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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.

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Heartwarming moment series · 10:03am Jul 19th, 2013

As you all know, I am currently busy making a heartwarming story with every member of the main six. Feel free to suggest anypony who isn't a member of the main six aswell.

These are the ones suggested(and not done yet) by my followers atm.

Mi Amore Cadenza (How the F am I going to do that)
Mayor mare
Silver Spoon
Vynyl Scratch
Fleur de lis
Nurse redheart
As you can see that is... ALOT!

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Comments ( 76 )

"yay" he said while reading the umm... well... its a post... while reading the post...
but why cant you think of a moment with twillight? im making a story... and just take ideas from random stuff... lets say my friend said sky... BAM! RD is in the story... its quiet easy...
and i think that this comment makes no sense... report freely!


Well my story with pinkie pie has better ratings than the one with rainbow.

Probably because its better written but also because its original and Rainbro isn't.

So I want to make twilight a good story as well, and my preference goes to something that hasn't been written before.

It won't take long but it will take some time.

Can the princesses be suggested? If so can there be one for Celestia?
Besides her will you considering doing ones for Gilda, older Sweetie Bell, older Diamond Tiara, Fluer de Lis, Spitfire, Bon-Bon, Octavia, Zecora, Flitter, and Mayor Mare?

1222654 I accept the Princesses as well, and I'll try my best for any of the others. Major mare will be a problem.

Another secret. Before the heartwarming moment series I was planning to do a multi chapter story
Anon x celestia:trollestia: but its on hiatus now as I find it surprisingly hard...

Awsome. Looking foward to reading any of those.
If it will be don't bother. Do ones thay you can do, and omes that you want to do.

Really. Well looking foward to that story whenever you get around to writing it. Always a fan of human/Celestia romanses.
Though if I may ask, why is the character named annon? That is usuay for second person stories where "you" are the character. Your stories are written in third person though, so why not just give names?

1222955 My stories are not third person. they are second person.
I use the anon for romantic or friendly sentences where you simply need the name to be in there.
The stories are directed towards "You" the reader thats why most sentences start like this

You turn around and walk out of your room towards the kitchen. You didn't have time to eat when you got back home last night and your stomach was notably upset.

see what I mean?

Really. I just read all of your stories, and I could have sworn that they were in third person. Odd.

I second the suggestion for Celestia! :trollestia:

I third the suggestion for Celestia!
And Luna!
So much Luna!

Do Octavia, AppleBloom, and Lyra!

Applebloom? Hmm Interesting...

Lyra? I'd like to, but I lack heartwarming moments atm.. ( I have a document of romantic/sudden encounters I make up or people request and recommend.)

Octavia, So complex and hard to do. She has no official personality other then being up tight. So It will be a challenge for me. Expect that one after the easier ones are done.

I would love to see some sweetie belle<3


The Sweetie Belle one is not a Second person story.
It will be a collab between me and Brony Hectic. and it will be his OC x Sweetiebelle Third person.

It is already done but not posted yet, We're waiting for him to post his next few chapters.

Can't wait to read it! :3

how about Miss Cheerilee?

I second the nomination of Lyra for a "Heartwarming Moment" story. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra_smile.png

I'm all for Lyra:pinkiehappy:
But what about...:duck:
Roseluck and Colgate? :twilightsmile:
Reckon they could work :rainbowwild:

Cloudchaser and Flitter.
As one story because TWINS

How about Lyra? Most people want that so i recommend it too.

Yes, Roseluck and Colgate/Minuette area good, but Raindrops also needs more love! :twilightsmile:

What about Chrysalis and Celestia at the same time

1270920 I can see that. Like a story about how you, anon, manage to make two nations come in peace and fall in love with you. Or any suggestions.

(are OC's ok?) Milky Way and (maby) Exie
Nurse Redheart

I thought I throu some names in:twilightsheepish:


Ok, I've added them. Scootaloo and nurse redheart will probably be present at the next voting.

We'll see who wins the next "election" :rainbowdetermined2:

1286431 May the best pony win!

Dude writing about Mi Amore Cadenza isn't that hard you just gotta have a little bit more imagination and some clever ideas.

I already got some ideas on how it will work but I'm not going to share them with you because today I'm feeling like being a Dick hehehe :P


Well if you're not interesting in sharing the story, maybe you should write it? I highly recommend anyone that before he or she resorts to sending an idea to another writer to atleast try to write it themselves first.

(And at the moment I really have my hands full, I'm busy with the new Rainbowdash, busy with Royal Affection, busy with schoolwork, sports, brainstorming for octavia, brainstorming for spitfire, and I promised to make a Luna one afterwards.:twilightoops:)

O.k fine here are some BASIC ideas i have.

1. (and very obvious) REMOVE SHINING ARMOR!!!!

2. If you don't wanna put his character into a trashcan then try to rewrite his character and back story, make Cadence and Shiny Face only friends and write them so that these two never had any form of love interest for each other or hock shiny with some one else like maybe Fleur de lis. (fancy pants not included)

3.(the dark way) get shiny killed in a battle by defending Equestria against an enemy army (maybe the griffon empire) and have Cadence lose her husband, then after months of hardship your character jumps into the scene and helps her ease her broken hearth.

4.Make you character meet Cadence before she meets Shiny like when she was still a filly the same way you did it with Diamond tiara.

5.(the complete hardcore and badass way) Go to Hasbro's headquarters find the executives put a gun on there mouths and force them to completely rewrite the entire back story of MLP FIM and make sure that Shiny and Cady's wedding does not happen and after that you are free to write her character in any way as you please.

Fell free to pick any of my suggestions or just ignore them completely your choice.

P.S I like Cookies XD


I might try the crack in time thing, "you" meet her only a few weeks prior to the wedding:trixieshiftleft:

I'll put it in my Idea's document, but no promises.

I'm working on "Royal Affection" and "Heartwarming moment with Rainbow Dash" at the moment and school just started :raritydespair:

I'll need time:facehoof:

What about one for Babs Seed?
That would be interesting...

Scootaloo. That'll be an odd story.

what about our beloved Queen?

You boggle my mind, who is this "queen" thy speakest of?

>implying there's more than 1 Queen in mlpfim


Hmm, seems I got a bit carried away and completely forgot our changeling queen...

Interesting fact : I was never planning to do "Royal affection" my first plan was to do a romance between Chrysalis and Anonymous.

I truly have no idea why I didn't do it.

i think it's kinda hard to pair a clueless anon with Chrysalis. or maybe she should just dom him into relationship, idk.


Second that, where are her parents? Flying ability? Relationship with Dash?
It practically writes itself.

How about Berry Punch

How about derpy, that make a good story

Fleur de lis, Spitfire and Princess Cadence. for the princess try an alternate universe where Shining Armor and Cadenza are divorced. :derpytongue2: lemme know what you think

1840950 The cadance one is in the making:pinkiecrazy: It's not alternate universe, I have a sly little plan for it... I'll eventually make it all, this summer. (The cadance one will probably take a month for the first chapter, I don't have time for it right now.)

you need to do one with derpy! :derpytongue2:

1840964 by all does that mean my other suggestions as well?

1844164 yeah, probably. As you may or may not know, I have a folder filled with Ideas, I just need to check what ponies fit with them.

Heartwarming moment with Molestia
Heartwarming moment with Chrysalis
Heartwarming moment with Nightmare Moon
Heartwarming moment with Maniac
But seriously though, it would be interesting to see, no?

I'd like to see one with Luna, though I assume you already have something currently in the works, although you may get through the whole list eventually, in which case take your time. :twilightblush:

You should do one for Suri Polomare for something unexpected and a challenge.

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