• Published 19th Oct 2013
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The Unicorn's Curse - aebed

Diamond Tiara upsets the wrong show mare and is inflicted with the most horrible curse imaginable! One that forces her to be nice to everypony.

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Chapter Two - School

I hate mondays. Mondays are the worst days because that’s when the weekend stops and you have to go back to school. What makes it even worse is school means schoolmates and schoolmates means lots of laughing when they find out about my date with Sweetie. No way that blank flank is keeping it a secret. She’s probably already told all her friends and family! What makes it even worse is the fact I can only seem to say nice things to her. What if it’s not just her?

What if I have to be nice to everypony?!

Is this what that witch did to me? Did she curse me to be nice forever? I’m probably worrying too much, she’s a useless unicorn who can only make crappy illusions, no way she could actually curse me like that. It has to be a complex spell, right? Perhaps I should stop worrying about it.

Okay, back to mondays. Want to know why this monday particularly sucks? Not because my Mum left, not because Daddy is working late, not because of my date with a blank flank, not even because it’s raining! What really makes this monday the suckiest of mondays is the fact that I forgot my homework.

I was so busy swimming, mocking unicorns, being attacked by said unicorns, saying goodbye to family members and getting into dates I completely forgot about my homework! At least that’s a better excuse than the cat ate it again. Hopefully miss Cheerilee will understand. She’s normally quite forgiving with this kind of thing, but I may have slightly abused her generosity. The colt who cried wolf huh?

So I got up and completed my normal morning ritual. Bath, pancakes, maid brushing my mane because Mum is in manehatton, drinking cocktails most likely. You get the general idea. Soon enough it’s time to go to school so I put my saddlebags on and leave my house. Silver and I are neighbours so we always walk together and, sure enough there she is, walking towards my door.

I smile and wave before trotting down the pathway to her. The rain quickly soaks through my coat but I reach Silver and huddle under her umbrella. They’re really useful things, these umbrellas but unfortunately they’re not exactly stylish, that and they get in the way so much. Still, I was grateful for the shelter as we began to make our way towards school.

“So, how are you feeling?” Silver asks.


“After you went home saturday, you didn’t look so good.” Ah, that. I sighed and collected my thoughts before replying.

“I’m feeling a lot better.”

“You should talk to the town guard, you were attacked after all.” I honestly didn’t feel like doing all that.

“She’s long gone, no point.”

We walked in silence for a few moments, well not total silence, the rain made sure of that. We carefully avoided the mud puddles that dotted ponyville’s streets as we walked through the downpour. I should have brought my boots, my hooves are getting wet and muddy. I hate mud, even more than I hate mondays. So now this day sucks even more!

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Fine, just a little tired.” At least I can still lie. It was only now that I remembered my big issue this morning. “Hey Silver… did you do your homework?”

“Diamond!” She snaps. She always takes this type of thing way too seriously.

“What?” Short and sweet. just like Sweetie! Wait, where did that come from?!

“You didn’t do your homework again did you?” I opened my mouth to reply but she continued. “You do this every time and one day you’re gonna get in big trouble!”

“I know, I know! It’s not my fault this time!” The schoolhouse is now in view.

“How is it not your fault? You had all yesterday to do it!”

“SHIT HAPPENED!” Okay, I kinda screamed that. I perhaps lost my temper a little. Spoon just flinched and pulled away slightly. “Buck this.” I galloped the remainder of the distance to the schoolhouse. I know it wasn’t exactly the smartest thing for me to do but I’m stressed! Stressed ponies are allowed to do stupid things.


The schoolhouse is a small building. There are only four classes, a playground, a staff room, a couple of supplies closets and the toilets. My classroom was fairly typical, blackboard at the front, with the teachers desk just before it, then a few rows of student desks. Various posters and past works by present and former students alike adorn the walls.

Needless to say when I got there I was wet, very wet. And muddy. Today sucks. I took my usual seat at the back of the class, ignoring the giggling foals around me. All the others in the class were muddy and wet as well, except one. The pristine, white, blank fl- I mean marshma- uhm… Sweetie Belle. Somehow she’d avoid a single speck of mud or moisture. I guess that’s rather admirable. Maybe she’s not so bad to be seen around, she certainly keeps herself clean. That is to say, when she’s not covered in tree sap. Maple syrup maybe? Ah! No, bad brain!

Silver Spoon soon walked through the door and she looked pissed. Maybe I shouldn’t speak to her for the rest of the day. I turned away as she sat down next to me. I busied myself in my saddlebags to avoid her gaze. They are absolutely soaked, how could this day possibly get any worse?!

A wet and clearly annoyed miss Cheerilee storms through the door, clearly that’s how! She slams the door behind her and pushes her saddlebags underneath her desk. “Alright class! Homework at the ready, lets just get it over with.” The others all pulled out completed sheets of homework and I’m left sinking under my desk, trying to make myself as small and inconspicuous as possible. It doesn’t work as Cheerilee works her way around to my seat. “See me at lunch, Diamond Tiara.”

She didn’t even sound mad. That’s when you know they’re really mad. I meekly nodded as she walks back to the front to begin the lesson.


The day really dragged on as I awaited the inevitable at lunch. I could barely focus during maths and I think miss Cheerilee picked up on it. When miss Cheerilee told the others they could go out to lunch I was forced to stay behind. I could have just snuck out but that would have just led to more trouble. Hey, I’m learning! I walked to the desk at the front of the class and awaited my punishment.

“How are you Diamond?” Well, that was less than expected.

“Umm… fine?”

“Are you sure? You can tell me if not. I know your parents tend to be rather busy, I was just wondering if you were under much stress at home.” I sighed before replying.

“I’ll be okay… It’s just been a hard weekend and I really miss my Mum.” Cheerilee looks at me with a sorry expression. I hate it when ponies feel sorry for me. It should be the other way around.

“I understand. I can give you to the end of this week to try to finish your homework.” I take it back. Pity is awesome! I still need to keep up appearances though so I look up to miss Cheerilee, smile and say.

“Thanks miss Cheerilee!” she smiles back.

“Go on, go get lunch.”
The rain had stopped mid morning but I still didn’t particularly want to go outside. When it gets like this one of the classrooms is set up as a reading room. I walked in and the layout is more or less identical to my classroom, as is expected. I scanned the room for something to do. Some stupid colts were playing some stupid game in the corner, stupid colts. Other than that not a lot going on. Sweetie was sat with her blank flank friends. I can’t help but look at her and start to feel a little red in the face.

Sweetie clearly notices me watching her as she waves me over. Well, I might as well. It will allow me to test out this supposed curse at least.

“Hi Diamond! How are you today?” She’s way too enthusiastic.

“I’m fine.” I decided to give it a little test. ‘your mane looks like a birds nest, Sweetie.’ “Your mane looks wonderful Sweetie.” The white unicorn blushes.

“T-thanks.” she’s so cute when she stammers! Well she is… can you blame me?

Bumpkin and chicken of course have to butt in. “Hey! I don’t want a meanie like you anywhere near one’a mah friends!” Ugh, her voice is so annoying.

‘Go buck yourself, bumpkin!’ “I think it’s wonderful you care about your friends so much and it means a lot to me, you being there to look after Sweetie.” Oh come on! They didn’t even sound similar, how did I end up saying that? Oh well, it seems to have worked at least slightly. Sweetie is blushing, Apple Bloom is clearly confused, probably trying to figure out the big words I used like ‘wonderful’ and ‘it’s’, Scootaloo however seems to be furious. She walks up to me and pokes me in the chest, the stupid foal. “Leave my friends alone!”

“Scootaloo!” A squeaky, high pitched voice rang out. Guess who? No, it wasn’t Dinky, you fail, go buck yourself. It was Sweetie, the little white unicorn was actually trying to stand up for me, against her friends too! It’s just so cute! “Be nice.”

Scootaloo glares for a few more moments before walking away, grumbling. Apple Bloom promptly joins her but I have a feeling I’m being watched closely.

“So when are you picking me up?”


“Tonight, when are you gonna pick me up to go to Le Bistrot Pierre?”

I’m picking her up? Fine. “Six, I suppose. I got us a private booth.”

Sweetie blushes brightly. “That sounds great! I already picked out my dress.”

Crap. I still needed to choose a dress, something to outdo Sweetie with. I can’t let my date be prettier than me! Wait, I know just the one! I smile back at the unicorn. “As have I, I’ll see you there.” I move to walk away but she calls me back.

“Hey, Diamond!”

“What’s up Sweets?” I say, looking back towards her. She blushes again, probably because of my new nickname for her. She clearly loves it.

“We could umm… spend lunch together…” she says, looking down at the floor and tracing her hoof in a circle on the desk she’s sat at.

D’awww, no wonder my Daddy can’t resist me. Fortunately I’m not my Daddy. Spending lunch with her can’t be so bad though. I’m not gonna find Silver after this morning and it’s still muddy outside. Which reminds me, I’m still muddy and Sweetie is still pristine. Doesn’t she care that she might get her perfect coat messy? I would. Then again, she gets to spend time with me so it doesn’t really matter how muddy I am, she’s still lucky. “Sure, why not? What did you have in mind?”

Okay, I think I’m actually starting to like Sweetie Belle. She’s still a ditzy unicorn without a talent but she’s kind and kinda pretty. She is her sisters sister after all. At first it was awkward but we started talking and it turns out we enjoy a few of the same things. The same kinds of music, fashion and even gems, surprisingly enough!

As it turns out Rarity goes gem hunting regularly (add brave and multi talented to the list) and she often takes Sweetie with her. Sweetie obsessed with her big sister and I can understand why, I might even be a little clingy if Rarity were my sister! Of course gems are a big part of jewellery, as well as my cutie mark and name. She also said she likes singing but I’m sure I’m better.

I’m honestly starting to look forward to our little date tonight! Maybe it won't be so bad.

I think today is starting to look a little brighter. I don't even care that I couldn't insult Apple Bloom! Wait...

Author's Note:

This story has had such an amazing start considering it's my first and probably not all that great and for that I'm really thankful! So thankful I've decided to write and finish the third chapter today. Thanks for the 20 favorites already guys!!!