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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.


This story is a sequel to Top Of The Charts

Released from jail for a crime he did not commit, Anonymous has returned to Ponyville to resume his life in Equestria. While some ponies - such as Vinyl Scratch and Octavia - are pleased to see him, there are many more who don't appreciate him being back amongst them.

Now Anon must try to adjust to an Equestria which has changed a lot during his five-year absence, while trying, once again, to gain the trust of the locals. Solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of several townsponies seems like a good place to start, even if it does mean stooping to levels he never thought possible...


Diamond Dogs are tagged, but they're not the same ones we've seen in the show.

Cover art drawn by Thy and coloured by an Anon, both of whom I found on /mlp/.

Anon thinks in this colour.
Anon's Brain thinks in this colour.

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Comment posted by Hard-Pressed Scribe deleted Jul 20th, 2013

In a lot of cases being an ex-con would make life difficult for Anon, but because he's a celebrity/musician, his prison time actually works in his favor as more than a few musicians and artists get more popular after serving time: Johnny Cash, Elvis, 2Pac, Sid Vicious, etc. Then there's the time his so-called victim came back as a walking corpse, somewhere there's gotta be a song in that situation. All Anon needs is a new manager, someone that won't screw him over, has experience and can market to a 15-30 year old demographic. Too bad Filthy Rich isn't in the music industry. :twilightsheepish:

Wait..... wat about Tech being a zombie?


It's a reference to a story listener is writing.

2905725 ok, that makes more sense


Your profile picture is boss:rainbowwild:

I actually thought the conversations with Anon and his brain were one of the most enjoyable parts of the story. especially. brain. flfhlfhlhf. BRAIN! huh oh


Since I'm no longer planning on posting this story to /mlp/, I can add some more interaction between the two if you want.

I have read the original story and this one so far in one sitting. I put this off for far too long! Wonderful! I shall continue to read it and enjoy every single chapter! :rainbowwild: You have certainly done something amazing. :moustache:

3475091 yeah /mlp/ can be real elitist at times. Acting like one element is the greatest sin against literature simple because they don't like it or perceived over used. As long as it's made interesting and ties into progressing the story then it certainly can't be bad.

Though I love this story so far. The plot is set in place and you got me excited waiting to find out what happens. And with 99% bad spelling/ grammar error free writing makes it feel good to. Please continue!

can I torture the town? pleeeaaaassse?! just a LITTLE?! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
either that or I could sick some Romulan Warbirds on them

And I am sure the populace will not confuse Anon with diamond dogs at all in this situation....

Poor Octavia.

It's in animal nature to destroy, no matter how friendly these ponies are. Innocence is these ponies greatest illusion.

RAMPAGE :flutterrage: nothing can stop a human rampage
"THEY TRAET ME AS A PHSYCO THEN I shall show them one:flutterrage:

Yay I got an update and a shout out. This is better than my birthday. (make of that what you want)

Yo dude, any chance of an update please, almost all stories are coming to a stand still.

Im. Curious to the Diamond dog's motivation for this. It reminds me of the earlier season episode where rarity is taken by them to find gems though what they would wish with Octavia and other ponies I wouldn't know. They had a reason for taking rarity. Not so much here. Hmmmm....

So are we gonna see them shag?:trixieshiftright:

is there any chance of getting a up date to this story sir??

Alright their in...Now all they need to do is figure a way out.Great chapter by the way.

I love it.
I love it.

But I sincerely hope you won't make us wait as long for the next chapter....
Any reason for such a hiatus, or was it just burnout? :applejackunsure:


Neither — I just had other things to do. :twilightsmile:

Wow that was close. For a minute there I thought he was really gonna be forced too break her hooves. He's probably gonna need a shower for that your more viscous than us comment though.

Valve time. THAT'S GREAT, I can read this when Half Life 3 comes out then.

I'm curious when you'll get back to this.

Hope this continues. I really want to see Anon clear his name. I Wonder how the ponies will react to Anon if he does. What compensation (if any) would he get for his false imprisonment and slander. Why didn't they just ask Applejack, she's a living lie detector. Hope things turn out OK for Anon though.

How can I get in contact with Thy?


I honestly don't know. Much like the Anon who coloured the picture, Thy was also a user of 4chan's /mlp/ board (who chose not to be Anonymous). I've not been on it for months, so I'm unsure if Thy is still around.

"Pretty much all of the other staff have refused to touch you, given that they've signed the petition."

Then those nurses are breaching their duty of care and as such should be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Also, it's great to see this update again.
I'm still hoping Anon proves his innocence though.

Dang, I was really getting into this and just found out that you retired from writing!

Since this story is probably never going to be finished, would it be possible to learn how it had gone, and what Anon's plan was?

NOOOOOO :flutterrage:.

MAN THIS SUCKS!!!!! Just when it was getting good :applecry:. If possible I hope this keeps going but after reading the last comment I’m guessing that’s not happening :fluttershbad:.

Well, if you read this than thanks for a good story. I’ll make some time to ready your other stories :twilightsmile:. Thanks again and good luck on your future endeavors :pinkiesmile:.

Huh you're alive, neat.

the ends justify the means is not going to help you against those that already hate you. With that logic, I hope his reckless gambit pays off.

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