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Anon has roamed the earth for countless years now. All of his friends have long since moved on from this world, leaving only him to remember the way things once were.

But maybe tonight, that can change. Not all at once, but slowly, with just a gentle push, maybe things can begin to go back to the way they used to be.

Just a silly little short story that I had a sudden burst of inspiration for. Sorry if it isn't the most polished, but I had a blast writing it ^^

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I was just browsing your profile when I saw this was just posted, was a good read! :ajsmug:

Thanks! It was just something I banged out and I'm glad it was decent ^^

You draw your clock -> cloak.

I've been waiting to see a story of Anon finally getting to Gen 5. Thanks for writing this. Hopefully you have sparked a fire of Anon in Gen 5 stories. :eeyup::moustache:

Great story Yup I would like to order a sequel if its possible:yay:

Play PMV Fireflies.:trixieshiftright:

Of course, Anon would actually start with PMV Hardware Store. ALL RISE.:moustache:

Or maybe even PMV Always A Good Time.:twilightsheepish:

I may write another gen 5 anon story once we have more material to work with. I'll touch on it again after season one is over most likely.

This was a great little snippet of a story! It feels like a representation of us carrying on the spirit of the show, if in a rather literal sense.

Side note - There's some missing dialogue or something here:
“The fact that you recognize this symbol and appreciate how important this is tells me everything I And everything you need to know is between these pages.”

11043542 thank you! and than you for the correction ^^

Bro! That was so ridiculously good that I had to stop myself too many times and restart because I was wanting to read faster than my eyes could go and my brain could process. Honestly, didnt want that to end any time soon 😅 Im not sold on G5 yet, and maybe never will be, but stories like this are so enticing. Great work!

Thank you! It's sort of a metaphor I think. Even if change is a bit uncomfortable, or even dreadworthy, it still happens, and I for one feel like the best course of action is to do our best to bring the spirit of the old way into the future for the next generation, ya know? After all, the fandom existed before gen 4 and it'll continue far beyond, as long as we keep the spirit alive in our hearts.

Totally understandable and I get it. A show that I never thought I'd see myself getting into, or attaching to characters in such a way, its tough to just...move on. That whole saying, "Dont cry because the Good times are over, smile because they happened" does hold merit in this case. I've only known G4, probably will die with G4, but as far as fanfics are concerned; I think ill be here to stay. Who knows, may drive me into watching a few Ep. to connect with the new cast. Only time will tell the story, either with us or without us.

Eyy, what a nice, small story. It certainly is an interesting idea to write about a person going through everything between the ending of G4 and to the beginning of G5, and try to make sense of it all.

A mark of a good tale. When you find yourself smiling at the end.

Well done.

please add second person tag

Ah shoot. This was too tempting to read, and too good not to have more of it. Short, sweet, and said all it needed to.

I can kinda sorta relate to the character in a way, seeing that I joined bronydom pretty early, and yet, I have a hard time moving on from G4 and watching anything from G5. The memories were too good.

Perhaps I'll give it a try after just one more read through of this fic.

Heh, reading the same thing at the same time :twilightsmile:
But this one is really good, considering I rarely read Anon stories.

Yeah, I can't really get behind anon stories either. But sometimes, thinking of a proper name to use once and then never again? Anon works just fine.

My man here just keeps making banger after banger

awe, you flatter me u\\u//u.

Glad you enjoy the stories ^^

Make that a double sequel now please?!



Alright, what would you want to see in this sequel? This story is told so what would you want it to be about?

I don't know about the other pony but I would like to see Anon's perspective on what happened after the end of Gen 4 up to when he met Argyle. You know have him fill in the blanks we don't see in the movie, like what happened to the dragons and the changelings and the Griffins. Especially the Griffins is there the least magical species that I could think of besides the Buffalo/Yaks (buffaloes and yaks are closely related to each other so that's why I'm grouping them together) there's still so much that hasn't been filled in that they're probably wanting the fandom to fill in, that way the writers have a good decent base to work with. I mean it is true that a lot of people have contributed either indirectly or directly to Gen 4 with phantom creations. (I even heard that creators would check to see if a pony that they want to make Canon has already been used wether by design name or something else but that might just be something that happens during the Faust era of Gen 4) So they might just be waiting for people to add in stuff on the Griffins dragons and all that because they didn't have enough time to touch base on them in the movie

Ah but that would require me to actually finish gen four, I am as of yet not fully caught up ;3, perhaps a project for when I finally get around to finishing the series ^^

This was a great read! Poetic how Anon kick-starts the events of G5, really hope this inspires some more G5 Anon stuff

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