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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


You are Anonymous the lone human in equestra. After Twilight turned in to an alicorn and went away to canterlot you are left homeless. Lyra offers you to stay with her and Bon Bon. She knows Bon Bon likes you, but you didnt... Oh boy.

Story number seven in the Heartwarming moment series.
Who's next?

This story idea was by : Seraph973
He made up the story idea and what would happen and gave me permission to use it.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 61 )

Yay bon bon!

:pinkiehappy: Luna is requested alot, I'll probably do her to.

2955866 can't wait :D

*sigh* Why can't there be more straight Bon Bon shipping?

Great chapter comrade.

Thank you, I totally agree about the straight Bon Bon shipping.
Honestly if Seraph973 didn't send me the idea with literally everything I needed to write. I would have never been able to write Bon Bon because it's simply to hard to do.:twilightoops:

Am I the only one that thinks it weird that you always see Bon Bon with Lyra?

It is. That is why "You" (anon) thought they were a couple and asked it :derpytongue2:

I meant in general too.
That's why there are so many BonBon X Lyra fics:rainbowderp:

2956129 I'm neutral to that ship. There's sadly not enough straight Bon Bon/ Lyra ships out there, though I've read a few. Still should be more.

^__^ one more added to my collection(i mean favorites)


Omfg, Gilda?:raritydespair:
If you have any idea for the story, please pm me.
As for now I have no idea how to do gilda:twilightblush:

XD Sorry for saying it in the comment. I just found it cool and funny and wanted to say it. XD

Teasing huh?

I guess its okay:raritywink:

I love all the awkwardness in the entire story! Awesome!

How about a Cloudchaser story, please? :fluttercry:

2956726 would it be hard to do a story for girlXstallion? Or babs seed?

Do Sweetie Belle!

The Sweetie Belle one is not a Second person story.
It will be a collab between me and Brony Hectic. and it will be his pony OC x Sweetiebelle Third person.
It is already done but not posted yet, We're waiting for him to post his next few chapters.

I like it, but maybe you should do one when it's not a human? :rainbowderp: Just a suggestion. :scootangel:

as stated in my previous comment.

The Sweetie Belle one is not a Second person story.
It will be a collab between me and Brony Hectic. and it will be his pony OC x Sweetiebelle Third person.
It is already done but not posted yet, We're waiting for him to post his next few chapters.

I think that answeres the question :raritystarry:



That isn't what I was talking about. :twilightblush:


It isn't?
What I understood out of your comment was that you wanted a Heartwarming moment. Pony X Pony.
That is exactly what I was going to do.
Please enlighten what you meant if what I assumed was false :pinkiesmile:


Yeah, that's what I meant. :applejackunsure:

I got confused, sorry! :derpytongue2:

Scout: Unfreakin Touchable!:rainbowkiss:
Medic: erstaunlich!:yay:
Soldier: That was amazing!
Spy: Excellent.:raritywink:
Heavy: I am very happy! :pinkiehappy:
Engineer: Yeee Haaaaaw!:ajsmug:
Demoman: *Mumbling*:trixieshiftright:
Pyro: Mmhmmm Mhmmmm!:derpyderp2:
Sniper: Good job mate!:twilightsmile:

don't you dare stop mate your giving the world a love gift

Oh boy, not good, the scale of love and violence is quite unstable with Bon Bon's attempts at affection.:pinkiegasp:
Why is annon always shipped with the crazies?:derpyderp1:
Wait they all are, never mind.:rainbowlaugh:
Another good one, great work.:trollestia:


If they worked at a beer bottle factory, they could be nicknamed Laverne and Shirley. Ha! :pinkiecrazy:

One of the show's layout artists has stated that the frequent pairing of Lyra and Bon Bon is purely coincidental and based more on aesthetic considerations than anything else (at least as far as the first season is concerned).


loved bon bon throughout the whole story, you really got her personality right xD

I love this story :) continue

I like it! Nice work!

There NEEDS to be more BonBon 2 POV fics. Can anyone else agree with me?

There really needs to be more Humanxbonbon stories.

Seriously, this is like the only one I've ever found


There are no human x Bon Bon romances here (as far as I can tell)
I could only find clop. That's why I think this one 'll get rewritten and get an epilogue first.


Awesome! Cain't wait!

2955995 Indeed. I'm not a 'homophobe' per say, but I AM Christian, so not only is it morally wrong in my opinion, but with the sheer amount of lez-shipping of those two on this site, it makes me uncomfortable seeing them, because you know that ship is imminent (unless its Lyra with a human :\). Just once, it's good not to see a gay Bon-Bon. And we'll writen, considering this isnt your first language. Well done sir.

At last, a sweet, straight romance fic for Bon Bon. There aren't enough fics like this. Thanks for making it happen.

I wouldn't mind being in a romantic relationship with Bon Bon. She seems nice, caring, funny, and most of all cute. I think Bon Bon is now one of my favorite Ponys.

“Hi Bonnie,

Really guys? No one thought of this?

5577883 I thought of it.

Story number seven in the Heartwarming moment series.

Who's next?

How about A. Nonymous the Unicorn in a town of Humans settlers in Equestria? :scootangel:
You ever notice there's like, no female Anons?

I did when I first heard people call Bonnie BonBon. XD

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