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Anon has had it up to his head with his dead-end job as a busboy in a shithole franchise joint. Lucky for him, he has a week of paid vacation to think it over, just enough time to dip his toes into the waters for some more...unorthodox employment opportunities.

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Interesting, RGRE payday

small problem, how is anon supposed to avoid getting caught due to his unique build, as he would be quite recognisable, even without a mask

First chapter and you already broke the text to speech

You know I prefer to be involved in jobs where preparation is taken seriously. Do not dissappoint me.


Excuse me, can you please clear something up? Is the picture a commission or an actual screen capture? Because I have no memory of there being a PayDay reference in the show... granted, I've never really seen much of anything relating to it–aside from clips that pop up here and there that I watch when I'm bored–so I wouldn't really know much about any references.

But still, having the very violent world of PayDay canonically crossover seems a tad outlandish to me.

Anon finna do crime... Can't wait to read more of this.





Glad to hear you all seem excited for the concept! I'll try not to disappoint you too badly ^^

I know this is a payday crossover but does anons world have the payday game if it does would he know about it?Also great so far


What? No foreplay?

Well I’m hooked you now have yourself a life long reader i’m ready to read this one crime at a time

This is gonna be fun, it is Interesting seeing interpretations of the rgre concepts. Can’t wait to see more.

Trixie's more aggressive then I tend to imagine being strictly cannon, but that's usual in these stories. Flim-Flam and Cozy Glow seem on point so far, so I'm curious what you'll do with them.

“Why don’t you get that fat hash slinging slut in the kitchen to lick em’ clean, since you need here in there so much more than you need me might as well get your bits worth out of her.” Anon snapped back firmly, clearly in no mood to cooperate as he kept right on walking. “I’m tired of her shit, Punch Card. it’s gonna be her or me.”

“-since you need HER-“

“Hey girls, Flim and Flam brought the new guy!” she said seeming somewhat excited as she flitted around him, bobbing up and down in the air as she did a few laps around him to get a good loo. “Golly mister, you sure are really tall. You must hit your head on doorframes a lot, huh?”


“I’m in.” he heard himself say before he realized he was saying it. He surprised himself for a moment, but recovered quickly, owning the statement with a confident smile as he offered the mare his hoof across the table. “Let’s get ourselves a payday, together. So, what’s the uh...job?”

His Hand

Hey nameundetermine sorry for asking this again but does anon’s world have payday as a game, just wanna know.

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