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Nightmare Rarity lives on the moon. Until she learns how to behave, she will remain there, as ordained by her closest friends. Thankfully, she wasn't left alone, as they assigned Anon to watch over her progress and report back when she starts showing signs of improvement.

Rarity took this as his way of expressing his undying love and affection, something the lonely villainess is happy to return in kind.

He doesn't dislike it.

Rating for particularly passionate kissing/suggestive themes/innuendo.

Day #3 of Hearts and Hands Week.

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Well, this is just lovely.

This is the 1st MLP: Comic Story you made.

The situation that the pair has found themselves in is a strange one. One day, Rarity was overcome with a mixture of self-conscious thoughts and crippling envy towards her friends’ successes. Such thoughts were, of course, unfounded, but emotions aren’t quite that simple to the one experiencing them. This mental state led to Rarity being overcome with the same type of power that once controlled Princess Luna, transforming her into Nightmare Rarity.

In short summarize, straight from the IDW Comic. 👍

I couldn't stop myself from making this story a bit more "sensual" than most of my other works. It just seemed to fit her character so well!

Plus, it was fun to explore my own interpretation of Nightmare Rarity. Gotta love that AU tag, right?:raritywink:

Don't be, describing and narrating mature stories like the last one you made was 🔥. (plus a few more will do ok)

Very beautiful!

I like this! It really makes me want a full length story about it.

its villainess not villainous

Am I the only one that realizes that this is so insulting for Spike!?

An awesome oneshot. Though did anyone else expect this to be a sad one?

JD1 #9 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

A shame we never got Nightmare Rarity in the show. It could have been a nice twist.

Proving that Runic just cannot stay out of the feature box, I've seen all three of the H&H Week stories there at one time, albeit only for about an hour. Even now, however, there's still two of them showing.

For shame, Runic, didn't you learn from the previous complaints about you hogging up the feature box with all of these quality horsewords :rainbowlaugh:?!?

Rarity going all tall, dark, and glam-evil? Spike would have lost his mind :rainbowlaugh:.

I'm just having a good time writing. :twilightblush:


Maybe in the future :raritywink:

Nightmare rarity is interesting

Hey relax! Its us who puts him there
...unless Rob or Perph or some of the other site staff are putting him there

Very well characterized indeed. Bravo n_n

This was a lot more wholesome than I was expecting. Certainly a refreshing change of pace from the fics that I've been reading as of late. Great work as always, Runic.

I would love to see more nightmare rarity.:raritystarry:

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