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This group is dedicated to the beautiful Somnambula. The pony who represents the Element of Hope, and is very true to her title. Her element is also a reflection to Pinkie Pie’s Element of Laughter.

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I hadn't joined this group.

Mistake rectified.

Somnambula is so underrated. I love her design, voice and backstory. I would've been happy if she had her own episode.

I love this mare just as much as I do Meadowbrook:scootangel:!

Yeah, I kinda like Somnambula. Joining.

Unfortunately, no.

It’d be interesting to find out though.

We never did figure out what happened to the Sphinx, did we?

Not really. It's pretty much just Cleopatrot and Pone-an the Barbarian.

Do you have any other favorite Pillars of Old?

I'm somewhat surprised by Mistmane, though not as much.

It has long been surprising to me that no one else had made a group dedicated to her.

The only Pillars that currently still don’t have groups yet are Stygian, Rockhoof, and Mistmane.

Surprised I haven't seen a group like this sooner. But then admittedly I haven't been actively looking (clicked the wrong button under "groups" and saw it right before I changed pages again).

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