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Hi there everypony! My name is Twilight Sparkle and I just got this letter from my good human friend, Anonymous. I thought I would share with you guys his fantastic news! I'm so happy for him. Here, read his letter for yourselves!

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I mean nO False Flattery when I say I sImply Could not stop rEading this Letter. It should cOme as no surprise, seeing as I'm Very invEsted in your Work. AltHough, isn't thEre something else you could be workiNg on? :heart:

wlam #2 · Oct 31st, 2015 · · ·


wow that was interesting and very smart, I like it :twilightsmile:

Right creepy. Well done!

SOM-Bert #6 · Oct 31st, 2015 · · 12 ·



................. Its a very different style of dark I like it

Oh come on, at least spoiler that shit.


Happy besides I assumed people would read the story then comment or look at the comments

Damn. That is really dark.

Well done!

Well this got me in the Halloween spirit.

Damn, that was pretty dark.

Ok, can somebody tell me how to translate the secret message in this?

For a wedding gift, I recommend a rescue party since that's what he needs most.

I admit it I read the spoiler comment, however I did figure out that there was a secret message when I noticed the out of place caps, I was simply too tired to figure it out on my own at the time.

Cool story will there be a sequel?

Damn, that was dark. It's so sad that Twilight doesn't understand the secret code to it.

Silly Anon. That's not how capitalization works.

The hidden message in all the incorrectly capitalized letters, for anyone who wants to know, is: help me chrysalis prisoner just want to die this is my final cry for help

you know it's a hidden message right?

all the capitalized letters.

Nice letter there anon, real subtle

Hm. Not bad, not bad.

Most normally go the "first letter in each paragraph" route with this kinda thing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yeah. That's the joke.

Yep! I wanted to do something different. I was thinking of forcing everyone to do a cesearian cypher on top of it, but I figured it might be too much work for a short, fun romp.


That's only if you have some huge, mind blowing message to hide.

As is, this worked pretty good.

~Skeeter The Lurker


cesearian cypher

That's enough Gravity Falls for you, young man.

Damn, son.

Sequel please?

I was just making sure.....:fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Synthetic Soul deleted Nov 1st, 2015

As much as I liked the whole thing with the secret message hidden in the words to reveal a dark twist in a seemingly innocuous story, I thought that the big plot twist in this one was simply too obvious. Even before spelling out the hidden words, I had as already pretty much guessed what was actually going on. As such, the reveal just fell flat to me. It wasn't poorly written or anything, but the story didn't do anything for me.

....I'm crying.

I am actually crying.

There is a way that stories with dark themes need to be executed in order for them to work properly, and when that way is fulfilled, the story can succeed in a number of ways. What you've done is take a combination of horror and heart-wrenching and blend them into one of the most bittersweet smoothies I could ever taste. Judging from the other comments (at least what I could read on the front page), the majority of other readers manage to drink this smoothie with a grain of salt. So unless there's some other wuss in the back corner, allow me to be the first one to actually admit to breaking down and weeping after reading this story.

The description and introduction in combination with the "Dark" tag immediately left me with a heavy sense of unease. The first thought that came to mind was "This is way too happy. Far too happy to be real.". Then, once I started reading and saw that first incorrectly capitalized letter, I had a feeling I knew how this was going to go down. As I read, I made sure to mark down each and every one of the letters I could note. Every word I formed just made the feeling worse and worse, especially when I was reading the whole thing as I was marking. By the time I reached the end, I had a mixture of emotions in my head. Most of all, I was actually feeling sorry for this guy. Anon, this universal cardboard cut-out for the MLP fanfiction, this interchangeable being that can be stuck into any story, this blank slate... he is in this situation and I actually am begging for this guy to get come and rescued. Something, anything has to come in and put that overgrown cockroach out of her misery!

Is there going to be a sequel made of this? Will it be the salvation I so desperately need right now? Will it just be more heartache and more of a soul-ripping experience? Will this be it? All I know is that this story is just... just so... I can't even begin to describe just what it's put me through. Well done, Flutterpriest, really well done.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry in a corner.

clever if a bit cheeky, it made me lol.

6586546 i really want to see a follow up to this. maybe see the m6 forced to confront a mercy killing situation and the fall out or maybe anon and to now face life after his experiences and the changes its had on him. the possibilities are the skys.

This letter look oddly suspicious:trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

is this a one shot?

Good story, just a little late for Scaremas.
Look at this idiot, he doesn't look at the chapter post date!
Good story. Nice letter. I had fun with it.

It seems I found a few letters more than other people, but who's correct here?
My secret decoder ring found (difference bold): helpmeirmchrysalissprisonerjustwanttodiethisismyfinalcryforhelp
Which (ignoring the odd character out), filling in the blanks gives: Help me. I'm Chrysalis's prisoner. Just want to die. This is my final cry for help.

Also, minor typo (possibly intentional):

seem to worried.


Thank you! I'll fix these. Much obliged

When I read the title and saw the dark tag, I thought it was some sort of suicide letter.

This might actually worse, considering what's actually happened to Anon

There go my feels

No worries. It wasn't a very good joke.

Twilight Sparkle: We have to save him :twilightangry2:
Rainbow Dash: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go :rainbowdetermined2:

My father always told me marriage was a like a life sentence.

Dude....that very dark and subtle. Well written by the way.


Frustrating how difficult it is to make your brain pick up every capital 'I'. They look just like a lowercase 'L' and you see them all the time in "I'm" and stuff.

Not the most subtle of codes, but using a code that involves taking evey misspelld word/eXcluded letter woulD require you to hve perfect speling to begin with, or at east an amazing editor. Not to mention everyone reading would need to know how to pell every word. It's relly sad that's not viable on this kin of medium.

Wait a minute...

Not the most subtle of codes, but using a code that involves taking evey misspelld word/eXcluded letter woulD require you to hve perfect speling to begin with, or at east an amazing editor. Not to mention everyone reading would need to know how to pell every word. It's relly sad that's not viable on this kin of medium.


Eh, I was trying to use too many at once. Was just supposed to be:
*finish reading the actual message*
really sad XD



I'm an idiot.

Haha! I know that feeling. I felt like that when i was editing this story.

I got maybe a quarter of the way thru before I noticed the pattern.

6584663 I tried assembling your capital letters and only understood the word 'office'. What's the rest of it?

Youput it in the wrong order!!! Stil fucking awesome and dark, and I like the dark themes!!!

Nope. Gotta figure it out.


You're missing an 'I'.

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