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This story is a sequel to Royal-Tea for Two

One day while taking the long train ride home from Canterlot, you began to wonder what it would be like to use magic. According to your dear friend Twilight Sparkle, this should be physically impossible. From your perspective, pretty much everything in Equestria is impossible. Sounds like it's time for Equestria's resident human to get cracking.

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Mancin #1 · Jul 3rd, 2022 · · 1 ·

This was an EXCELLENT, enthralling tale! I rate this at four moostaches::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Have a like AND a follow!

KvAT #2 · Jul 4th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Simple, short, and sweet. I like it, but ehh... not gonna lie, half of the chapter feels like nothing but extra padding words to make the story longer. The story wouldn't lose much quality even if it's compressed to 3500~4000 words.

oooh, I wonder what type of caster he is or wants to test spells for like a little of everything from bard, wizard, druid and warlock?

Thank you for the feedback! I'll try to reel myself in a bit in the future, haha!

The IDW 2021 annual comic had a Diamond Dog doing unicorn-style levitation with some kind of magic staff, with the implication that she had been practicing other magic with it. Which had me wondering if it would be usable on other creatures (say, earth ponies or pegasi, or zebras given Zecora's comic backstory - or humans, if we're going there). Though if this is happening in the time of Season 3, of course Twilight wouldn't know of that yet.

"Shallow pool? More like a puddle I think."

An excellent story! I do hope you write more stories for this series.

"I... You did it. You did it! You cast a spell! You CAN do magic! Oh, this is so exciting! You can be like my student and we can study spells together and we can research how different species effect spellcasting and eeeeeeee!" She did an adorable prance in place and hugged your waist.

The mental image made me melt to her adorableness.

Not all magic follows D&D rules, thankfully.

In fact, I’ve once come up with the idea that if Equestrian magic followed the D&D model, then the only actual wizard in Equestria might well be Zecora (who had to actually learn all her tricks from the ground up and has to prep them in advance since a potion or powder she doesn’t have ready and with her obviously won’t work) while all the unicorns with their innate magic potential would clearly be “just” sorcerers instead... :raritywink:

uis #10 · May 6th · · ·

how freaked out poor Fluttershy got when she "examined" you and saw your canines

She is sleeping with BEAR.

Is it possible to telefrag people in a transportation circle? Asking for a friend.

Creatures like earth ponies and pegasi passively utilize their magic through the use of physical force and flight respectively, while other creatures such as dragons with their magical fire breath are a sort of middle ground. You, however, have no such magic.

I'm curious where you put Gryphons in regards to magic?

I imagine that, at the very least, their flight is reliant upon magic. An argument could also be made about their general physical prowess, but that's entirely speculation on my part.

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