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You and Pipp have something special. She just gets you in a way nopony else does, and vice versa.

Bad days are nothing new for the two of you. You've seen worse, and heck, you've braved every storm that came your way together, just as you've always done in the past. Side-by-side.

One glum afternoon at your place, you begin to wonder why. But little did you know that one harmless interaction could lead to more than you would have ever bargained for...

Cover art not mine! Check out Marenlicious on DeviantArt!

EDIT: Featured on 4/2/2023!

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I hope I've written her well in this one.

You don't need to hope my friend.
In all honesty, I needed something like this after the week I've been having. Have a Derpy: :derpytongue2:

Thanks a million, friend:heart:

"It's been a killer Tuesday.

I think we have all had at least one of these. They suck.

What a cute little story centered around a cute little pony.

Those days are all too common for us by now:applejackconfused:

Glad you liked the story :>

It was a nice little story. :twilightsmile:

It's also a good example to help with a similar idea I've had, so that's a bonus. :eeyup:

Good luck! I know your story will turn out great:twilightsmile:

Honestly, I'm aiming for cute like the picture that inspired the idea.

Fucking awesome!

It's such a sweet and beautiful story:heart:
You can really create those stories when you can be completely in Equestria, with ponies… Atmosphere and immersion is top-notch, thank you

This is awesome, one of my favorite stories I've read recently

Man, the kind of tired that sleep doesn't fix, yup. The atmosphere was on point, charming a wholesome story, thank you.

The rains and feel of the fic, especially in the apartment, demands the ODST soundtrack with rain.

You smile, watching as Pipp continues to help herself to some food. Faust knows the mare needed to eat more.

The Holy Fausticorn :trollestia:

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