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In a secret underground room near the back of Canterlot Castle, a super important meeting is being held. With figures like Princess Twilight Sparkle, Dragon Lord Ember, Queen Novo, and the now-retired Celestia all in attendance, what could have caused such a tense, dangerous meeting to take place?

And why do you have to be caught in the middle of it?!

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That game is evil. We never play it or monopoly because of that very fact. Easiest way to destroy friendships. Why is the princess of friendship condoning this let alone joining in?

And he was never seen again

Personally, I don't see why Uno or Monopoly "destroy" friendships, or as a big deal. It's only a game, geez.

Maybe because the only times I played Uno is with my late grandma, dad, and my little brother long ago. 😔

But, IF it was from a video game multiplayer match, that's a different story. :pinkiecrazy:

So funny. You have to write more like this.

Completely out of nowhere...the way things were worded, I thought the objects were something else...until the "bomb drop".

Is it wrong that when I saw the synopsis I thought this was a dark and serious story and now I'm disappointed.

"They had us in the first half, not gonna lie."

Dan #8 · Apr 16th, 2023 · · ·

Maybe they should set up a Minecraft server for them all.

See who has the best poker face when Ember demands to know who TNT booby-trapped her treasure house, and then floods the spawn area with lava buckets in retaliation.

And Rutherford got smashy after some joker used name tags to rename poison potatoes and he didn't notice the different sprite.

It was all Flurryheart. She guessed the admin password

He ended on a wild?! That scumbag!


I watched the video without reading the story. I approve.

Ha very funny nothing more satisfying then knowing you got the win in the bag

At first i had my imagination go free about what is actually going on until i saw what is happening and then i began to launch so much that it got fucking funny!:rainbowlaugh:

*and only Celestia saw him

Nah, Uno is harmless. If you really want to ruin your friendships, con your friends into playing Diplomacy with you. :twistnerd:

All in all, nice little vignette. I figured it was probably something involving cards as soon as the oh-so-mysterious “objects” were brought up (those were perhaps a bit on the nose), but not the specific game as such until the later reveal.

"And why do you have to be caught in the middle of it?!"
What is there to question? I am clearly the MIH (Most Important Human).


There is another card game similar to uno in that you are trying to have no cards left in your hand with regular playing cards, except you play the cards face down in the middle and the other players have to guess if you're lying about what and how many cards you put down. That game can get pretty crazy, especially if alcohol gets involved.
P. S. I highly recommend you do not play this if one of the people might have anger issues or difficulty controlling their anger. Or takes games way too seriously.

Just try not to start war--
...too late


It *is* bad, because the story is 2000 words long, and had the 'comedy' and 'slice of life' tags. :trollestia:

Well, this was an interesting way of describing Uno in the beginning. If things get this intense now, I'd hate to see them playing Bingo.

They pulled a vanoss move


These have been such great stories so far.

We play uno in parties before and every time You draw more cards you had to take a shot, it only goes downhill from there

My initial guess was poker. It was a far darker game.

most evilest games, even we couldnt play it in the Ukrainian Parliament

HAHAHA! XD That was hilarious! Poor anon! This is why you have to go into the game with the general agreement that it's a GAME, no hard feelings! People take these things WAY too seriously!

i thought it was poker as well, then it turned out to be much worse

Clearly you have never played Spicy Uno before


It's because you have people who can't separate real life from what you do in a game. Getting mad over Monopoly or Uno is particularly silly though. At least with balance of power wargames¹ you have people engaged in active deception and betrayal.

Monopoly has nothing on Diplomacy. Diplomacy can, and has, cancelled weddings.

This is doubly true if you play the games by the actual rules. Monopoly is fast enough² that losing one game isn't a big deal, unlike Diplomacy where the introduction to the game ends with something like "...since it's now six thirty, everyone's orders for the first turn are due in by seven. Austria, come with me, we need to talk."

1: A balance of power wargame is one in which the three or more players are, in the grand scheme of things, each out for themselves and determine for themselves who their allies and enemies are, (with those being in flux). A common example would be Risk.

2: Competitive Monopoly generally uses one hour slots and the game is expected to be finished in that time.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve played Uno, so I kind of forgot how it works, but this was fun and cute all the same!
Nice work!!

Another trip to the moon for Anon. :raritywink:

Hilarious stories btw. I had a good laugh with this one in particular. :eeyup:

Uno. The great destroyer of friendships. It should be banned alongside poison gas, with its use punishable by being sentenced to the Hague.

I would have evil-laughed on my way out of the room

this was wonderful, i think i never got this exited about a cards game before Lol

yup, halfway in I thought, "well, Saturday night Poker".

🎵 We don't ever play Uno..no,no,no.
We don't ever play Uno.🎵 :pinkiehappy:

From the very beginning "It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-It's poker-"
"It's- Oohhhhhh...:pinkiegasp: you got me.":derpytongue2:

This is most ridiculous meeting ever

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