D

If we're going to see Diamond interacting with more ponies in her "cursed" state, that's great, and I look forward to the resulting story development. All I ask is that you keep DiamondBelle prominent in the foreground. I'm sure that's your intention, but too many times I've seen a great story fall through because the author kept forgetting about important parts.

I have every confidence in you continuing to make this story great. Can't wait for an update! Cheers! :D

Do you ever plan to finish this?

4927186 I certainly do and I have several chapters written.

It's more work constraints at the moment and as soon as I have time to write and post regularly I'll start releasing chapters once a week.

4931339 Great! I was worried. I read the beginning and then noticed the last chapter put out was last year. :pinkiesmile:

This story still alive?
I see the comment saying your still writing it, but that was over 7 months ago.

well (since you asked) i would like to see Silver Spoon and Diamond make up and Silver prove she isn't like her narrow minded racist parents.:twilightangry2:

I think Sweetie would want to help Diamond patch up her friendship with Silver because it was Diamond's fault in the begining and Sweetie wouldn't want them to sever their friendship over her.

But you know, that's just me. I don't like breaking up the "adorabullies". If I can't ship SilverTiara I would want them to at least still be friends.:twilightsmile:

Your description though is very misleading. Diamond is only nice to Sweetie and could only talk about Sweetie when confronting Applebloom so that.. doesn't exactly count as being nice to anypony else. In fact she was cruelest to her best friend when Silver Spoon originally did nothing but ask her is she was alright.:unsuresweetie:

But I digress, great story and I want to read more!:pinkiehappy:

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