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Anon made a major impact on the lives of every friend he made in his time in Equestria, but he had to return home sometime. However, his friends weren't ready for him to leave just yet. Writing letters is supposed to be therapeutic...

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i read this thread and let me tell you i instantly LOVED the concept and the whole letter thing. im still intrigued as to what happened to anon. does twilight know or is she just as clueless as to what happened to anon? very interested in all of this.

honestly i dont think you should bash yourself as labeling this as not your best work. you've risen to be one my favorite authors to keep track of.

i do hope though you give this a proper ending ;_;
i really wanna know if he comes back or if he writes a letter back addressing everyone, which gives it a bittersweet ending by not coming back but helps the ponies move on. or worst case scenario he ded or is never heard from again.

Wow... quite the heartbreaker, this one huh?^^ That was a nice little dose of sad feels before work^^ I gotta say I found Pinkies to be the most touching.

So... he inspired a musician to write her greatest piece yet, broke yet another heart and turned a mare into a stalker simply by buying some candy.... quite the track record^^

awww poor lyra. i really liked how you wrote her personality. kinda refreshing in a way compared to the always human obssesed mare.

damn i feel sorry for every pony. anon you heartbreaker! :fluttercry:

oh, dude! you gotta have him come back!
Flutterpriest, dude look at me, look. at. me. you gotta make more.

bro, real talk? this was awesome and it cut me deep.

bro,you gotta bring him back! aight?

damn now im really sad none of this will have a conclusion or an ending. all of these letters are so sad :fluttercry:

feel like the tag should have a sad tag up there because none of these make me feel better XD still though these stories are so addcting! i sure hope you change your mind or make a story based on this concept, of course with only 1 or 2 mares only cos having anon have a harem of the entire population of equestria would be nuts.

I can't read this, its to damn sad, but i might read it sometime....its that good Nice job mate 10/10. A pony story that made me cry my heart out. I only read the mane six and Trixie before the water works were bursting through the dam of my eyes.

:rainbowkiss: :fluttercry: :applecry:



Dude! Thanks for the catches. I fixed them. :yay:

Holy shit, an at least somewhat original/non-cookie cutter concept for an AiE story. Never thought I'd see the day.

This... It was good... He should come back... Please... Make him come back... I will be waiting...

Aw, geez, I feel the feels here, but I do wish that you didn't have to go the divorce route with Shining and Cadence, it just seems too harsh, and whenever I see them, they do seem to be in love, no matter the occasion, and they do show it differently from time to time...Couldn't you just do a "I miss my friend" letter instead? You know, like that ad with the talking dog asking the girl to not smoke weed? Ever saw that one?

... this was downright unpleasant to read. In a good way. :fluttershysad:

'Yeah.. Yeah. That's good. He'd like that,"* she thought to herself.

*: You opened with a single quote and closed off with a double.

The very bones she stood on felt as* they were contorting and cracking as** she attempted to utilize every ounce of magic in her body... but she never anticipated waiting for four hours.

*: Use "as if".
**: Try using "while" to break the overuse of "as".


Thank you for pointing these out! I didn't spend as much time on the mane six as the other ones...

Honestly, it's a bit of a crime.

I've fixed what you pointed out. Great catches. :yay:

A simple black suit, with a vibrant red tie that radiated like dragon's fire

Now we know where Slenderman got his suit from.

Actions have consequences and these consequences can last a lifetime. Sometimes we forget that simple words and actions can profoundly affect others, especially those who are close to us.

I like how you had all of them write letters to Anon, as if he was away on a vacation, or dead. For all intents and purposes, he is dead to them.

In fact, she could tell you the status of ten patients more accurately than what was currently sitting in her fridge. That wasn't spoiled already.

Free penicillin! You you can bear the stench, it's yours!

Well, if Anon ever DOES go back, they'll need to dunk him in the Mirror Pool a few times so there will literally be enough of him to go around. :derpytongue2:

So, do you plan on giving us an explanation as to why there's no contact with Anon or his world?

Why must you hurt me this way...

But in all seriousness, though there were some minor mistakes, it was a very good story. Didn't make me cry, mind you, but it was very enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

i hope you make a sequel if you can i would love to read more letter and why each of them came to love anon the ponies i love hear from are Derpy Vynal Scratch the CMC Ms Cheerilee Bon-bon The Royal Sisters even Queen Chysilas maybe even Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon:twilightsmile:

Big Mac finally went to bed, the two of you have to get up extra early tomorrow.

Er, kinda slid into second person for a moment there.

Around sundown, you realized that he was the only one still listening.

He sat and watched you perform every trick in wide eyed amazement.

Finally, you had to leave to prepare for your... 'show.' You didn't want him to leave... but he insisted that you should look your best.

He didn't even know you.

Considering each piece of the fic is in third person limited narration, why does it keep slipping into second person? I am not Trixie/Octavia/Lyra, I'm just hearing their story.

Anon smiles as he looks at your more relaxed appearance.

Again, it slipped into second person for a line, which this story is clearly not.

Her hooves covered your nose

I think that should be 'her nose' since Cadence is the one with the sore nose, not Anon.

All the slippages between third person and second person are very jarring.

So I gave you this heart made of copper and gold
and may it be yours till you grow old,
and if the rains ever come and anger your seas.
Will you polish that heart, and then think of me
will you polish that heart, and then think of me.

You know what would really be cruel?

The attempt failed: he was snapped back to Equestria, rubber-band like, and the only reason it didn't happen immediately (to their perspective) was because of a time-fuckery affect (which was instant for him) -- he crash lands and is horrifically injured.

They write letters for him to read when he recovers/awakens from the coma.

And then he does... with complete amnesia.

He reads these letters and the ones written during his coma, and we see him try to work out what his relationships were with each pony based on these letters.

5181534 My mother is allergic to penicillin, and I'm not taking the chance to see if that passed to me...:twilightsheepish:

5183589 you are obviously a master of amazing tragedy

I can just see someone making a fan fic spin-off of this. Where Anon comes back somehow, and he sees everyone and is like, "Hey girls, miss me?" Like it's the most normal thing in the world.

Hmm, this is sad. Now I am sad. The ponies are sad too. Lets all stop being sad and have a party!:pinkiehappy:

So EVERYPONY is in love with anon? Okay then. I can see why he would leave, that would be really confusing.

I don't think an anon story can get much more Gary stu than this.


Wow. I don't have an excuse for these. Thank you. I'll fix these right away.

Liek if u crie evrie tiem

A truley touching fic, it was great.
The guy must have been something special in order to make this many mares fall for him.

:fluttercry:Whelp that was as sad as I thought it would be.

I loved how he affected everyone... but I don't quite like how he affected everyone romantically.:ajsleepy:
Sorry its just I've seen a charecter like this in a fic called Xenophillia. Now don't get me wrong I love your fix and the one I mentioned but...I feel like having all of them 'love' him is too perfect.

I would like to see this continued with someponies able to eventually move on, and better their lives because of Anon. Although I think someponies should genuinely love him(maybe even more than one) but just not everypony. Or if everypony does like him, at least give him more flaws.:scootangel:

Of course it's your story and I'm just a lowly fav and commenter.:twilightsmile:

I try not to comment in ways that spoil a plot, but a few things about your comment stuck out to me.

First of all. You are not a lowly fav and commenter. I don't know a single writer that discredits their comment section or ignores it for any reason. I read every comment. They mean a lot to me. I may not respond to many of them, but it's due to not wanting to spoil a plot for them. It's like when you are about to give a Christmas gift, and you are just waiting for them to peel off the wrapping. I'd hate for anything I say to ruin something in the future.

Second of all, you are completely correct. Having them all love him IS too perfect. A few other commenters have pointed that out as well, but I didn't say anything. I didn't do a good job at explaining it, but let me shine a little light.

I don't intend the Anon in each story to be the same as in all the others. The exception to this is the one that is shared in Lyra, Octavia, and Trixie's story. That one was reused on purpose to add meaning to Lyra's story.

Because as other commenters mentioned, if Anon did this, he would be a TOTAL man whore. I don't think there could be any way for the ponies NOT to find out about other mares liking him. Element of Honesty, anyone?

Under this light, hopefully it is now more understanding why Anon is nurturing each mare's affection for him. There isn't really a good way for this to be explained to the reader, since this story is a collection of smaller, independent stories. That's completely my bad.

To be honest, I never considered seeing the ponies sending MORE letters to Anon after the ones that had currently been 'sent'. That's a really great idea. One that might even be worth looking into if I decide to add more content to this. Seeing their progression of working through the seven stages of grief could be great.

If I did do any in the future, it would be Celestia as a motherly figure, Mr. Cake as a father figure, or Spike as a brotherly figure.

Because I agree, The romance aspect of this idea can only be done so much before it becomes... well. Worn out. It needs to remain special.

So there you go my friend. Hopefully this was a good answer for you, and any other future readers.

So he's broken another heart AND sent er into a depression... wow, way to go :ajbemused:

So lets lets recap...He broke the hearts of all the mane six ponies, three of which we know for sure had a crush on him. then he turned Lyra into an obsessed stalker, before breaking Trixies heart as well. Next, he went and made redheart smile again only to send her into a depression by going without saying goodbye to her and finally he destroyed the marriage of Cadance and Shining by making her realize that her marriage was failing and even rising her hopes of being together with her after they get divorced when Cadance was supposed to help Twilight win him over cause she knew Twilight had a huge crush on him...

What a nice guy:twilightsmile:

5186426 Wow thanks for the response, and valuing my opinion as a reader:twilightsmile:

Thank you for clarifying. I saw great potential in your story and felt compelled to give positive criticism. I felt like you were earnestly trying to write a good story and I couldn't stand to see it fall due to 'perfect' characterization. Its a trap I fell for as a young writer and I try to help others recognize the effect of such a characters.

5184891 can't. Too busy moping. Dammit Flutterpriest. :(

5187289 I think it was discord in disguise.

5193541 wouldnt surprise me^^ lol^^


5187289 That, or autistic. Shit, I would kill to be in his position...

5196438 To just go there and have cadance to yourself whenever you want?^^


5196694 You and I think alike :D

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